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Zelda the Welder

rated 3.62 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Job

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Jul 2, 2012 | 12:37 AM EDT

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Clock Welder 5 Points Repair the clock
Robot Welder 10 Points Repair the robot
Bomb Welder 50 Points Okay it's disarmed, but I can't just leave it BROKEN
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Author Comments

This game is for the Newgrounds Game Jam #7. The programmer (me) was MonoFlauta, artist Aigis, Musician Intero and WildCard RedHarvest! We worked really hard on it and we are proud to show you what we did. Our topic was weld.

So you are Zelda the welder, no no wait, not any welder, THE BEST WELDER in the world! You get the most difficult works in your office and you have to make them in time or your customer will get furious with you. To make magic, or should I say welding, happen you dont only have your welder, you also have a saw to open things and metal plates to close after you are done.

So, are you ready to take the challenge?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun, albeit short. I still don't understand why I needed to reassemble the bomb after defusing it.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Easy and fun.
Good work mate.
p.s Didn't find any bugs, might be time to replace someones pc :P.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I was unable to play the game at all. The detection is extremely buggy.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Some bugs still need ironing out, and the style of humor in the dialogue seems like it would send many jokes flying over peoples' heads, but I liked it overall. I liked Zelda's bold and spontaneous ego-driven character, and I found certain parts like the sandwich joke funny (simpler humor appeals to a wider range of people). The music is well done and gives the game a welcoming aesthetic. Zelda's anime sounding screams are a bit over the top however and, at least for me, tended to conflict with the way I imagined she'd sound. I eventually got used to her voice though so that was just a minor thing. The artwork was clean and well structured, but there generally wasn't enough character art to account for all the expressions they had. For example, the angry customer just stood there and said "why I oughta" without any sort of accompanying visual change in his expression, it really made the interaction feel hollow. Zelda occasionally shifted between visual expressions, so why shouldn't some of the other characters have at least one other visual expression as well? Going back to the dialogue and humor, the game would have benefited more from simple jokes, a lot of the attempts at humor felt strained. I have not much to say about the gameplay itself besides that it was fun and that it was a unique application for the mouse-in-maze navigation concept (probably not the official name, just cobbled it together out of necessity). The bounds detection was buggy in certain areas - I moved my mouse purposely in and out of the bounds quickly on one of the levels and the game didn't detect it, so I was able to cheat part of the level. I messed up a lot at first, but I got better after a few tries and started feeling incredibly dextrous, this kind of simple gameplay mechanic can easily become addictive. The game was a bit on the short side, but that's understandable given the time constraints.

You all did great within the time you were given for this, and with some refinement I could see this sort of thing as a DS game or iPhone app. Great job on having the elements of a great game all present here in one form or another. Did I mention the music was amazing!? Good luck to all of you on your future projects!

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

This review might sound overly negative but that is probably because i was frustrated by the game performance. I understand its a "game jam" game and it wont be perfect, and its actually pretty good for a time constraint.

The game has a decent style and look, fitting music and a fun theme... However, the game seems buggy. there were some small issues i wont even bother to describe because they happened infrequently . However the main problem of the game is that there is something strange about the accuracy/precision of the pointer and the guide lines. It almost feels like there are certain parts within the lines that are like "no go zones" and shut off your tool and make you start again.

After playing through a few times It seems like there are times that you cant be in the middle of the grayish guide lines, but you need to be on the very edge, either to one side or another. The main place i can point this out is the biggest circle/work area in lvl 2 while welding up the robot- Staying inside the middle of the line did not work . The game worked way better ( between the 1st and 3rd check point) when i strayed outside of the guidelines and went inward, onto the edge of the darker gray plate, dipping back into the guidelines only to hit the white check mark lines. The 2nd half of the circle worked by just staying in the guidelines.

I am also not really sure why there are checkpoints, other than having an initial starting and stopping point. Everything in between was pointless since your tool will shut off if u screw up, thereby letting you know that you messed up. It would have been nice if they really were checkpoints and you could resume your progress from the last one you hit (although this would reduce the challenge a bit.)

It would have been a more "realistic" feel if you could cut through 3/4 of a panel and start again where the cut left off. Maybe dock points/time for mistakes instead. starting over detracts from the technical feeling of the game . It would have also been nice to see a cutting effect, just like there was a welding effect when using the tools.

2 minor things: The story text before the robot task reads "violent", not violet the pilot. I am also not sure how Zelda really rhymes with welder unless you have an accent and pronounce it weldah... (or maybe you pronounce zelda as zelder) but i guess If you follow that same logic it makes "ruthandleia" and soothsayer rhyme as well.

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