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Jun 22, 2012 | 11:14 AM EDT

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Visual novel and cooking game. Chapter 2 of Cafe Rouge

Chapter 3 scheduled to be released July 6 2012

3 passwords to be found in Chapter Two (make sure to write down your password for next chapter)



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Grah Just write the password for the first game in the description box! Beat the first game was Really excited about it. But i'm not playing it again just to get a password. Searched the internet and no one put it up. Ridiculous. Someone post the password. Great first game incontinence is easily solved if the Password is posted in box!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

The cake part was highly annoying since after the fifth time of trying it finally gave me instructions, instead of just telling me the time. Hint for others: Add the numbers and then turn on the oven. Suggestion, give more time to do the math even, people arent that fast. Story line was great and I can't wait to play the next one. Had to whip out the wireless mouse (I'm on a laptop) but it was still fun. Wish you could get a medal for a perfect score or something, but you only have one shot and cant go back so maybe, maybe not.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

has anyone beaten the cake part? I've gotten perfects/ almost perfect (mixing...) in all the steps, but it still says I failed?


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I was a little disappointed that you didn't make any improvements from the last game, so I'm giving a lower rating for that. There were a few other things I didn't mention in my review in the first game, and that's the navigation between the areas. There's no rhyme or reason to it, you just have to get lucky enough to get to the area your looking for.

The interactive game was fun, my only complaints are that you have no idea what order the ingredients go in the bowl, you just have to keep trying until you get it right. I also finally figured out how to make the bowl stir. I was focusing on trying to make the handle stir the bowl, until I realized that I had to make those 'splash' images appear in a circular pattern to make the stirring happen. This was very confusing and should have been more clear in the directions.

Concerning the characters and dialogue, I thought the the abusive parents personalities were a bit overdramatic and unrealistic, but everyone else was fine. Again I also didnt like that for a game where the ending is based off your choices, you dont get very many choices. How does making a choice between choosing a napkin or the sink to clean up the blood on your finger really effect the story? Why isn't there any choices in dialogue or more important actions (like deciding to actually do your work or slack off and dealing with the consequences if you get caught.)

I still like the storyline and idea very much, and I was really hoping for improvements from the first game, but it was exactly the same and I was disappointed. I really hope in the third game you might read some improvement ideas from everyone's comments to try to address them. Good job.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it completely!! uggh though!! Three more days until the next one! I can't wait!