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Eulogy For 'Insufferable'

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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

06-15-12 – 06-15-12

Author Comments

(I have no idea what I am doing .-. I'm just testing this out I suppose :| I am new here. If that wasn't obvious XD I know this really isn't a movie. It's more like a gif or something. But I'm kind of a noob, so... idk .-. Maybe I should just delete this? XD If I could figure out how... O_o)

This is a Squishable I got from one of my best friends. His name is Insufferable Pants.

His name is Insufferable Pants because the night before I got him, I had a dream that I needed to collect stuffed animals and name them all. I got a hedgehog. I named it Insufferable Pants because hedgehogs are prickly. In a webcomic called homestuck, one of the characters, Dave, was originally named Insufferable Prick. So I took the "Insufferable" from that name because hedgehogs are prickly. I got the "Pants" from Toy Story 3. Mr. Prickle Pants. Yep. So when I got this the next day I was like, "I need to name him after the Insufferable Pants from my dream last night! BD" So I did.

Why is he being wiggled around? I have no idea. I had an image in my head one day of doing this to someone and I was like, "I must animate this!" So again, I did. The person in the picture is no one in particular. I kinda sorta modeled him after a kid from my English class/our Marching Band's new drum major. But I also kinda didn't .-. Yeah.

Squishables do not belong to me. (c) to whomever it belongs to. (c), Inc I think. But this flash animation (c) Me.


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