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Jun 3, 2012 | 7:43 AM EDT

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Just a black chick walking around the streets of Finland trying not to get disgusted by the old, bald, stupid, ugly, pale and fat fucks that the FInns are. Music by the almighty Falonefal.



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how the FUCK did you make it to the novice round?

Catoblepas responds:

By doind shit the different way.


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i mean seriously you bastard there is no place in finland that has THAT fat people. YES im from finland and i think that the loser that made this vid is a svedish asshole YEAH the quality is good but the vid IS A BIG PEACE OF SHIT YOU ASSHOLE WHO KNOES NOTHING, NOTHING ABOUT FINLAND >:(


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wtf i thought it was gonna be funny but it turned out to be some freaky 8yr olds dream fetish or something all i know is every time that guy ate the sausage it freaked me out


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This totally sucks, there is no truth about finland and finns. Check facts mate and try again. And this is also offensive

Catoblepas responds:

Your mom was offensive when she gave birth to you.


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I would really like to know what does he have against Finns. I am from Finland and I can say that not all of the people here are fat and/or ugly and we aren't all racists either. EVERY country has racists, that's obvious. The creator of this video seems to be a racist himself...