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May 30, 2012 | 2:52 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place May 31, 2012

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Animated by Chris Niosi
Music by Weston Durant
Background Artwork by Dave Smith, Jourdan Lasko and Terrence Lepinski
System Voice performed by Michele Knotz

A short guide to the Terrain of Magical Expertise's main features, including character creation, the three regions and the rules of virtual combat.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I thought this, as per usual, was a wonderful masterpiece.

In addition, I was wondering how much support there would be for a pen and paper RPG system for TOME. I have some experience in d20 systems, and others, so I may be willing to craft said system. However, I would rather not if there isn't at least some support for it.

So, how many of you would actually use a system, were it built?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man i really wish that this game existed

Hybrid class:Swordsman/Fighter

Sub Weapon:Dragonic claws

Basic sword combo
Basic melee combo

Guard-Summon a barrier to defend yourself from frontal attacks
Group Guard-Summon a massive barrier to protect your self and your allies
Fire-Shoot a burst of flame from the tip of your weapon
Blizzara-Surrond yourself with ice and shoot them at enemies Chunks and fragments deal medium damage
Thundaga-Strike the eenemy with rapid bursts of lightning
Ars Solum-Assale the enemy with rapid sword strikes
Purity Arua-Concentrate power into your weapon and rush the enemy repeatedly then finish with a massive explosion that deals Light type damage

Tall Thin Silver fur Silver curled up hair Style with blonde streaks Long silver tail silver quils and Silver spikes (Much like sonic's) Grey jacket unzipped with a gold and black undershirt a silver star shaped necklace with a gold crown in the center black shorts with a yellow cross pattern on the back fingerless gloves with a black x on top studded with silver and a pair of silver and black shoes with gold impresions.


a happy go lucky dude with a heart of gold who always puts his friends first and every thing else to the burner he recenty joined alpha and the gang after they saved him from hackers that attacked him upon his second log in. He injoys music,drawing,And writing stories he tends to be kind of timid arund new people but he soon opens up to alpha and the others and through them he understands what it means to actualy trust someone who shares that tust back.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hehe... What I wouldn't do to play such a game. Wish it were real.

Username : AceOfShades
Class : Spellcaster
Power : Gambling

Weapon : Hidden Blade
Subweapon : Cards

Skills :
Basic Hidden Blade Attack
Basic Card Throw

Card Defense - Summon a Card and Use it to guard attacks from the front
Party Defense - Summon Cards and use them to guard attacks for the party except for me
Party Shuffle - Randomly switch Positions of players affected after using Party defense
Card Reading - Summon a card before any player with random effects
Card Door - Summon a card and use it (like a door) to transport anywhere within a battlegrid. If not in a battlegrid, anywhere within TOME. Hidden Blade can be used together with this skill.
Deal - Summon a deck of cards to quickly randomly target enemies or one specific enemy. Has a chance to activate Card reading.

Appearance :
Pale, thin and tall. Brushed-up black hair with graying highlights. A long, black trenchcoat buttoned only once at the middle, revealing a ruffled tunic, with ruffles on the cuffs, fur on the collar. Black slacks and long Black dress shoes.

Personality :
A confident outgoing party person. The type that everyone wants to be with. A pickup artist who knows how to deal with guys, girls and crowds. He sets himself as the prize, thinking that TOME is a dating game(humor intended).

Stats : Balanced, with a tendency to increase luck before all others.

I already drew the character, but if TOME could really provide a better look then ok.

TOME is just awesome. Anyone who has ever played an MMO should watch it.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Username: Ermal / Kolorado
Class: mechanical (although he doesn't look it)
Power: electricity / firearms
thunder wave - a large wave of electricity, small damage, can stun opponents
missile tackle - a long ranged (yet physical) head-butt like attack, can be charged to be more powerful and fly further
thunder bolt - a heavy duty lightning bolt, heavy damage, but slow
absorption shield - same sort of thing as Astrobe, but not a powerful, it more of a reflection.
Weapons: shotgun and grenades or a dagger
Costume: helmet covers the eyes, brown vest, burnt orange hoody, black jeans, black sneakers
Main Stats: attack and defend a 50/50 kind of thing


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Username:Volt The Guardian
Power:All Except Pure Darkness
Moves:Million Clones- Sends A Million Clones Scattered Around The Foe.
E.Wave:An Shockwave Depending On The Elemental Emerald Used.
Z Strike:A Combo That Has A Z-Pattern After Its Used.
12 Elements Delta Burst - His Strongest Attack That Uses All Elements That He Has.
Weapons:Katana,Emeralds,Omega Cannon (Sometimes)
Animal Form:Hedgehog
Costume:Black Jacket With White T-Shirt,Dark Blue Pants And Green Shoes.
Main Stats:Speed