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May 29, 2012 | 2:19 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 30, 2012
  • Weekly 4th Place May 30, 2012

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TOME - Episode 04 - Fraggedquest

Gamecrazed, alone in the woods one day, is invited by Alpha and the others to join in a quest, so they can relax and enjoy TOME like regular players for the first time in a while...but their day of enjoyment is in danger of being blown apart by an old enemy, lookin' to stir up trouble. Our heroes split up into groups, seeking three pieces of a cursed statue that holds a monster inside it for them to fight against. The REAL monster might just turn out to be something else entirely! Can they triumph over EVIL!?

Created by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi, with music by Weston "Kajetokun" Durant, featuring special guest voices of Deven Mack Jr. (Beyblade: Metal Masters) and Mick Lauer (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal). Join the adventure in the Terrain of Magical Expertise!



Rated 5 / 5 stars June 5, 2012

Another great animation Kirbopher, nice work. I can also tell that u keep improving on certain elements in your animations. Keep up the good work. ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 5, 2012

its getting awesome. i realy enjoyed while watching. in the first of it was like everyones eyes on alpha, honestly its a little annoyed me first. i had bad feelings about tome series, then i watched second one i changed my mind, third one was proof of it. now i watched this one, i totally addicted to TOME. its realy awesome! Please keep going :), i can't wait to see a new one!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars June 5, 2012

best series on newgrounds, and truth be told, the only reason i check in so often. it's funny, it's awesome, and it's a great theme for a video. im sad it may be over , but i'll be okay. i've watched kirb hug GC 5 times now and it's still funny. great work


Rated 5 / 5 stars June 5, 2012

Sad to hear you'l be putting TOME on haitus but of course I understand. Sorry you haven't accumulated quite the following you were hoping for. :(
I've really enjoyed the series though, from what you have so far, and I feel like you make just a bit of progress every episode as well. I considered rating 4.5 stars and realized I couldn't really justify it because nothing stood out to me that I disliked. Animation was fairly fluid and I enjoyed seeing a bit more of the personality behind the characters. I think whether you're making a "filler" episode (others' words, not mine) or one that furthers the plot, you can always benefit from a bit of character development, maybe that's why I like this episode so much, might be my favorite so far. :) Everyone had their funny moments.
I hope that everything goes well for you in your break and that you're able to return to the series soon, looking forward to whenever you can!


Rated 3 / 5 stars June 5, 2012

Personally I don't know where Vidzthief is coming from. TTA or at least the first season was tripe, excuse me for saying that Chris. The characters were big cliches - Alpha was the Hero, Kirb/Nailock were the lancers, Gamecrazed was the Stoic, and Flamegirl was the Chick. The first season's storyline was a standard shonen anime cliche - Hero gains forbidden power with a mind of its own and in the end it becomes the bad guy.

Come to think of it, TOME so far is kinda the same thing at this point, only the characters are not as obviously cliche or acting as though they were based on a Role Play (Eh? See what I did there? You know what I mean diehard TTA fans.) but they are still overall one dimensional... Excluding Kirb...

Personally, I actually feel this episode to be very relaxing in that the characters are actually playing the game the way it was intended as an MMO, while still being related to the plot in an instance that our dear Rockoon friend is back and causes trouble.

Still, the characters haven't changed, the pushing of the AlphaXFlamegirl shipping via Flamegirl's own character (instead of the usual gamer chick) although there is grounds for some desire to open up the relationship to everyone in the group, thus hey psychosis: Flamegirl is lonely. Alpha is still awkward, Nylocke is still goofy, Gamecrazed is still Stoic, and Kirbohper steals the show again given the obvious.

Overall, it's my normal complaints I give every other episode: Our heroes are not fleshed out, but the story is still in a sense starting so I'm just putting it out there once again. And there is nothing else that makes me go "WHY?!?"

So... Looking forward for the next one. Good Luck Chris...