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May 23, 2012 | 10:03 AM EDT

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Play as troubled Trevor Duncan who lost his family in a terrible accident. Now his past stalks him in his huge castle. Can you survive and escape the castle?

This is a small puzzle adventure, sort of an experimental game trying to make a Survival Horror in a pixel top down environment.

Inspired from a lot of sources.

Movement - Arrows Keys
Z - Use Item/Action
X - Toggle Inventory

Some instructions on how to dodge the monster/ghost:
* First of all you can't defeat him. You must run/hide.
* The shadows help you. You can hide in them to wait the monster out.
* Fleeing from room to room, helps but He will follow you. But eventually he will give up and you are safe for a time.
* Really, be careful. If you are killed there are no continues. You have to start over. Play it safe is the best bet.

Good Luck!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, but it clearly needs work as others have stated. The mechanics involving the ghost are flimsy at best.

Also, you really should put credits in your work, as all the art assets are clearly not yours - And I don't mean tiny text hidden at the bottom of the screen as in Zombie Survival SM. It kind of lessens the potential scares upon recognizing the characters are from Pokemon, the antithesis of horror. Also the backgrounds are familiar but I cannot place what game they're from.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Shadows does nothing, ghosts outrun you almost immediatly and even if you escape in another room and find some darkness, the ghost always track you down.

Great concept, but unplayable.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

this is a great game with its sound and story but it very hard.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

An extremely fine experimental game here, though the game runs slowly and sometimes i found myself to be dead just because the enemy could see through walls, maybe instead of giving the creature a constant eerie song you could make him have heavy footsteps and some quite ambient scary breathin... sorta like amnesia, the music should only come on when its chasing you would certainly keep the Adrenaline pumping! but dont give up on thsi! it has great potential! good work!

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Placeable responds:

Thank you for the kind words and suggestions!

I'm sad to hear the game runs slowly for you. A friend of mine had the same issue on his computer. I've never seen anything quite like it considering his PC is a good one while on my laptop it runs just fine.

I suspect it can have something to do with Flash Player being out of date. Try update it.

The enemy AI is messed up sometimes. I am aware of the issue where he actually spawns outside of the map and the debug kicks in because of that making him able to pass through walls (Likely what you were experiencing).

If I make a larger game this is an issue that must be addressed.

Thanks again!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Visually, the game looks great. I love the premise and the atmosphere that you have. It's the game mechanics that ruin the game to the point that it's virtually unplayable. The absence of some sort of save system is a serious problem. While the idea of evading the ghost seems interesting, the ghost moves faster than you and makes an immediate beeline for you when you're in the room. If by some stroke of luck you aren't nearby a shadow, you start the whole process over again. Sometimes, the ghost will even chase you into a shadow, making me wonder if it's just gameover when the ghost sees you. The only way to finish the game is to have a perfect game where you're never once caught. It seems like you put a great deal of work into this game. Unfortunately, a number of people won't be able to see or appreciate that due to the horribly punishing game mechanics.

Placeable responds:

Thanks for the response!

The lack of saving is frustrating I understand but seeing how short the game actually is I never bothered with it. If I plan to do a larger game with this sort of gameplay a save option will be added.

As the developer I find the ghost to be extremely simple to avoid but that's just natural. No player testing either which is bad :)

Thanks for the review!