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The Rise of Facebook Pt.2

rated 4.03 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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May 6, 2012 | 11:19 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Join us as we look back over the years at Facebook; witness its tranformation from a hip social networking platform to a feared world super power by 2019. Part 2 sees the release of the All Seeing iPad and Mark Zuckerberg's eventual public breakdown.

Part 1: /portal/view/595020

EDIT: Thanks for the front page and the daily feature, you guys are amazing!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, consider this a review of parts 1 and 2...I know it's rather excessively long, but I hope for a positive response!

For starters, I don't see why everyone is cooking up a fuss over the animation. Sure, it was simple and we didn't see much...idk action, only saw facial expressions and stuff, but what else do you see in most documentaries apart from people basically I didn't have a problem with it...much.

Voice acting was grade A, but for some reason the character's talking speed felt kind of slow-ish and a little overdone if you get my drift. It makes the characters look a little too try-hard and "2-D", to the point they are boring...this is what probably bored most people and perhaps contributed to the "dry joke" factor, and on that note I have to include myself in the "unimpressed clique" of reviewers to some extent unfortunately. Perhaps for future, um, endeavours, perhaps you could fix this with more character movement and um tweak the voice acting up a notch? The character movement doesn't have to be like excessive action or anything, just make them a little more "alive" perhaps? But of course that's just my opinion, and the truth is that in the big picture for me it doesn't matter too much, nothing's perfect and everything just has to improve :)

Apart from that I was quite impressed with the content you presented! I kind of did Global and International studies at school so I kind of chuckled at the reference that facebook could become a potential feared world power...oh another note, to all them haters, who claim that the jokes cracked in this flash are exactly "humorous"; sure the jokes don't exactly make you fall out of your chair, but what gives this "fictitious" documentary life is the more "embedded" message...or at least what I think was the aim of this flash anyway

So back to the point I was trying to make. I was really impressed with how you were able to almost congruently meld aspects of parody, fact, popular culture and so on in this flash documentary of yours. From 4chan to anonymous, hinting at the incredible possibility of Zuckerberg's megalomania, all tied up with the "internet phenomenon" that is facebook. Haha, your interpretation of the future is not exactly too far off, and I wouldn't be surprised if something like it happened, I mean I said to one of my friends a couple of years ago that it would be the day Hollywood, drained of any creative originality, turns old Abe Lincoln into a vampire slayer for some retarded-ly cliché sake of protecting the interests of democracy and capitalism, so that all the little kiddies sleep well at night...and guess what...Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter...seriously you seen the posters???? Not that the idea of Abe Lincoln being a vampire slayer isn't worth a thought...

Anyway, sorry for going completely off topic, but I guess that also leads me to the next point. Your flash seriously raises awareness about, idk, how much people are allowing themselves to be brainwashed, and how much of their lives are being drained and consumed by internet apps and so forth. Not to mention it certainly points the finger at how much we allow this influence to affect us, and so how we view so-called celebrities, and leaders, either religious or political or both even.

Aaaand I am getting ridiculously carried away in analysis, probably reading a little too much into it? Seriously I feel like I could write like pages about this, and I'm sure that this has to be the longest review I have done yet! Still it's obviously an indication that you certainly have good material and entertaining value, as well as being able to present a worthwhile message to all at the same time. I can't wait for your next instalment dealing with Apple :)

So keep it up and I hope to see more ^^

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killourkid responds:

wow! seeing as you've taken the time to write me such a long (and overall positive!) review, i'll put some real time and effort into this response!

i'm happy you got what i was going for with the minimal animation style, being a mockumentary and all, and i take on board your suggestion for more movement from the talking heads. i understand where you're coming from about the pace of the voice acting, i tried to get it to start off slow and descriptive and start to build up pace as history got more and more surreal. at the time of recording, it was basically a one take operation as i was borrowing equipment from a friend, so there are certain voice clips i'm not happy with on a personal level, but i really didn't have the time to rerecord so i edited them the best i could!

both parts of this cartoon were created for a final year project at univeristy, which is my equivalent of a dissertation, and i had some serious time constraints - this is partially why the main characters don't move as much as zuckerberg/winklevii - but hopefully i will be able to do more justice to the next project i do in this style.

regarding the humour, i guess it's all pretty subjective. i tried to keep it layered, with lots of subtle jokes, and a few silly bits thrown in for good measure. i wrote this thing with a lot of influence from chris morris' brass eye, armando iannucci's time trumpet and various david firth cartoons, which are the sort of things that have me 'falling out of my chair', so it's probably not to everyone's taste - but nor should it be! it's really great that people are 'getting it' on newgrounds though, and each good review puts a smile on my face.

also, your analysis is spot on ;) thanks for the great review and i hope my response was adequate!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ughh I'm not seeing why everyone is giving this 5 stars, or why it's rated M. There is no cussing or vulgar imagry. Wasn't really funny. Then again I been welding all day and maybe just sore and tired so sorry, just wasn't that great in my opinion.

killourkid responds:

i guess it depends on what you find funny, i made this as a pretty dry mockumentary on the whole but with a few ott bits thrown in. thanks for giving it a watch regardless!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty freaky dude. Definitely better than pt 1. Pt 3 sounds interesting too. I have to admit the asipad was the most interesting part. I'd love to have one.. i'd pay anything.. just want to touch one for a second

killourkid responds:

haha thanks a lot! who knows, apple might already be in the process of channeling the wayword spirit of steve jobs to start construction on the all seeing ipad for 2015, just gotta wait and see ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

exelent one of the gratest videos i have seen

killourkid responds:

thank you very much :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

sensational , amazing, good =)
the animation is a bit bad but that doesnt matter, the voice acting is great, i give you that.
and about the future, thats what i thought what would happen. but yeah, hope that people will realize that facebook is not a part for living, or something, whatever its just a website.

Good job =)

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killourkid responds:

thanks a lot man! i kept the animation fairly minimal due to time constraints (it was for a final year university project - my equivalent of a dissertation) and to stick with the faux documentary vibe. i really didn't have the time (or skill haha) to go all egoraptor with this one as far as animation technique is concerned, but i'm happy you enjoyed the voice acting and found it funny! thanks again for the high score and positive review :)