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Truth Of Osama 2

rated 3.37 / 5 stars
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May 3, 2012 | 2:28 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Oh god, it took me many, many hours to finish this and many, many hours of refining and polishing >.<
So, this is the unofficial sequel to Truth of Osama. (It's not a canon sequel, so what happens in this episode does not necessarily relate to what *actually* may happen in the real canon sequel.)

Watch the first one if you haven't already; it makes more sense that way. You may notice a hint of deja vu when you watch this right AFTER you've watched Truth of Osama 1. Okay, I kid, not a hint; the end shouts "Deja Vu!" in your face.

Backstory: Ever since Osama had died in Truth of Osama 1, he went to a place called "The Dead", which is seldom capitalized, and seldom surrounded by speech bubbles. He then came back from the dead and then possessed a soup's body and then became known as Osama-Soup, but is still called Osama. He then goes on his quest to exact revenge on the one which originally led to the events that threw him in the dead.

Anyhow, in this movie Crouton soup is alerted of Osama's arrival from the Dead (which may not be what you thought the place was). Seeking revenge for what happened in Truth of Osama 1, he plans to exact revenge on the thing that caused him his misery. Crouton and Taco sense that they're in danger, so they set up all kinds of traps to ensure that Osama-Soup does not harm them or anyone they know, but something unexpected happens in the on to find out!

You may have also noticed that this flash is different from the other flashes I've made in that this one carries an M rating. That's because this is supposed to be a sequel of Truth of Osama 1 and so since that carries an M rating, well, this is supposed to carry an M rating as well. Those are my rules, anyways.

This movie's around 4 minutes long, so pull in the popcorn! (Just make sure you don't take too much; it IS only 4 minutes long, after all)

Thanks to Krutches for the *wonderful* voice acting and Narcissy for the additional art. The music at the beginning is in the credits (Carmina Burana - O Fortuna).

Join the Soup Squad today! Just go to (remove any spaces present)

Oh, and there's a censored version available. Just click the "Censored version" button! If you just want to cut the noise that folllows, just click "Regular version" and watch BOTH the intros, or just click "Skip" for both of them. Don't say I didn't warn you. (It's not loud, it's just a small practical joke and is of a person laughing obnoxiously)

And now for some completely unrelated FUN FACTS! (Well, "Fun" is an overstatement)
Fun Fact #1: This was made in 4 days for Osama day for the Soup Squad.
Fun Fact #2: In order to get the sound file from the end of Truth of Osama 1, I had to obtain permission from Narcissy for its decompiling and removing. (He allowed it, and so I added him in the credits for Osama's head and Krutches for the main VA and additional VA)
Fun Fact #3: You can't turn off subtitles.
Fun Fact #4: There's an intermission near the end of the movie, in case you needed to go for that bathroom break.
Fun Fact #5: You can increase the size of the movie and change it to high, medium or low quality, depending on your system. (I've had to remove filter effects because the animation was being slowed down by them even though my computer's fast)
Fun Fact #6: I also took some sound effects from Flash CS5.5's Common Libraries >> Sound, the sound files that were offered for free along with flash. They're good.

Oh, and there's a reason why I didn't scale the background and floor simultaneously when I scaled the characters as well: It's because the background is uniform, like the sky or something, and the floor? Well...there's no reason for that...but just imagine there is :p




Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked it, it was cool the art was inpressive
This was awesome and hilarous!
I thought the most funniest part was when osama
came to the house, that was awesome!
Nothing was that bad at all.
One question:What's the difference between the Regular Version and The Censored Version?

Gimmick responds:

There is no Censored version :3


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I found this to be mindly amusing actually. Yet also kind of weird how the Osama thing was the only Soup looking character to have a head still intact on it. Then when it somehow finds where the Soups are living it is invincible and then not invincible (how did it become invincible in the first place?)

The animation was pretty smooth for this flash animation. The Soups looked well drawn and I enjoy how the backgrounds went through shading going from one color in the center of some scenes to where the color is different near the borders of the flash. Could have maybe used the blend tool a bit to make the background for the inside of the Soup place cleaner looking unless having layered squares was the way it was meant to look.

The story also seemed to be a little quirky since Osama came back to life and targeted the Soups for some unknown reason. Maybe give a little back story as to why that happens too. Also why did the Soups have to get rid of him in the first one? Nice to see in the end though that he gets defeated and just vanishes from existence while Crouton and Canned Soup enjoy that fact afterward.

The music used seemed pretty fitting too since the Crouton and Canned seemed to be having a good time setting up traps to stop Osama from trying to kill them. The effort falls flat though since he charges right on through with the bucket not falling on him and he doesn't get stuck on the green stuff either. Credit music was also nice.

Overall, interesting and nice quality flash, great work here.

Review Request Club

Gimmick responds:

Crouton...and Canned? Lmao. It's not Canned, it's Taco.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Holy crap, I just found out you used my song.
I feel honored.

...About the animation? Were you high or something when you made it?

Gimmick responds:

Haha, no. I wasn't high. Watch the original animation if you didn't already :)


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Kind of cheesy, no offense. I like the music. That's just about it.
The animation is lifeless, and the quality of the vocal recording is horrible.
Add a little more life to your animations, and get better microphones for recording your voice acting, and then your videos should be immensely better.

Gimmick responds:


I don't exactly try to emphasize vocal recording quality as I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for voice actors who would do it for a cut of the ad rev, and the animation...? I'm not exactly experienced very fully with animation so consider this one of my "practice projects".


Rated 2 / 5 stars

not bad , but a little too weird for my taste

Gimmick responds:

You're weird.