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Njord, Pancake King

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Comedy - Original

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Apr 30, 2012 | 1:05 AM EDT

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OK, let me try and explain myself lmao XD
So a few years ago my friends and I went to midnight opening of 'Paranormal Activity 2'. Afterwards we were way too hyper and awake, so we started drawing (we're all art/apcg majors, so this is what we do lol). I started off with an adorable little seal that I gave wings. But that wasn't enough - oh no. I then gave him a horn. And then made rainbow. pretty much went downhill from here: We named him Njord, and crowned him King of the Pancakes. He is filled with strawberry jelly and his wings can transform into a helicopter propeller that can be put on silent. And thus Njord the Winged Rainbow Sealicorn was born.
I would actually kind of like to say drugs were involved with this...but there weren't. Our minds are just THAT out there. Exhaustion is a powerful weapon, my friends.

So, onto the animation lol >.>
Here we have our dear old Njord chasing his breakfast, a poor pancake. Try as he might, the pancake cannot outrun Njord's propeller and will eventually meet his demise...Poor thing.

If there is one thing I can say about this's that it's only meant for you to go "What?" and have a good laugh lol. Hope I accomplished this, and hope you love Njord as much as I do. Sorry it isn't the best quality (I have NO idea why the pancake's legs are doing the white thing and why the animating doesn't loop well - it looks totally fine on my computer >.>), but my friend and I did it in only about 30 minutes for a non-important class project lol.

As stated in a comment though, I would love ANY CRITIQUE. It's a stupid, fast little animation, but anything always helps. I know it's not good, but here I feel like people can help me - YouTube is just filled with any joe shmoe, but Newgrounds has ANIMATORS, the people who can help me. Help me, and I'll update this video to make it BETTER. But rudeness never helped anyone grow. I am ENCOURAGING you to be harsh - but critique, don't troll ^^




Rated 3 / 5 stars

1. Go with loaders,it helps with transition and overall delivery, and the land skips out every time it repeats.

2. I love your aimation style, keep it original.

3. Focus a little more on the physical movements of the characters.

your not bad, just fix a few things and this would be a 4.

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black-lotus-kitsune responds:

thank you! yeah, the whole bg skipping has been something i've been trying to figure out D: i don't quite know why it's doing it, but hopefully by continuing the animation i'll be able to fix it :D
"Focus a little more on the physical movements of the characters." i definitely will - thank you for that input ^^


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm not really an animator, but upon watching thousands of flash movies on newgrounds, i would like to point out a few things.

The overall picture is cute and there has been mention of the transitions effects, but try to rely less on singular images, the propellers look really bizarre tbh. Also if you wanna get a nice smooth animation going, i would like to point out (if nobody has noticed and said anything yet) that the pancakes legs seem to randomly appear with a white outline around them. Maybe it was from the creation phase that you may not have noticed them. With me personally, some little things can be a bit off putting.

Other than that, your on your way :D Ima keep an eye on your profile for more great work. The cosmic love clip was great and i like your smooth animating style <3 i look forward to seeing you on the frontpage more often ^_^

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black-lotus-kitsune responds:

i definitely noticed the pancake leg thing :( i have no idea why it's doing it when i post it online, cuz on my computer the file works ok >.> i'm trying to fix it, as well as the transitioning :) and thank you for pointing out the propeller as well - i'll try to make it more realistic/add perspective ^^
thank you for your input! i really appreciate it ^^


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey there,

Allot of what I'm about to say will be related to your ability to draw, which is the best way to improve your animation. This animation look's tweened in flash and what i'm about to explain is more of a traditional approach (which I don't see how it doesn't apply to tween animation)I also know that your a beginner and you might possibly not have a tablet to draw on but lets begin...

When animating you should be aware of how weight works. Objects that are moving will keep moving until stopped (either by another object or by gravity) and objects at rest will stay at rest. That is the single most important rule of animation and its observable in the real world. I would suggest trying to add and understand weight to your work. When he's moving down it's going to take more than just a slight force to move him back up again because your working against gravity.

With weight comes squash and stretch. These two things are what make objects look organic. If you throw a ball at a wall it's shape will change into something more of an oval instead of a circle. This also ties directly to weight. When something heavy tries to change direction quickly it's shape will distort. Not it's volume however, just it's shape.

The little pancake dude who is running seems to just be gliding though the air. Everytime a foot touches his body should move down with it and back up. You might want to practice doing walk cycles and understanding how a human body walks which you can apply to anything that has legs and moves.

Also a good thing to keep in mind, if you "really" want to animate better get used to drawing every frame by hand. While tweened animation is good, the only real way to get animation to look good is to draw it.

You have a very long road of learning but if your really interested in animation I would sugest (more like obsessively recommend) "The Animators Survival Kit" which is a book by Richard Williams. Williams was a great animator and his teachings are wonderful. It will teach you allot about keys, inbetweens, breakdown drawings, walk cycles, squash and stretch, drag and overlap, anticipation, timing...allot. I can't recommend it enough. If you can't afford the book there are allot of tutorials all over the internet for getting started, everything from learning how to animate in flash to understanding walk cycles and squash and stretch.

Also nothing can be better than just normally drawing. The better at drawing and the faster you are at it, the less time your going to be spending on thinking about "how to animate" and more time on "what to animate"

Theres a ton of other stuff as well I could say to go learn, but you should start by studying how "weight" works in animation (as in how it shifts and how it effects things that move. You can do this by watching documentaries on youtube (I seriously sugest looking up Disney Animators as they are at the top of the craft, Glen Keane G79Eo, Andreas Deja, Eric Goldberg are some examples of amazing animators) and learn how squash and stretch works (this is what i mean by squash and stretch: aRMjU.)

Unfortunately you don't seem to know a whole lot, so I think learning the basics is what you should do. Start with learning squash and stretch, how weight works and how a body moves when it's walking or running. Also don't be afraid to go find and watch cartoons or even better, animators drawing the cartoons. When I got into animation I was lost pretty much. I always thought Mickey Mouse was a babies character but it was hard to stay away from learning from Disney Animation considering that Disney is a vastly large reason that animation even exists today the way it does.

Those are my thoughts, hope they helped :) also a virtual cookie if you read it all lol. If you have any more questions about what I said or about animation let me know. I'm an animation buff and know allot from the 1900's to present on animation (technique and history)

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black-lotus-kitsune responds:

wow, thank so much for this critique! :O it's really helpful, and i thank you for the book suggestion! i'll go check it out :D
the weight of the animation was something i didn't think about, so that was VERY helpful. when i go to continue this little guy, i'll try to do it like my other animation and return to doing frames, not just tweening ^^ it can help, but i can see how it looks awkward.
to be completely honest, this loop isn't a good example of what i know :( but that doesn't mean it can't help me out - what you've said is very helpful, and i'll take everything into consideration.
again, thank you so much! you took a lot of time writing this, and trust me - i'll take a lot of time taking it to heart <3


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Only 2 major things i see wrong here.

1. Propeller should look like you are viewing it from the side - like if Njord was a helicopter. Then, the propeller would be on top and we would have a side view of that. In order to do this (for future reference) you would need to off set the propeller slightly (like a slightly slanted hat) in order for us to see the propeller not as a straight line.

2. Work on the ending loop transition - i could clearly see the background looping.

Other than its pretty good. I think you found your "mascot" who you will draw all the time (just like many other artists have :D).

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black-lotus-kitsune responds:

thank you so very much! i agree with everything you said - the propeller for sure needs to be skewed a bit to add some perspective :D thank you for pointing that out!
and yeah, i really need to figure out what's wrong with the background not looping correctly :( it works on my personal art website (though the white thing with pancake's legs still happens >.>)
i'll change these few things and update him ASAP (probably the beginning of summer after finals).
again - thank you so much! <3 lol, and yup - he's one of my mascots XD


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Maybe you could explain what happened in the form of animation ^_^

black-lotus-kitsune responds:

lol, that would be fun to do ^^ hopefully i'll get an ACTUAL critique and in the future do more animations :)