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'Cosmic Love' Storyboard Animation

rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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Apr 29, 2012 | 7:16 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged May 1, 2012
  • Daily 5th Place April 30, 2012

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Author Comments

Artist Statement:
"While the story is a touching tale of love and destiny, there is also a secondary emphasis on the effects of tragic events on an individual. The lyrics “I was in the darkness / So darkness I became” symbolize the different reactions of the constellation and dryad. While the dryad has been stricken with sudden blindness and can no longer view the world she loves, she embraces this newfound darkness and follows the single light. The constellation, however, falls into despair and gets consumed by the darkness, resulting in acts of violence and losing all hope. This became an emphasis because I am a firm believer that a situation is what we make of it. We can choose to be defeated, or we can stand up and turn it into something great."

This was created for my Advanced Drawing class. I was given the task to simply tell a story. I decided to take it further than just a few images and created the backbone to an animation: a storyboard. That being said, this is the reason the drawings are so simple/messy. I needed to get them all done in only a month, so I only had time to do the sketches. Hopefully in the future it will become a full animation ^^ And yes - this is my first attempt at this :)

Throughout the whole process I learned new things, which can be seen in the images themselves (the quality basically changes from image to image). But the top 3 important things I learned were these:

1. Don't edit a video in one night/for 12 hours straight (even though the sunrise was pretty).
2. If you're going to save your layers, then DON'T FLATTEN THE IMAGE YOU IDIOT!
3. Running sequences need to die.

Time taken: 150 hours (including illustrations not here)
Total frames: 304
Special thanks to: SultanaOfStars

Thank you for viewing! Enjoy!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow, this is only a storyboard? I want to see the full animation now. That was great! Looking forward to seeing more from you, and I sure hope you got an A on this.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great video! I thought the story was amazing and the song fit very well. I often hear songs that I'd like to animate just because I can think of a great story match. The only thing that I would say to improve would be to clean up the pictures themselves, and that I'd really like to see this in a final, animated form. Other than that, I thought it was a great video!

black-lotus-kitsune responds:

thank you! once i graduate, i plan on trying to get a few friends together and create a finished piece :D to help in the process, i'll probably try to redo this storyboard with more frames and better art - it'll be the next step ^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

goood job i liked the animation but the stop animation is not rly precise but very good animation i loved it so much. :D


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ah that was awesome! The concept alone was enough to make it a brilliant flash but it was well executed too. The character designs are great (i particulary like the oaken look of the girl) and it's nice to see a love story brought back to the epic proportions of classics and gods and not a high school teen romance. You're art is good and whilst some scenes are a little off for the most part it was an aesthetically pleasing piece.
The main thing i loved was how well you fitted the storyboard to the music, not only with great timing but also the story telling and visual plays on the lyrics. I thought the song was packed with ardent emotion and i hand't heard it before so that made it an even more enjoyable experience. As for criticisms i think the scene with the smooth fade from black was jarring after watching a whole animation of a lower frame rate and consistency was more important than smoothness at that point. Also on the more techinical side a preloader would have been nice (and is easy to add) as i did have my experience slightly tarnished by occasional pausing as it loaded. You've shown a lot of talent and i wish you all the best in your future projects!

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black-lotus-kitsune responds:

Thank you so much! Thank you very much for the nice comments and critique - I definitely will take your suggestions into consideration :D I will also look into how to do a preloader ^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

very beautiful plot, and it went perfect with the song, very touching. good drawings, and color. though i rather did not enjoy the frame by frame animation, though it did go along with the song quite well and gave it a bit more emphasis. I also don't like the constant replay. this is a flash i could only watch would be a bit more touching if the animation was more constant. Very well done though on your part, I give you credit for making something so beautiful with such creativity using the perfect melody and such a great meaning behind it. truly does touch ones heart in a way.....though i know you can do better :D

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black-lotus-kitsune responds:

thank you! the frame by frame can be quite daunting and annoying, but as a storyboard i only wanted to put so many details ^^ the next step will have more images, so hopefully it'll be more easily view-able :)
and yes - i'll be adding both a preloader and make it not loop, but it'll have to wait until finals are over :D