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Apr 25, 2012 | 6:37 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012

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The sequel is currently under development, you can watch the trailer and check out the latest updates of the series at:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I hate you Sim man. After years of waiting for the complete version of the game, and then hours upon hours of managing my models, maxing stats, discovering hidden scenes and making money, at day 90 I realized that i am not able to success in the Drama Club, nor get Kotomi's hentai level high enough for the Playboy ending. That is really one of few complaints i have about the game, as the latest version perfected everything i could be mad about. I am waiting for Simgirls 2, and hoping you will actually earn some coin on that game, as you surely deserve it(and it would definitely be a motivation to work on it a bit less part-time, obviously). The only things i regret, are: Not choosing Kotomi at Xmas eve, and disregarding the Time machine, thinking it wouldn't be necessary for the ending. If it wasn't for that, i would definietely give the game a 5/5 score. Looking forward to all of your future projects, and thank you, for creating this masterpiece of a Date Sim.

sim-man responds:

The Playboy ending is for experts only. Officially reserved for the best of the best lol.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sim-man -

Of the many, many Sim Dating Games I've played, this is easily the best, and I am sad to have finished it because now I will have to return to the other, shallow-in-comparison simulation dating games.
Your take on the Sim Dating Game not only contains the right amount of sexy content to keep us players interested and motivated to continue (Great artwork BTW), but it also contains quite deep relationships to have with the girls, and most importantly, it contains a lot of aesops and moral-of-the-story lessons in the endings. These moral-of-the-story lessons are actually profound, and not corny, which is rare for a game of this nature. I played this game in what was around 12 hours, and I enjoyed myself immensely. Bravo, well done. It may be one of the best flash game dating sims of our time.

Below are a few suggested improvements [*SPOILER ALERT*]:

- I didn't like how fast my skills progressed. I shouldn't have been able to max out my skills so much, so quickly. Its not remotely realistic, or challenging, for that manner.

-In all the 'scenes' in the game I had the choice to take a 'hentai' option or a less sexy 'romantic' or more 'normal' option. This is great. But I don't like how in the post-'final exam' scene where Akira 'rewards' me, I choose to automatically blackmail her and we have sex as a result. That scene made me feel very uncomfortable. I feel that I should have been able to choose how far that 'reward' went. This applies as a general principle; I am strongly suggested that you give me the power of choice in all of the game's scenes, in the interest of player satisfaction and game-play consistency.

-This game needs tighter, better scripting. As it is already, it is well put-together. However, there are bobbles. For example, in the 'Ami' ending, Karin and I are supposedly 'in-love', even though I've never really conversed with her or done anything romantic with her (All I did was keep her hygiene, energy, and health stats high while she was in my basement), and my 'modeling company' came in for me to help me build a third time machine, even though I had NEVER made any real moves towards building a modeling company. Maybe its a bug, but whether it is or not, I am pleading for you to fix this. My ending with a particular girl should depend on my actions in-game, not what the game's pre-loaded endings assume I did in the course of my play-through.

Below are some suggestions for things that can be added to the game to greatly enrich the experience:

-The teacher should be a romantic option too. Why not? In addition, there should be multiple teachers, including maybe a Swimming Coach, and they should all be potential love interests.

-Indeed, the relationships should be more complex, and there should be more means of interaction, in the interest of realism and even more replay value.
I also believe that there should be an unlockable or difficult-to-achieve polygamy option in which the player can choose multiple loves. Just a suggestion.

-There ought to be more activities/jobs/education to do, and many more places to visit. After I've maxed out my stats and made a good deal of money, there were many days where I've had nothing to do at all. Those days were boring. I'm sorry, but I don't like being bored when playing games, and these in-game days with nothing-to-do was a shortcoming in an otherwise fantastic game.

-There should be other boys in the school [besides Reiyjuu] and the game world should function in a somewhat real-time fashion, where you compete with or work together with the other boys to get the girls.

-There should be some websites that I can actually browse in my computer, instead of the ambiguous 'surf the web' option for -10 EN. Different websites should give me different stat increases as I read them.

-Lastly, a minor suggestion: Different fighters should challenge me for my Golden Belt once I win it by streetfighting. In RL, people always want to challenge the champion to take his place.

Thank you for the game, and your time.

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sim-man responds:

Thanks for the long review. I noticed that there are tons of unexplored potentials in the game but this game is now completed and I am moving on to the next project Simgirls 2.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i like your game its Goooooooooooood !!!!!!

sim-man responds:



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I was in space... the date ended and I was given the scouter but no button to continue. Shame because I just got won the belt and now have to go back. Very good game, while you edit for the next update maybe go back into some of the speech segments if it's not too much trouble?

sim-man responds:

Click on the scouter to continue the game. But don't click directly on the scouter, click on the button instead.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok first off AWSOME GAME! the only problem im having is getting to Tomoko into the Close Friends status b4 her birthday and coming up with enough money to continue... if anyones got any tips for this feel free to share them. once again great game!

sim-man responds:

This is a bit hard and there are actually many ways to do it. Here's one:
Use the playful character. Max out charm and work as salespeople. Buy your gifts and shower on Tomoko. If you don't waste any rounds at all you should be able to get it on time.