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Simgirls (Full Version)

rated 4.49 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Dating

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Apr 25, 2012 | 6:37 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012

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Author Comments


The sequel is currently under development, you can watch the trailer and check out the latest updates of the series at:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well,when I first realised that the final version of my all time fave. dating sim is here,i was shocked to death!
I couldnt believe my eyes! I played it whole night,without any break! I must say I liked and loved everybit of it,until.....Day 99 finally arrived.

I realised that even after waiting for 8+ years,I couldnt take any of the girls to Prom Night!I failed to understand the reason behind that!

Although the country of this game is Japan,the currency is Dollar,instead of Yen.So,giving "satisfy me.its a japanese game" as excuse wont satisfy me.

I must say that the second thing that Disappointed me very much were the Endings of Kotomi,Karin & Ami.All these 3 endings are so so cliched!So boring!
The thing missing from these endings is story.You must have been in a hurry to finish those endings.

I will talk about them individually.

Ami: The player requests ami to build a time machine for Karin.He goes to future.Karin has a boyfriend.He comes back from future.
Ami is ill.He decide to build a Time machine.he reads ami's dairy.he builds a time machine,he fails.sim-man helps him through staright of hope.

The first part of her ending is the Copy of karin's Ending.I dont understand 1 thing.
When I am choosing to spend Valentines Day with Ami,why do I need to know about Karin or any other girl in the first place?
There is no point in choosing Ami in that case.
Secondly,Why did you involve other girls in Ami's ending?How & why will they help me to win Ami,when I dated them & slept with them??!!Thats really stupid.Thats a MAJOR MISTAKE!
Kotomi has a career in Germany & Tomoko is not the helping type.
Moreover,in such a serious situation,Kotomi is dressed up in her Rave Party outfit!!Tomoko is dresssed up in her b'day outfit!!!
The dating & weekly events's outfits are supposed to be Exclusive and non-repeatable.Moreover,such outfits is inapropriate in this situation.

I recommend you to remove this helping hand part.Its useless and major anti-climax of the story.

Ami is supposed to time travel @ Day 100.So,she waiting for player till day 126 for player doesnt make any sense.
Also ami is building time machine for her ownself,NOT to send Karin in future.!
You need to think of something different for karin.

on the other hand,ami's old ending was so much had the message of "love is sacrifice".Ami dies to save the player.
player searches her like crazy!then her spirit appears and player proposes to her.
then he fights sim-man for the end he utilises ami's time machine and gets her back.

I dont know what made you replace the old ending of Ami with this one!But do you really think that this ending is better than her old ending?
I think you must add a voting syatem where we can vote between these 2 ending and choose.
You have Used & repeated Ami's Golden City dating outfit in endings of Ami,karin,kotomi & tomoko.change that and give her new outfits to wear.

Karin:Now this ending is also so cliched.We again see Kotomi & Tomoko is Rave PArty & birthday outfits (so inappropriate) in her farewell.
Again,Ami donates her time machine to karin!!!
Again.Ami is sittiing @ her home after day 100,instead of going on her mission!!!
2months later,player requests her to build time machine.player goes to future & finds karin.

i think if yokomori wants to take karin back to future,its his Duty to send a time machine @ day 100.
it makes sense.but player using Ami's dream time machine to send karin back is a major mistake.
also,time machine is the only interesting thing that ami has in the should Not take it away from her.
Alongwith the errors mentioned above,there is no storyline in this ending.

Kotomi:i expected a better story for kotomi's ending.again here,ami is not at all required.she has her time travel @ day 100.
the prom night event is a complete waste.we dont need to know about tomoko/ami & their boyfriends.

when player goes to germany,you have again repeated kotomi's dress from day 72 scene.its not fair.her ending is supposed to be exclusive.give her new clothes.
in fireworks,kotomi says "there is something which we cant share Ami". i think this holds true.
After all,it doesnt matter if ami loves player.all it matters is who player loves.
Kotomi needs to get a more logical & romantic ending.

Tomoko: tomoko's endings are the only endings to have a proper storylines,perfect twists & romance.
But you must remove the other girls's info from tomoko's h ending.
again,we dont need to know about karin/kotomi,when we have chosen tomoko.

Megaplayboy- no complains for this except for the artwork. why have you repeated the modelling costumes in this ending?you should add some new costumes.

the artwork of the girls is very bad in this ending.
for instance,when the girls are sitting in bed,they are looking like 6 year old child,instead of 18.
when the girls reach orgasm,their looks too seems like they are some diffferent girls!
when sana is spaning akira,they dont have eyes!

the last thing which I disliked was the model fighting. why have you only shown pictures of girls fighting?it looks so bad!
upgrade it and make it similar to the fighting using keyboard keys to fight and punch etc.

after becoming lovers,add some sex mini games to play,which will consume energy.
how about adding energy while upgrading girls to lovers?
want triggers option for hidden scene and regular events.

I dont know what to say.I am happy and sad at the sametime.i waited for this day more than 10 years.
Apart from the above mentioned things,I loved every part of the game.
giving it full rating in hope of improvement.
The save/load works for me.have seen the lovemore tralier,nice

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sim-man responds:

Thanks for all the suggestions as always. I am not going to reply to all the points one by one because some of them seem to be personal preferences. I saved the prom night exclusively for Kotomi's ending, just want to make every ending unique in its own way. Given Ami's kind character she would definitely give up her project to help a friend. I will try to update the outfits and graphics when I get the time to do so later. I am glad that you like the new trailer for simgirls lovemore. Thank you again for typing up all your thoughts about the game.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Is it just me or there is no save button like it used to? I can't find any

sim-man responds:

?? Go to the little house on the map and click on the little crystal ball besides the blonde girl.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It took me a couple of hours to finish, but yeah, good game! I plan to repeat it someday, and by that time, do it more professionally. Thanks Sim-man! Great job!

sim-man responds:

thank you for playing it. Do check out the sequel too at :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

For all those who are confused about the difference in 5.5 and 5.52,here's the answer.
This version has a revised ending of kotomi and a scene with her.

Talking about the Bugs,there are still quite a few consistant ones.

Whenever I check my status,calendar shows up alongwith my profile and collectibles!thats un-necessary. theres a separate option for it in smartphone already.please fix it. it was sooo irritating.
another one is wheneverr i click any buildings in the main map,no sound is played.
but there is a sound when i exit those locations. it doesnt make sense.please add a sound for the entry. by the way,i didnt turn off the sound.

please test it yourself,so that you understand.just start the game and click on any building.there will be no sound! click on return/exit,there will be a sound.

there is the miscalculation of dates.the calendar of this game is equal to 2005-2006 calendar.

November 21 (Tomoko birthday) is Day 15 Monday,December 24 (xmas eve) is day 48,saturday
December 25 (xmas) is day 49 sunday,1 january (new year picnic) is day 56,sunday

one very important thing which we discussed earlier.

there is a huge potential for adding triggers in most of the scenes.

most of the weekly events and hidden scenes occur in accesible map locations,so make them trigggerable. you may add a reminder option @ Home when somone goes to sleep without triggering them.
also in fireworks after i choose to look for karin,the next screen should be main map,instead of slums. let me search for her by clicking slums.
i had send you this above suggestion of adding triggers in your email address when you were working on 5.2x versions.
you liked it very much and replied "i will do that for sure in my next update,whenever i get time".
i tried contacting you before writing this review in your simgirls,org mail address,but it isnt working!
i hope you dont ignore me (i am ready to wait).

lastly,the current game requires 200 charm on tomoko birthday scene.

dont you think,you should tone down the stats to 100,instead of 170 while using the cheat.

it is way too much help,even to the new to players

bring some variety in the music.its okay to use same tune for relationship scenes and weekly events.

but at least use some new tunes for the hidden hentai scenes.

also you can use different music for the relationship level up scenes for tomoko,kotomi and karin.

the old simgirls had some nice clippings for the puzzle minigame and whenver i visited girls's houses after becoming girlfriends.

if you have them,use them.i want more and many different music pease.

lovemore looks many hentai scenes will be there?will there be any sex mini games?
also is there any possibilty to develop the models manager duel and make it similar to lovemore fighting or atleast fighting mini game?

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sim-man responds:

thanks for all the suggestions I will look at these when I update the game again. As for the new game lovemore there will be sex scenes but I have to say it will be more sexy less pervert considering that I want to make it more mainstream. In addition to a complete battle system (far more complicated than a mini game) there are also other mini games. For more updates please see


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This review is actually a request to he creator of best flash dating game ever created.
My favourite simgirl has always been Kotomi.I really loved her very much since the version she appeared.
To be a real challenge would be to convert a shy,cute girl into a hentai girl ;)

Kotomi is cute as well as hot. Tomoko is hot but her face is ugly,when compared to any other simgirl.

The only thing I want to see is a full storyline of Kotomi in depth with a bunch of her scenes.

Interaction in Fukoma school - I see that Tomoko's interactions are more deeper than Kotomi.
She talks about her modelling,sex etc.
On the other hand Kotomi doesnt have any dialogues about Gymnastics and Modelling.
Dont you think she should have some dialogues about gymnastics and gravure idol?
She learns the modelling fastest,so she has the most potential to be a model.
Tomoko ays dialogues like she prefers loyal guys.She also talks about gift preference in date.
Kotomi should have some lines on this things.
Tomoko gets an updated picture once she becomes a close friend.Kotomi can get the same thing too.

Level up scenes - Thr level up scenes of Tomoko are so deeper with at least 10 pictures.
On the other hand,Kotomi's level up scenes only tells about gymnastics with only 2 pictures,which are repeated in every scene.
Her scenes should be more detailed like player can follow her to her house and discuss her farting problem.
She can also visit players house to do some adventurous things.
I never get to know what she thinks abut love,sex,relationships.Also her relationship with her parents is un-disclosed.
There must be something since she lives alone.
Different sides of her personality can be shown like what she loves and hates.
Her family,her hobbies,her parents,her dreams,her perception of love and sex.If she is secure in her love or insecure like tomoko.

Ryuuji - Ryuuji is Tomoko's ex boyfriend.He starts hitting on Kotomi in Auto Show! After that no such thing happens!
But we still she Ryuuji bugging her @ School.
Dont you think a guy like Ryuuji would try again to woo her.
Like a scene in which Ryuuji can take her on X-mas shopping and player can become insecure.

Ami - In 1 or scenes,Kotomi tries to hook up ami and player.But does she really want her boyfriend to date her best friend !!!She should be actually jealous!
I dont think so! In valentine day,ami is not suppose to appear in Kotomi's home because she would go time travelling in her time machine.

Hentai scenes @ Known events - Like Tomoko,Kotomi deserves to have some little hentai scenes in Game Show,Final Study @ school and in dressing room of miss fukoma pagent.
Also sim-man's hidden cam room can have some videos of her.
Also,Kotomi and ami should have some model manager cut scenes as well. Both of them usually wins the competition.

Sex scenes - Kotomi has only 2 sex scenes with only 2 pictures! Her different body parts arent described in any of them.
She deserves a long sex scene at fireworks festival with many pictures of her body parts.
Like Tomoko,she deserves to have 4 unlockable hidden scenes.
She can have a special event where her h level will be triggered to +40 like tomoko.

Ending- Her ending needs to re-made.its pretty messed up and bad!
Why cant she convince player to go to germany and live with her?
Kotomi definitely needs a hentai ending.she has so much potentials

Pictures- As I mentioned above Kotomi should have more different pictures in her scenes.
Additionally she should get more portfolio pictures in her modelling album.
you have used so many photos of tomoko from dna2 can do the same for Kotomi.

Ask and Play @ Kotomi's Home - I want to do something H with Kotomi after lover status.

Her sexy and hot farting mini game needs to be completed.n first part,the player can help her to cure her farting problem.
After she gets cured,there can be an anal sex mini game with her.

Gymnastics Trial - This event is entirely Kotomi's. Why is Tomoko h level involved to unlock it?
Its not fair to involve Tomoko's h level with kotomi's event!

Lastly,I know you are working on lovemore with a team. But after releasing lovemmore,can you work only on kotomi for the next 2-3 versions please?
I will definitely order lovemore,but only to see more of kotomi.
I have been waiting since 8 to 9 years to see my girl kotomi complete.

I also found 2 bugs. the megaplayboy ending can be unlocked even if i dont sleep with akira and if i dont unlock the east wing scenes.

akira appears in megaplayboy ending,so i feel it must be a pre-requisite for the ending.same for the scenes in east wing.

akira keps on saying about rewards even after day 76 which is final exam. i feel that must be changed.

one more question from a previous review.when will you add ami's mini game inside simgirls?
dont you think adding such a game will make your game better.i personally want to play it inside the game!

Thats all.Hope to get postive feedback.

sim-man responds:

Well I can see and understand your frustrations and I am in fact planning to give more scenes and details to Karin and Kotomi if I have the time to work on this project again. I may as well upgrade some of the shitty graphics as well. Same thing for Ami's mini game it depends on how much time I can spend on this because porting from one flash file to another is a lot more tedious than people would expect. All I can say most of your concerns are on top of the list when it comes to future versions. Thanks for the bug report as well. Thanks for your continuous support of the game.