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Apr 18, 2012 | 11:51 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 20, 2012

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This took me quite a while.
I initially TRIED to steer away from the silly faces, but I enjoy doing them and they keep me entertained. That was one piece of advice Edd gave me before he passed away.
Draw funny faces to keep yourself from getting bored.

Anyway, here is an original short by me. This time, not really a parody.

Feedback is appreciated ^_^



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Maybe everything will be okay, MAYBE EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY, hhahahaha

This is seriously so fucking hilarious!!

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So Excellent. You are a comedic Genius.

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"The Walking Dead" is a television show fashioned after old school zombie films and the subject matter they cover. "The Walking Bread" is a severe communication error on part of the writers to make that show a reality. "Communication Error" details the moment where everything comes to a head. KawaiiPiranha is one slick bastard.

The plot is simple: a television writer mistakes the key word in the show title for another word and tries to create a show where bread comes to life and eats people. The cartoon depicts the moment where his cohort scrutinizes this change in development and address other problems, including insincerity over their prospects, their doomed prospects, and staff who keep eating the actors.

Okay, this one's out there, but it's one of those where you don't need to know anything about the show, "The Walking Dead", or expect anything that would parody its content. It parodies the creative process, big time. It shovels down our throats the lunacy of a single stupid incident where extensive cerumen build-up was involved. Profanity is a bit excessive, though one expects that to happen in cases like this. What gets me is that facial expressions are out-and-out corny. Kawaii took Edd Gould's advice to heart just to keep oneself from going stale or stir-crazy while drawing in Flash (something I've learned can be difficult when it tries to "approximate" every line you draw).

Another weird thing I noticed here is that this sort of situation could actually happen. Despite the abundance of random scat jokes and the sheer ridiculousness of an innocent mistake, innocent mistakes like this can throw off an entire production, causing plenty of grief and heartaches. This isn't a case of plausible deniability folks; this can happen. Worst of all, it's likely going to happen to us. The more heads are involved in a project, the greater your chance of screwing up a single word and then the writer or animator pulls something that conflicts with the desired mood. This can kill a project more often than it causes a shift in perspective about how it can work. If it's anything like what happens in Kawaii's cartoon, it will always be the former. So aside of being relatively original, it is also very topical.

What kills me is its simplicity and small size (relatively speaking, 3mb today is piddle-smite). It's worth showing to anybody who wishes to know what a labor of love is supposed to look like.

Also, never forget the iconic Edd Gould's advice: "Draw funny faces to keep yourself from getting bored."

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