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Minecraft Tower Defence 2

rated 3.66 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Apr 17, 2012 | 4:06 PM EDT

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FAP FAP FAP! 5 Points Complete the 'Slime Pit' level on Adventure Mode.
Getting Started! 5 Points Complete the 'Deserted Beach' level on Adventure Mode.
No Place Like Home 5 Points Complete the 'Village' level on Adventure Mode.
Spelunking 5 Points Complete the 'Abandoned Mine' level on Adventure Mode.
Vertigo 5 Points Complete the 'Ravine' level on Adventure Mode.
Walk in the Woods 5 Points Complete the 'Forest' level on Adventure Mode.
3rd Degree 10 Points Get 2,500 kills with lava.
Base Camp 10 Points Complete the 'Mountain Ascent' level on Adventure Mode.
Cold Shoulder 10 Points Freeze 2,500 mobs with a Snow Dispenser
Deja Vu 10 Points Teleport 500 mobs using an Enderpearl Dispenser
Eight Legged Freaks 10 Points Complete the 'Spider Cavern' level on Adventure Mode.
Firestarter 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with a Fireball Dispenser.
Get Your Feet Wet 10 Points Use 100 water.
Have a Nice Trip 10 Points Get 500 kills with Trapdoors.
Into the Night 10 Points Complete the 'Underground Ravine' level on Adventure Mode.
Locked Up 10 Points Use 25 Iron Bars.
Nuke Em 10 Points Get 250 kills with TNT.
Prick! 10 Points Get 100 kills with Cacti.
Sharpshooter 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with an Arrow Dispenser.
Shell Shocked 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with an Egg Dispenser.
Sticky Situation 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with a Slime Dispenser.
To the Summit! 10 Points Complete the 'Ice Peak' level on Adventure Mode.
King of the Castle 25 Points Complete the 'Stronghold' level on Adventure Mode.
We Need to go Deeper 25 Points Complete the 'Nether Portal' level on Adventure Mode.
Arachnologist 50 Points Get to Wave 50 on the Spider Cavern survival map.
Return to Sender 50 Points Complete the Adventure Mode!
Survivalist 50 Points Get to Wave 50 on any Survival Mode game.

Author Comments

Frontpage! Woo thanks Newgrounds!

Welcome to Minecraft Tower Defence 2.

In the original, you had 3 almost identical maps to play on with 8 items in total. Now, there is over 16 completely varied maps with a huge 18 items to play around with!

You take on the role of newbie, Steve, who has just bought Minecraft. Just after he managed to settle in, a white-eyed griefer explodes his entire village! Steve was the only survivor.

You must learn the way of MCTD2 by completing missions and unlocking new items. This game saves automatically but your save will be deleted if you clear your browsers cookies :(

Once you've completed Adventure Mode you will have unlocked all standard items in the game. Put your skills to the test in the everlasting waves of mobs on any of the 12 maps you beat in the Adventure Mode. Each map has its own leaderboard so do you have what it takes to top any of the leaderboards!?

Challenges are directly linked with medals. Adventure Mode challenges are completed by clearing missions and reward with standard items. Item challenges are unlocked by using an item so many times which unlock bonus items or make them cheaper in game.

We're really trying to make this game better for you. Thanks thus far.
- Slime dispensers durations upgrade display price is no longer incorrect. The power has also been 'nerfed' since it was almost double the strength of an Arrow Dispenser.

- You can now UNDO each dug block by pressing U.
- TNT Dispenser can now be unlocked.
- Enemies shouldn't freeze in certain spots. If you find a spot which they do, please message me the map.
- Various other bug fixes

- Endermen teleport through EVERY corner
- The End is easier to reset your path, and prices reset during each phase.
- Challenges should now all be in sync with medals.

Thanks for playing. If you liked the game, like Microwave Games on Facebook.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

A very fun an addicting game.

However, the Spider Jockey is too overpowered.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Okay this game sucks I can only move left and right but not down or up. And then I die without doing anything because I don't have a weapon.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

ENDERDRAGON GUIDE: (do not read if you haven't attempted The End)

Someone said earlier that the ender dragon was impossible to defeat, so I'll make a quick tutorial.

In the first two sections, the goal is simple. make a path with many corners, drop one (two in second section) water spot(s) and let the Endermen die. The gold you get is used to buy a TNT on the altar. They cost 200g each and must be bought four times. You should only take three rounds in the first section, and up to six (including stage one) in the second section. Be aware that every five rounds you will have to repurchase water, so always keep a few hundred gold going into any of these rounds. The later you end the second round, the harder the final section will be because of it. My own recommendation is to take 400 gold and no more.

Now, dig as many corners in the path on the far left as possible, to leave much time for endermen to travel, and so your waters are safe. Water is extremely expensive when the dragon destroys them and must repurchase due to inflation. Place three water blocks near the beginning of the path, separated by a fair distance. (if they can all fit in a 3x3 box drawn on the map, you screwed up)

At the very end of the path, you will have to build several items, multiple times. The Enderdragon will usually go for the group of items you place at the end of the path, assuming you have followed the water instructions. Use only Cacti and Egg dispensers, two of each, as they are the cheapest to build. Clump these four items on the path right in front of the egg. If all is done right, the egg should take damage every round. You must re-build before the round ends or else the ender dragon is likely to change to target.

If the Enderdragon DOES turn on your water, move the water off the spot where it was attacking it. If it continues to attack it, you have no choice but to take the expensive route and place the water where the Cacti would normally be. Hope you have a lot of gold saved, and I wish you luck.

Happy slaying!

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AmazingAdam4 responds:

Couldn't have put it better myself. However, the Enderdragon 'tends' to target (but is not restricted to) the latest built item, not clumps. Great tutorial though!


Rated 5 / 5 stars





Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is by far the best tower defence game on newgrounds