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Apr 15, 2012 | 6:47 PM EDT

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Author Comments


Play a Mouse Maze game, also pacman and minecreaft, in a world of nice graphics(okay, they suck).

6 Levels packed with Action, Pacman, Minecraft, Nice music and nothing more!

Unlock medals, find the secret one, review and vote.

But most importantly HAVE FUN!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I couldn't win it honestly guys! I... I... I CHEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well... the principe is good... but it can't work with software who show another pointer on where the mouse is. Didn't used this sort of software because I didn't found or programmed one (^^), but it's certainly the most killing thing that could exist for the game.

Minecraft Themed level is buggy: arrows didn't showed where the mouse was... I was able to "see" where the cursor was "with my mind" (deducted where the mouse was by my hand movement and the mouse sensibility... it's hard). Othewise, nearly all level (excepted the Minecraft one) can be beaten with the use of another window, or it's possible to use the wen of Windows... or any software like that, making easy to cheat in this game. make something (if possible) in the game that sense at least when the mouse isn't on the game.

The music is good (no music for the Minecraft Themed level). Graphics are simple but not disgusting.

You certainly can add other method for letting the user know where the cursor is, other than the triangulation.

Otherwise, not a bad game at all.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i can cheat on level 3 4 and 5 by 3 i zoom my mouse of the wall to the left at the start then right near the exit and the next lvl u can jst plain see the exit and 5 same thing but u hve to zoom past on the go in pac lvl


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This seems to be the new hype in mouse maze games: Hide the mouse cursor. The good thing about this is, that the game becomes really challenging and hard. If a player manages to beat a level, he/she can feel proud to have achieved something.

I didn't like the music here. It's a tad bit too loud and I just don't like the genre. But worst of all, I think it's distracting from the game. A mute button would be a very nice thing to have.

The graphical presentation is a bit lacking. Everything looks very... plain and almost unfinished. But I like the variation of the levels. The pacman level was pretty nice, even though I had to use the cheat here.

The minecraft level crashed my browser. I don't know if it was the level itself or if me using the cheat button excessively had something to do with it.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Classic Mouse game with a twist?

The game was tough, I'll give you that. The triangulation was hard in the beginning but I *eventually* got used to it. I had to give up on the Minecraft level, however, as it was a moving level and moving levels with no mouse was out of my league. And it was implemented well. (Note: It was Math.atan2(), right?0

The art / graphics: It was fairly simple, I mean, there was not much complexity in the art except for the occasional polygon, curve and circles. I didn't expect much more, either; it IS after all, a mouse game. However, the post-level art was pretty good, but they were out of place, in that they weren't really *necessary*.

The sound effects / music: The music was well chosen because it fitted in with the game, but there were a few problems: it's a bit repetitive, and then when the sound finishes playing the music immediately stops: it doesn't loop. There's also no "mute music" button. The music was good but the same cannot be said about the sound effects; there were *virtually* no sound effects whatsoever. The "beep beep" sound in the beginning was out of place and I think that was probably a bit too loud, especially for the NG logo. It was for the NG logo, right?

The gameplay: The gameplay was like any other mouse game, progressively becoming tougher and tougher as the levels increase, with the addition of the lack of a mouse. That's what best describes it for me: the gameplay was easy in comparison to the later levels, and then progressively became difficult. As mentioned before, I had to quit after I reached the Minecraft level.

The concept: Triangulation was not a bad concept but I hardly think it's original. While it's good that this was a different mouse maze I certainly don't think that the difference between this and something else is *only* the triangulation.

There were particular problems with the game on some browsers, however. I noticed that you said that there was an additional cheat left, so I pressed the TAB button and it worked some 2 weeks ago. It doesn't work now, so assuming that was NOT the cheat, good job on the bugfix. However, I decided to move the mouse while pressing TAB, and this is what happened: The maze went back to the level (e.g level 2) and since the mouse was *past* the GO button, the game went to the maze level (e.g level 2 maze). This went back and forth, so it kept "flashing", so to say. This continued, and in all that time I could *see* the mouse. I could clearly move the mouse over the blue button and I went to the next level, legit. However, when I tried that on the Minecraft level THE BROWSER CRASHED. Difference? The button on the frame before the level. Well. Anyhow, I don't think that was the way the game was supposed to be played, so I don't think I have the right to complain about that, though.

~~ Summary ~~
~~ Good points ~~
1) Tough
2) Good implementation
3) Simplistic graphics
4) *Okay* music

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Music not looping
2) No "mute music" button
3) No sound effects
// 4) Browser-crashing bug? (Maxthon 3)

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