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Apr 12, 2012 | 4:52 AM EDT

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Hope you like it, my first flash EVER :)



Rated 0 / 5 stars

It's is the same basic level all the time and cut-outs really if it's your first flash or first game I expect you to cut a few corners you get better over time but why is everyone using cut-outs, and using a black background does not help ever also you could have at least made an attempt to hide that the shotgun was a cut-out pix, and when you run right it stops luigi from being seen you need to improve a lot 0/5, p.s I'm sorry if I seem a jerk but you need this to drive you to better things instead of spewing crap like this in to the portal.

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SuperShadow835 responds:

Ok, i promise the sequel will be beter


Rated 2 / 5 stars

This is obviously unfinished. I mean the gun is just an image hovering next to Luigi, it doesn't look like it's in his hand. The game play is repetitive and boring. The programming is good, especially for a first game. You've got the potential there to make good flash games but this one clearly isn't ready for the portal. Fix the errors, put more variety into the gameplay, add some music and better backgrounds, improve the graphics then re-submit.

You said it was quickly made. Well, if this is what you can do quickly, I'd love to see what you can do given some more time.

SuperShadow835 responds:

Thanks i will try to spend more time on my game and produce a better flash next time :)


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Why did you have to put such a pathetic attempt into making your first flash game? Can't you make anything better with Stencyl?

1) The game's environment is a wireframe which is not part of any design aesthetic.

2) You didn't crop the black boxes surrounding your sprites.

3) Where do I go?

4) Why do I die when I go past the end of the screen?

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SuperShadow835 responds:

Try and give advice to me like the guy below me, instead of giving me all the bad points


Rated 0 / 5 stars

This is a Stencyl tutorial. Don't submit whattever comes straight out of a tutorial. Many people do that, so this is already on here. Do you know how many times this has been put up already? Here's a clue: /592917

Which looks looks just like this one: /592450

And almost like this one: /590439

But at least this guy changed colors: /592752

Don't feel bad. It's a typical noob mistake, even though you've been around a while. Hopefully, though, this review will help you to realize what goes on around here, since you've only been using Stencyl a short time. People get Stencyl or The Games Factory 2 and they do a tutorial and they decide to submit what they created. The problem is that 75 other people have done the same tutorial within the last month, so 74 versions of the same game came thru. (One person had the sense to hold out.) If the game works 100%, then it helps, but more often than not, the tutorial produces a game that isn't 100% functional.

Listen to what people say in their reviews. They'll offer tips to help improve (well, some will). For this game, I'd suggest changing the jump button. If you're going to have arrow keys for movement, have an arrow key for jump as well.

Next, please DO what people tell you in their reviews BEFORE you submit another game. That way you've actually done something to improve what you have and you won't be submitting the same stuff over and over like some people do.

Lastly, you could submit a new version with every change, but why waste your time and ours? Please finish your items before you send them in. Why submit half a game, y'know? Don't just finish it til it works, but finish it to the best it can be, and THEN submit it. That way, you won't have an account filled with bits and pieces of things.

Hope this helps.

SuperShadow835 responds:

Thank you SO much for your review, it has helped a lot, i will try to make a better game next time :)