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Straight Bullyism

rated 3.60 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Apr 11, 2012 | 8:38 AM EDT

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Author Comments

You're an elementary school bully that plays by his own damn rules. Use your bullying skills to cheat your way through 6th grade in an effort to avoid boarding school.

Straight Bullyism is a turn-based, character-building RPG influenced by Fallout 3, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and The World's Hardest Game. Also, think of SB as half-game and half-cartoon, because there's a ton of cutscenes. Also, it took me *3 DAMN YEARS* to make!

WARNING: SB is a multi-part game; after completing level 1 you will be prompted to open level 2 in a new window on This is because the game was far too large to fit into one file, and I wasn't aware earlier of any way of making that happen. Sorry if this is annoying, but it was either that or I left the game with just one level.

Apparently a bunch of people have gotten stuck at various loading screens. You can try clicking the "Reload" button once, and then open the "Trouble Loading" window. If you see a black square, close the Trouble Loading window and wait, your game should continue loading. This may not work, so if not I'm sorry. I definitely won't ever make a multi-part game again.

Also, there's a bug in level 1 which causes the game to freeze after you accept the second or third mission. I can't fix it. However, it's really rare and highly unlikely that you will encounter it, but if you do... sorry, you will have to refresh the page and start again.

Finally, some people have reported that the game doesn't work in Google Chrome but does work in other browsers, such as FireFox. Try FF if you are having troubles in Chrome.


Levels: 3
Missions: 15 (17 including 2-parters)
Cutscenes: 28 (12:19 total runtime)
Enemies: 9 (3 bosses)
Special Attacks: 9
Items: 7
Characters: 34
Voice Actors: 8
Rooms: 24
Fight Sprites: 80
Instances of Enemies: 390
Sound Files: 235



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice game! Gameplay is smooth and a lot of originality and hard work really add to the game. I really enjoyed your version of a mostly unchallenged genre of game, however I do have my gripes.

Confusion is unfortunately a problem in this game. Sometimes the player must bumble about, looking for the bathroom or some other room that wasn't clearly labeled. The map helps but not quite enough. I wish you had written some of the names out instead of saying "B1" without ever saying "Bathroom 1", which might seem fairly obvious to some but not to me. Finding the "quest nerds" was sometimes a pain just because one might be wearing different colored pants, yet have the exact same outfit. I wonder if you intended this though, the idea that "all nerds look alike" but nevertheless it's a problem.

One of my main problems with the graphics was how impersonal the battles can be. The verbal attacks make sense and so do projectile ones, but physical contact attacks seem silly simply because the characters aren't contacting. Perhaps you should have crossed physical attacks with projectile ones, in a pokemon style brawl. Pokemon presented a brilliant way of displaying physical contact without showing it.

I wish you had made the value of agility more clear early on. It was by NO means obvious that it would increase the speed of your attacks, and since for no discernable reason the same enemies become faster with each level, this should have been made very clear.

I love the cutscenes and fight graphics, as well as the audio, but i do wish the overhead view of the area was better done. It would fix problems with identifying people and look a lot better, since a majority of the game is in this view.

I hope this helps.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

wow funny.... but the graphics where impressive


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game makes me think of a smaller, less expansive Bully. But, as it is a flash game, I think it should be considered a complement. Graphics are very nice and, though a lot of people seem to disagree, I like the combat system. It's reminiscent of good old FF7. Voice over is pretty good as well. It's pretty good so far, haven't played level 2 yet, but I do have a few suggestions. One, it would be pretty cool if there were more items, similar to the game I mentioned earlier. Lots of restore items, but maybe add some offense items as well? Also, a few more choices of missions would maybe up replayability. It would be pretty cool to have some mini-games in there too, maybe a way to break into lockers to get homework? IDK... Kinda asking for a lot there, but I think you have it in you.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

I played it completely fine on Google Chrome. Great Game

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

The quality was good. I loved the customization part in the beginning. I was very surprised when my character was in the cut scene. I also loved all the characters you fight, they all had something funny to say and the voices made it awesome. (I hear your mom's an alchoholic. Oh really?) Lots of creativity,

With that said though, I was disappointed with the actual game mechanics. Its cool that you've sort of invented your own genre, but it wasn't a genre that I liked. I wish there was more of a story line and that when I bumped into kids I wouldn't be forced to fight them. I like the idea of the cool meter and losing it if you didn't fight. But I wanted to pick my own fights. You know bump into a kid, have a meter pop up and ask the player. Would you like to fight this kid y/n.

I was also disappointed I never was able to do all the missions. Why did you choose to force final confrontation once I had all the homework? Why is it a punishment to get the home work quickly? Shouldn't I have time to prepare. It didn't make sense and I really only got to do one mission before I had all the homework. Don't you want the player to experience everything you worked on? I didn't understand this decision.

I also found it challenging to level my character accordingly. Going into this game blind Its hard to know what each stat will accomplish and once you're fighting guys there is no way to adjust. I know rpg grinding is normally tedious, I would like to have been able to improve my skills based on how many guys I defeated as opposed to how many levels I go through.

My final point being on the game itself. The whole game is walking around fighting for homework. You don't target anyone to "bully" you just fight, you even fight teachers. I would have liked a more rpg like game and that is why its hard to review this with that bias. But It should have been about those quests and building level, to become the most feared in the school, it felt more like an rpg/puzzle hybrid and the concept fell short, because I missed things, The three windows for the three parts was annoying, your creativity felt boring and tedious after a while of doing everything, and the stat leveling made combat frustrating and not fun.

I have taking programming courses, and I know how hard it can be. I decided it wasn't for me because I suck. You did an awesome job and there was a ton of creativity. But the actual gaming portion fell short for me. I wouldn't give up, I would just say to take all the criticism in stride and work with those criticisms in the back of your mind.

Considering this game is free, you did amazing and I hope you keep up the good work : )

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