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Donut Quest

rated 4.48 / 5 stars
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Mar 30, 2012 | 1:18 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature March 31, 2012
  • Weekly 2nd Place April 4, 2012

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Author Comments

This is a music video I made for another song way back in August last year. I was supposed to receive the finished song but never did, so eventually I made a new song for it. The new song is an electro version of one of my old band's songs.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

5 Enough said


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's pretty cool, but the music is not good enough...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

uhhh huh........ neato i guess


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Chris Voigt's mind is never in the gutter, but his taste in animation sure as hell is. This is one of his tame ones, mostly because it excludes common Greasy Moose characters and devises a setup that likely exists outside of that. It's a modern urban fantasy satire called "Donut Quest". It features an electro-synth rendition of his old thrash metal band's back catalog, replacing the music that was intended for the piece (but never arrived). In light of that fallout, "Donut Quest" rocks, plain and simple.

Our protagonist finds his refrigerator deprived of donuts and discovers his roommate chilling on the hammock outside with the box. Throwing a conniption, he drags out the scoped rifle and takes potshots to prevent the very last doughnut from being eaten. His buddy jacks a kid's scooter, while he abducts and rides a llama in hot pursuit. Extreme though as this appears, it reaches epic heights when they encounter a red-skinned satyr deep in the forest (perhaps a parody of Adam Philips' irascible Bitey of Brackenwood, who is also a satyr) and a bullet clips the creature's horns, angering him beyond reason. Despite the madness that pours out, will the roomies reconcile, or will their lives and their doughnut deprivation fall to rubble like the city around them?

In terms of content--as stated above--this is one of Sexual Lobster's tamest pieces yet, chiefly because it does not involve classic Greasy Moose characters as Fernando or Gooseman. It is just as frenetic, overblown, ridiculous, and Looney Tunes-esque, so no worries about whether he's going soft (he isn't). The quality is still up there, thanks in part to following a comic, or applying an excellent storyboard. Little touches like vehicular accidents and drying a tear from the eye after ecstatic laughter help to convey a sense of reality and immersion into the affairs. There is even filaments of heroism among the roommates, which prevent you from thinking they are stock; they're not perfect, but they are human, and given to bouts of reason as well as passion. The end is expected though satisfying, even if it's a little far-fetched. On the other hand, what can one do when the army is getting the situation at hand?

Anyway, there are glimmers that Chris Voigt's classic emphasis on randomness or constant piercing hilarity is coming to a brief close. It's a smug notion to think you can rest on perversions and graphic content forever, or to subside on one brand of humor throughout your whole tenure in Flash Animation. Here, we have a situation that does not involve constant drug or sexual references, yet contains the same brand of hilarity that makes the Greasy Moose material so cool. It's a rough little trip around the block, but if this represents where Chris wishes to take us in future cartoons, then so be it. I'm all for it, in fact.

The last piece of this puzzle is the soundtrack; as a music video, it requires this. Chris used an old track from his thrash metal days and gave it an electro-synth spin, making for a juicy tune. I recommend you download it and parade it around like it was from the 1980s. While the cartoon doesn't suck, if it did, this track would almost likely be the saving grace. Small wonder why Chris doesn't submit more music to the Portal, including stuff not heard in his cartoons!

"Donut Quest" is something you can show to an 80s buff or a young kid or your parents, and you won't worry about if they'll be offended or "not get it", and it's probably the only cartoon that Chris Voigt has made thus far that represents him at his current best. That's saying a lot, considering who the "Sexual Lobster" is touted to be!

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

well i think this is by far the biggest review i've gotten, congratulations!

although my band wasn't thrash metal - the song that i originally made this too was metal, but it wasn't by me. my band was more of a pop/rock outfit.

re your third last paragraph, i would say this is just a deviation from my regular schtick, ill have more of that.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Never Cease too dissapoint us always so smooth and fluid in all your animations and art work that guys with the music,Fantastic job Mr. Lobster

Sexual-Lobster responds: