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Mar 26, 2012 | 10:47 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place March 27, 2012

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Author Comments

The Director's Cut version of RAPTUS has been released for the International Day for the elimination of violence against women. Find out more at

RAPTUS is an experimental INTERACTIVE FICTION that explores the concepts of Love and Death. What are you going to do with your own Guiltiness?
Can a single mistake destroy everything that you have?
How far would you go, to make up for your sins?
Love is a one-way street. Just like Death.

Mouse to bend character will.
Arrows to make him decide.
The illusion of free will.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars March 28, 2012



Rated 0 / 5 stars March 28, 2012

Why is love a one way street?
In the sense that once we go down it we can't turn around and forget about it?
I'm not sure if i agree with this idea, we can forgive, forget and move on. We can not kill someone and instead break up with them and move on with our lives for example.

I guess I just found the central theme of this to be contrived and only artificially meaningful.
The atmosphere was good initially but the music became increasingly annoying as the pacing was too slow to enjoy the game. As far as interactivity went it was sorely lacking as well. Not the best.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars March 28, 2012

This story really touched me... I feel the feelings of the character and the choice to choose the ending
Its a really good interactive story

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars March 28, 2012

sure there are some things that needed improvement (I can't say them, though) but I really loved the story. It made me feel sad.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars March 27, 2012

Not a game, but I review objectively based on content. Let's see what you get.

My reviews start at 2.5, base median of the scale. I then add or subtract based on Graphics, Sound, Controls, Plot, Originality, and then any odds and ends in the conclusion.

So, starting with Graphics: Not bad. Pixel games are too heavily used these days, and even more so by the 'indie' and 'deep' game makers, but this game rises above such idioms. The models look good, the use of lighting (and lightning) is fantastic, the effect the cursor has on reality is nice, too. Overall here, +1 star. Would be more, but pixel art is overused these days, sorry. Would've liked the shadow demon things if they'd been used more than once.

GRAPHICS: +1 (Not bad)

Sound: The track is nice, and I like its effect on the game, it fits the somber tone, but really, there should have been more. Either sound effects, static, whispers, anything really, to spice it up and keep me awake. So the boring sound is a negative, but the sound lightning is a nice touch. In the end, -0.5 stars.

SOUND: -0.5 stars (weak, minor annoyance)

Controls: Terrible. A one-button game with the curve ball of two arrow keys at the end just so you can call this movie a game. The only saving grace is the 'click longer' and 'push him' mechanics, and they were one shot uses, and not very imaginative at that. Honestly, simple to the point of obnoxious boredom here. -3 stars

CONTROLS: -3 Stars (Atrocious)

Plot: Contrived, at best. You think it's a romance, he turns out a killer, plagued by guilt. Go watch a season of Dexter or Secret Window or some Hitchcock or a million other things. Boring, and it didn't even go anywhere, he just threw her in the river, left his car on the bank, and walked away. If you're gunna do the 'killer with a heart, overcoming the dark urges that plague him' thing, at least do SOMETHING new here. Or worse he defies the demon hand arrow just to decide to kill himself after all. Ugh. -2 Stars.

PLOT: -2 (Horrible, boring)

Originality: This is your saving grace. I've never played a game where I play as a serial killer before, and I now want to play one where I can be in depth and strategic and screwed up emotionally. Two endings were a sham, however, only placed there so we'd have to play a second time and so you can actually call this a 'game.' The idea of playing a manipulative spirit is cool, and it calls into question what our CHARACTERS in these games would actually want to do when we're 'goofing off killing people in GTA' and the like. So, not bad there, +3 stars.

ORIGINALITY: +3 Stars (great)

Etc.: Lastly, and most unfortunately, there were two text mistakes. 'and then He kiss me,' when he kisses her, and the last scene is called 'Chapter I' instead of 'Chapter IV.' In a game where the only real substance is text, you screwed up 2 of the 30 or so text lines. That's not good. Not good at all. Imagine if 2 of the 30 weapons in a game were broken and pointless, with no redeeming qualities, not even 'I got this early in the game' or 'it's good for other tactics, but not mine.' Just a lack of effort on the designer's part. The title was nice. Good use of an obscure word. -1 star.

ETC.: -1 (poor)

Overall, this entry is getting no stars from me. I wanted to like it, but there was very little, if any, effort put into this little art project you're calling a game. Call it a video and it'll get the 2 stars it barely deserves. I hope to see better works in the future, I was hopeful when I read the title.

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