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Madness: Project Nexus

rated 4.47 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Mar 25, 2012 | 4:19 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged April 1, 2012
  • Weekly Users' Choice March 28, 2012
  • Daily Feature March 26, 2012

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Mercy 5 Points Don't kill any traitors or cowards in Mission 1A.
Slaughter Rank: Greenhorn 5 Points [Career] Kill 50 enemies in Arena Mode.
Nexus Victory [Easy] 10 Points Defeat the Nexus HQ on Easy Difficulty
Nexus Victory [Normal] 10 Points Defeat the Nexus HQ on Normal Difficulty
Slaughter Rank: Bloodied 10 Points [Career] Kill 200 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Impaler 10 Points [Career] Kill 350 enemies in Arena Mode.
Nexus Victory [Hard] 25 Points Defeat the Nexus HQ on Hard Difficulty
Savior's Sword 25 Points Find Jesus's hidden blade in Story Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Psychopath 25 Points [Career] Kill 1000 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Seas of Blood 25 Points [Career] Kill 2000 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Wargod 25 Points [Career] Kill 600 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Greater Than 9000 50 Points [Career] Kill 9001 enemies in Arena Mode.
Slaughter Rank: Impossible 50 Points [Career] Kill 5000 enemies in Arena Mode.
Do What Comes Natural 100 Points Defeat the Nexus HQ on Hard Difficulty without playing Hank.
Slaughter Rank: Genocider 100 Points [Career] Kill 53,594 enemies in Arena Mode (Pfffft Good Luck!)
Can You Hear Me Now Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

UPDATE: Project Nexus 2 now in development! Head over to for updates :D

Follow us on Tumblr: for development details and sneak peeks, and on Facebook /projectnexus2 to come chat with us about updates and such.

This game currently features:

* Arena Mode - Play through the Nexus Training Program and become the most powerful L337 Unit in all of Nevada!

* Story Mode - Take down Project Nexus, selecting from a handful of heroes from the Madness universe to do the job.

But the story is not over! This game will be updated with more missions, more story, more game modes, and MOAR MADNESS.

Hope you enjoy!
-Krinkes & Swain 4EVER


// ******* UPDATE LOG v1.7: ******* //
* NEW GUNS: Thompson, MP40, G36, AutomagV, and P1445
* NEW HELMETS: All sorts of tasty treats.
* LOW QUALITY BACKGROUNDS OPTION - Good for laggy computers on Arena mode!
* NEW NPC: Cheshyre added to Arena. He is a Zombie wreckingball.
* M249 NERFED - Rifle perks no longer apply, and it's a pain in the ass to lug around.
* MOAR DEATHS: Four new ways for suckas to die.

// ******* UPDATE LOG v1.8: ******* //
* STORY MODE: Brand new EPISODE 1.5!
* NEW WEAPONS: ElectroCannon and Science-y stuff.
* NEW ENEMIES: Abominations, Sleepwalker Patients, Riot Guards, and more!
* NEW NPC: Luis is ready to drink all of your liquor.

Thanks for your patience on eliminating these bugs. Not everything translates well from testing after release :( Good news is, with you guys helping me find problems, I can eliminate them even more quickly! Keep it coming, and thanks for helping us out while we try to make Project Nexus a better game for you!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best flash game EVER!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

how do you play episode 1.5? i cant!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

some one deleted my progess get it BACK PLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

So after trying to review this in my traditional style, I've opted instead to do a list format of shit.

-Scenery is boring and repetitive. No real landmarks up until the first G03LMs, before then it's just drab grey bullshit and staircases.
-Music towards those first G03LMs was amazing. Was.
-Sanford's trademark hook is fucking horrible. You'd think a ranged melee weapon would come in handy with the aforementioned G03LMs, but aiming and the hit detection with it is god awful. So with the one situation it MIGHT be good in gone, Deimos is superior to him in every way.
-I didn't finish it. Why? The first black G03LM (could be the last but who knows beyond that point). Fighting them in Arena with maxed strength/melee/unarmed/awareness is already a titanic pain in the ass, but with characters that aren't and he also has an axe that goes ignores your tac bar, does 1/4th of your hp in damage, knocks you down AND disarms you?
-No opportunity to use your own character/squad from Arena?
-No cover.

ARENA MODE (general);
-No high scores over a year after the game's release? Fucking seriously?
-Zombies should follow a separate counter for waves. As in, after you unlock it, your regular arena should be wave 31, and zombies on wave 1.

ARENA MODE (squadmates);
-Cheshyre is not a zombie wrecking ball. He fucking died like a bitch the 4th wave I brought him to zombies.
-You should be able to customize or at least predetermine your squadmate's stats. Mainly because....
-Squadmates take useless stats. Squadmates should not take leadership, awareness, and arguably any strength/melee unarmed skills. If they do benefit from lead/awr then it doesn't have any visible impact to me.
-You should be able to see hireling's stats other than their best weapon skill before buying them.
-Melee/unarmed is hardly ever used by squadmates. If I give Jesus a Binary Sword he better get his ass out from behind that cardboard box and bull rush some bitches and do his thing.
-Nameable/Renameable squadmates? Or even the player character?
-Evidently hirelings' levels are capping at around level 25ish. This needs to be removed. Low level hirelings need to be removed too. If I'm doing wave 55 and I need some new blood, I don't need a level 4 charging into his first fight and dying to a mook.
-Takes too long to level them up.
-Squadmates die permanently? Who thought this would be a good idea? I get that weapons are
disposable in the madness universe, but squadmates?
-Squadmates are fucking retard aspergs with austism and down syndrome. Their reaction time borders somewhere between almost helpful and none. Not to mention them walking in place and literally not reacting to being shot at, dodging repeatedly until the match is over, getting stuck on cover, never melee'ing G03LMs, friendly fire with the M203, not aiding team mates when being piled by zombies, and in general being useless. The AI doesn't seem to really follow any sort of strategy. You should be able to give them orders like "take cover here", "fire at enemies in this direction", "pile up on this G03LM", etc, but no. I should not see them take a few shots at a guy and not finish him off, then leave and let said enemy's tac bar recharge to full. At least they're somewhat useful in regular arena, but in zombies they are almost completely useless.

-Should be able to sell items. Or at the very least be able to destroy weapons from the item menu. Don't want a shit ton of garbage pistols and melee weapons cluttering up things when rifles are the only things I'll use.
-Weapons should be customizable. I should be able to buy upgrades like scopes/lasers/suppressors and change the color whenever I want. The way it is now, finding a gold FN FAL with a scope+laser is like finding the holy grail.
-Suppressors do nothing but change the sound and barrel length? Should at least at a slight increase to accuracy or something.
-No way to sort items? Alphabetically, by armor class, weapon class, etc?
-M203 is fucking worthless. With it's low ammo, spotty arm/hit zones, unreliability, and friendly fire it's already a bad gun. But hey, it 1-hits multiple enemies at a time and can fuck up a G03LM if you can set up a shot without killing yourself and your squad. Right? Wrong. Some zombies aren't 1-hit kills, and you can't do shit to a G03LM with it. Sure it's the only thing that knocks down and disarms them, but I want to kill the fuckers. You can't damage or take the helmet off of one with all of an M203's ammo, much less kill one. Essentially the only use the M203 does have is you can kill yourself with it.
-No alternative modes of fire. I'd like burst mode, yo.
-M249 needs to be unnerfed. It does garbage tac bar damage to yellowbludz on regular arena mode, easily taking so many shots it makes the large pool of ammo irrelevant. Combined with the absence of rifle perks and slow movement speed, it's next to useless. Zombies becomes impossible past a certain point without a weapon with massive reserves of ammo, since the only way to move through the horde is by ninja dodge and full movement speed.
-0.A.93. Is it a pistol? Is it an SMG? Rifle? What the fuck is it?
-Shotguns need to be buffed. Aside from being moderately useful during early zombie waves since it can 1-hit them with a headshot (mostly), it's completely outclassed by SMGs and rifles. It takes too much time to line up a shot to hit multiple enemies, has shit ammo, only has 3 guns, and does fuck all to tac bars. Maybe add a few more guns, specifically with high capacity drum barrel mags.

ARENA MODE (zombies);
-Zombies don't drop enough good guns. They're bullet sponges and it's bad enough the M249 is shit now, but when you're go from arena wave 50 to zombie wave 50 and 90% of the zombies you see are unarmed? Yeah, good luck.
-Refer back to the M249 needing unnerfing.
-Don't like the disarming.

G03LM (yes, they have their own section);
-Too much of a pain in the ass. They take 5 consecutive melee hits while wielding a gun to take their helmet off. Meaning as if you get hit, start over again. Failing that, they'll take DOZENS of hits before you can damage them. This kills the pace of a fight. Your dumbass squad will empty entire mags in futility, while you barely get a hit in once before being downed & disarmed. Not very fun.
-Zombie versions are pleasantly nice to deal with. Their melee attack has a fair amount of lag to it. This is how you correctly make a challenging enemy. Compared to the regular version where it's basically impossible to dodge their melee attack even with maxed awareness and bullet time on.
-Black G03LMs take too many hits to remove their helmet. Where the regular version takes like 5, I counted like 20+ for blacky. Unacceptable.
-Don't like disarming. Again. With a useless squad who doesn't pick up weapons to fill up their weapon slots, getting disarmed by enemy "aimed" shots, G03LM melee attacks, zombies, my own M203, etc-- it's too much fucking disarming.

-No music/sound volume?
-The lag is unbearable. There needs to be some way to make bodies/bullets/blood/bulletholes disappear.
-CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS. Needs FUCKING CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS. Azerty keyboards exist too, you know.
-Squadmates need to be buffed dramatically. The glitches, bad AI, bad stats, etc are bad enough, but the LAG. I ran through wave 1-30 with squadmates and without from level 1. You know which was more fun? Without. Adding more squadmates makes the game lag so much more.
-Tutorial needs to be separate from story mode, fleshed out, and displayed as like the first thing players see.
-Enemies, attacks, and the Madness universe in general needs to be fleshed out. Notice how many things I've glossed over in my review. What the fuck are the guys with yellow blood? What are they called? What the fuck is a G03LM? When crosshairs circle around my character and an enemy blinks red, what is that called? Why isn't that covered in the tutorial? Etc etc.

After all that nitpicking, all those issues I take with the game, I still really enjoy Madness: Project Nexus despite all of it all. I might have not played through story mode, but I played the shit out of Arena Mode and Zombies. It's a game that does a lot of things you just don't see in flash games, and is so well polished despite the oversights and all. Hell I may have put more time in it than Strike Force Heroes or Feudalism.

It's not a perfect game. Is it good? Sure. Is it great? Not really. It has great aspirations. Great ambitions, even.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best Madness Game Ive Seen In A Long Time!