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Mar 21, 2012 | 12:05 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place March 22, 2012

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So this Kony thing has been a big deal lately and has taken the web by storm.

While I was in the process of animating this, one of the co-founders of InvisibleChildren ( the company that produced the Kony 2012 video ) had a mental breakdown.


Update: Thanks for the front page! Stay cool.



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over half the kids at my school are all like "OMFG WE SHOULD LIKE, GO WITH THE PEOPLE AND COVER OUR CITY!!!!!" So some kids at my school made a facebook event and tons of the kids say they are going to join. But what they dont realize is that more than half or maybe all of them aren't actually going. They are all 12-14 and i seriously don't think there parents are going to lets them go out at 12 o'clock and put posters up cuz it is kinda dangerous at night in alot of these places. I bet, after a week or 2, most of these kids are just going to forget. I wish these kids would wake up and smell reality. But if there are some that do go and cover the city, that shows that they caring even to those that are MANY miles away and are actually going to do something about it. This is a really good video btw. Very funny! KONY 2012!


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Hah, that was good, I liked it. My thoughts exactly on the whole Kony 2012 crap. I read an article in the paper the other day about child slaves in China & how it's such a big epidemic. So. OMG CHINA2012 U WITH ME??

But yeah, I lolled at the last part with the guy from Invisible Children haha, what a psycho. Also, good work on the Fresh Prince lyrics on Kony's phone hahaha

Zachary responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


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This is about as far as people usually got in actually trying to do something so i give it points for accuracy, though the fact that he hasnt actually been a problem in about 6 years is kind of hilarious when you think about how messed up people got over that video.

Zachary responds:

Yeah mang.



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I found this hard to masturbate to.

Zachary responds:

Is this Newgrounds or Youtube


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I did not even hear about the video, only knew about the nervous breakdown. So I just watched the video of him walking around nakes.

Then watch this video again, and it's fucking hilarious Keep up the good work.

Zachary responds:

Thanks :)