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Mar 16, 2012 | 7:32 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place March 17, 2012

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One step at a time, your space program is taking off. Use the money earned from each launch to upgrade your rocket. Grab all the powerups and fuel you can while heading for the stratosphere. Avoid colliding with blimps, balloons and UFOs - they hurt! How fast can you get to the moon?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool. Kinda cheated. There's a little glitch where if you pick up an item you can go right or left in the same spot cutting ur engine on and off and just taking all the fuel.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pros: Nice gameplay, Nice music, Interesting upgrades, And the log rocket was funny, Basically great game!

Cons: Only one: The MENU button in the instructions doesn't work.

Overall great game!

Storyline: Perfect!

Bugs: Only one, but it's a minor one.

Gameplay: Perfect!

Graphics: Perfect for me!

3 words: MAKE. A. SEQUEL.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I quite enjoyed the game! Though I've played others like it, it was rather good. Graphics are nice and cartoony, simplistic... And the controls and gameplay are fun. My biggest complaint, however, was the sheer amount of airplanes in the upper atmosphere. I ended up having multiple walls of airplanes that I couldn't maneuver around, forcing me to hit them and either lose momentum or start into a nosedive. I really, really wish there'd been some sort of inertial dampener upgrade, but alas. In any case, a fun game, and a great time waster.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game from what I've played so far. It's one of those games that doesn't just require you to be good at maneuvering your ship with the arrow keys (Or the AWSD keys, whichever is preferred), you can get better just by playing it long enough :) I haven't quite yet finished the game, but I plan on doing so in this sitting, shouldn't be too difficult, flash games tend not to be, but they are still fun of course :) The graphics of this game are very clean, and I especially like that some of the upgrades to your ship don't just enhance it in terms of performance, but the enhance it visually as well (I kinda like what you did with the starting ship though, it's kinda funny to be flying around in a giant log :P)

There is one minor (I emphasize minor) complaint I have about the game, I don't know if it is due to my incompetence, my lack of visual perspective, or just something wrong with my experience in general, but whenever I go to the instruction tab, there is no way for me to return to the main page to start/continue the game. I've tried clicking the menu button and also did some random furious clicking, but nothing came of it, so I've had to restart the game every time I've went there (Just if I needed to recheck something I forgot on the page). If you (The Author of course) read this, and can do anything to change it or enlighten me of any stupidity I might have, I'd greatly appreciate it :) Once again, great game, and I will stop by your account to check any other submissions you've made ;D

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I came into this game with some doubts, but it managed to surprise me quite a bit.

At first, I was thinking that some upgrades were useless. Hull and armor, for example, I ignored for a while, because it was easy to avoid obstacles. But as my speed increased, it grew difficult to avoid them, and each hit would bounce me like crazy. Investing in hull and armor not only improved my health, but reduced knockback. This was good. I never really felt that any upgrade was useless. While this proved to be personally disappointing for me- I really wanted my badass log-ship to make it to the mood- it made me consider all of my investments.

I do have some qualms though. First is the wind direction mechanic. This proved to be a nuisance at times. The thing is, with the ship moving up, the player's attention is at the top half of the screen. But the direction indicator is at the bottom. When going at the highest speed, looking down at any given moment could result in costly errors. But not looking down only results in the player noticing the wind shift at the last possible moment: when the ship subtly veers to the right, straight into an obstacle. I felt that this was an awkward position to put the player in.

Another thing about the interface that bothered me- but this is very minor- is the radar color scheme. Obstacles are red, which makes sense. But so are repair kits. When I first started seeing the repair kits, it did take some time for me to adjust, since the shades of red are very similar. Maybe that's just me though.

I didn't care for the art style though. There are a lot of games like this, but others tend to stand out more, because of interesting aesthetics. This one is pretty bland. I liked how the ship changed when adding upgrades, but it never got exaggerated or silly. Remember, you're going against a space hedgehog, so it would help to go crazy with the style. The music is forgettable too, and it's the same tracks throughout the game. The sound of the rocket thrusters annoyed me greatly, because you can clearly here where sound effect stops and has to loop. It's not seemless at all.

In the end, the well thought-out gameplay makes this a good game. It could be better, with a more interesting presentation and interface tweaking, but I enjoyed playing it.

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