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Smells Like...

rated 2.79 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Mar 12, 2012 | 11:10 AM EDT

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Author Comments

A girl has a very unusual way of describing the odor of stink bombs. This was something that I heard one day in the hallway at my old High School. When I heard it, I thought it was hilarious, so I told myself that I would animate it one day. It's an extremely short animation (22 seconds long) that really has no other point than to share this quote with everyone else. I don't know if anyone else will find it that funny, but I had fun animating/voicing this!

I included some other takes of the girl's line as an easter egg on the main menu! Can you find it?
Runtime (w/o credits): 0:22
Extras Runtime: 1:42



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

dude, are you looking for a real review?....

it is pretty bad... i mean,... it has no amusament, the final girl is drawn somehow wrong... the whole thing cannot be considered a joke that can be laghted at by any types of persons... and i was laughting at "last resort, by master ardvark".. this one is just somewhere missing the funny part... i think that for some amircan countries it would be funny.... but as far as i know, NG is a site for any nation... and i don't really think that anyone would fiind it funny, as "smell bombs?" are smething that in some continents are unknown...

i don't want you to take this personally, but it is bad... real!.... your other works are pretty good... in fact, in general, your other works are for 5/5....

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Aqlex responds:

I agree with some things you have to say. The fact that "smell bombs" aren't really something commonly found across the world makes sense, and I can see how people from areas where those aren't common would be confused. BUT, I've seen animations made that specifically told a joke that only Australians really understood. Animations only understood in certain areas certainly exist. Also, I don't know about the "can't be considered a joke that can be laughed at by any types of people" is necessarily true. Yes, most people won't find it funny, but I'm sure SOMEONE out there might find it funny. I'm glad you like my other stuff though =). I do plan on working on other animations, much longer and hopefully funnier than this one! I hope one bad animation won't ruin your opinion of me. Thanks for the review


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was short, as you've stated.
Sound quality had a little echo, but was overall clear and understandable.
The character designs seemed to lack some... creativity: They're basically heads with lump-like bodies, but this seemed intentional.
You did a decent job with the lip sync.
The backgrounds were nicely done, with adequate detail. (I liked the Environmental Club poster. :P)
I'm a sucker for 'special features'. Even though there wasn't much to the movie itself, the extras make up for it.

Overall, it was short and mildly entertaining. I give it:

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Aqlex responds:

Yeah, one of the recordings was done in a car, which it turns out was not a place to get good sound. And yeah, my characters aren't anything very amazing, but that's sorta my art style =P. I think you're one of the first people to actually tell me that you're a sucker for special features, and that the fact I included some raised your opinion of the overall piece. I'm glad you liked it! I promise to avoid doing stuff this short (too often) in the future! Thanks for the review!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

true story =)
that happend back in my school. and accused one. lol
yeah, animating is okay but could be a bit more, voices are good, i dont say bad words but TRUE STORY!

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Aqlex responds:

This happened in your school too? Some girl said that? That's a bit of a crazy coincidence, then!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

The first time I herd the girl saying her fraze I didnt understood it, I found the easter egg, i personaly love them. The video is in fact realy short and has only one joke on it that not everyone think its funny (I personaly dont) the voices were nicely made and since I read your expectations about the annimations and I think you made a good job. I personaly expected more and I think you can make some realy good videos in the future, remember that originality is the key to success.

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Aqlex responds:

Yeah sorry you didn't find it funny, I knew that not everyone would think it was funny. I will definitely be making more animations in the future though, I hope you'll be able to check some of those out =). Thanks for the comment!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Like you said - it is a shame it's a little to short. But other than that I love the backgrounds, the characters look really good and the voices are really good and clear.

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Aqlex responds:

Yes, I won't be making many more animations THIS short. Thanks for the comment =).