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Room Raider

rated 3.36 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Mar 11, 2012 | 8:45 PM EDT

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The medals/scoreboard should all be working now! Secondly I've removed the instant kill death spikes and lava pits :3. That should hopefully make things a little easier. I was tempted to add in health bonuses but to be honest the game is about how long can you last and it's about being challenging. People who find it way to hard...go play some Megaman or Contra :P. I've also fixed the bug in the reverse rooms.

If you want to have the up arrow key as the jump button, you can select it as that, in the options menu. Also at any time you can press the M key to mute the sound and then the N key to then unmute.

Run 'n' gun through fifty rooms, trying to clear as many rooms as you can before you get destroyed. Every time you clear a room, you will be randomly warped to one of the fifty rooms. You must clear every enemy in a room before you can advanced to the next random room. Every tenth room you clear you will receive more damage when you get hit. Every room you clear, you will gain a point!

=50 Rooms=
=10 Weapons=
=6 Different Type of Room=
=4 Enemies=
=Online NG Scoreboard=

Left/Right Arrows = Move
Up/A Key = Jump (Select which one in the options menu)
S Key = Shoot.

Blue Room = Normal Room
Red Room = Fire Room (Contains fire traps and lava)
Light Blue Room = Ice Room (Slip 'n' Slide flooring)
Green Room = Wind Room (Fans blow you in a direction)
Orange Room = Earth Room (Falling Blocks)
B/W Room = Death Room (Reversed Controls)

Hey there, I got a bit bored while on holiday visiting the ol' grandparents so I thought I'd whip up this flash game in my spare time. It's just a simple run 'n' gun game where the aim is to clear as many rooms as you can before you get destroyed. Every time you clear a room (by touching the exit portal) you're warped to a random room and you're armed with a random weapon. You could call this a prototype game because I aim to do a lot more in the future with this type of mechanic =).
I hope there isn't as much lag as my previous game and I've doubled the size of the graphics so hopefully isn't as much of a strain on some of ye eyes =).

Anyway I hope you like the game! Any bugs, please report on a review. Cheers,




Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 4 / 5 stars

A decent game. There are, however, a few rooms you *must* take damage in (or at least I see no way around it) such as this one particular fire room that shoots alternating horizontal and vertical fires on the steps. Also it's entirely luck as to where you end up and levels are selected at random, including levels you've already completed, so it's entirely possible to "luck out" and get easier levels and do better one run, even getting the same exact easy level a few times, or to get "unlucky" and constantly get, say, that one fire room mentioned.

There have been a slight few times I've taken deaths on the falling platform rooms too, due to the character becoming nonresponsive to jumps, although this only occasionally happens, but it is an instant death when it does.

Much of the medal collection in this game is a combination of skill and getting somewhat "lucky" in the rooms it sends you to as well as somewhat "lucky" in what weapons it gives you. (Uzi is terrible, for example).


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Some things I notice while playing this game that other players may over look.

1.Room 7 will heal you back up a little bit ( good luck on finding it when you need it).

2.In the revers rooms, Jump and shoot in the same time to lessen the effects of the increase gravity.

3. The shotgun can shoot through walls.

Anyways, I had fun while playing this game and I will play it again later.

Some things I notice while playing is that the spinning enemy will sometimes bounce right off of my head, without damaging me. Also, It is possible to go straight up a wall if you can jump from below it in the right spot ( you have to be able to at least walk under it to from what I have seen).


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

i guese becasue after i get pass the comercial it gets stuck on poweed by almay i have also refreshed page and ran in popup


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I played this game as soon as it was uploaded to Newgrounds. I read the instructions first, so I wasn't shocked that there were rooms with reversed controls. It certainly speaks well of your programming skills and potential as a game maker that you listened to the feedback in the reviews to tweak a few things that were frustrating for some players, like putting reverse controls in enormous letters in the appropriate rooms.

I thought the game was really well-designed. I like the graphics well enough, nothing was garish or off-putting as far as visual appeal goes. The music has a nice beat, but the sfx are a little too tinny sounding, even for this type of game. The blowback effect is a bit strong, but that's your choice as creator. Since you've changed the instakill spikes and lava into an 'hp burn' effect, the blowback is just another element of gameplay. I agree with your assessment that adding health isn't necessary because the game's premise is 'how long can you survive'.

The only improvements I would recommend besides a sfx tweak would be more variety among enemies and perhaps a toggle to adjust music and sfx volume, not just 'on' or 'off'. If you ultimately decide to add health to the game, I would limit it to an unlockable 'gauntlet' mode where there is no ceiling for numbers of rooms cleared (a player could conceivably clear hundreds of rooms in that format).

Great job, I look forward to more submissions from you.

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