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Mar 6, 2012 | 6:25 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place March 7, 2012

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So the dialogue in this game is so incredibly cheesy, and sometimes when you choose one thing your character will say another. Your "choices" have no real effect either, and the game is incredibly linear and limiting, which shouldn't be the case with MMOs. It was fun for a while but I don't want to pay a monthly fee for a game that's virtually single player.

I played for 2 weeks then stopped. Not because of what I joked about in the video, but I'm just not that big in MMOs, but Guild Wars 2 does look pretty promising..



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sargonnas has no right for such a terrible review. Reviews are based on the information, not for the childish fanboy reaction of somebody hating on a game WHICH IS TERRIBLE. SWTOR was brought up to be an excellent game. Alot of people still play it but its hype was a big part of its sales. I mean come on- Star Wars MMO, pf cpurse people are going to buy it. But if you write a review based on someones opinion in the Author's Comments instead of the actual animation you don't deserve to write a review.

This flash animation overall was very funny and captured SWTOR spot on. And based on your Authors Comments I hope to see you make a "How I got Through Guild Wars 2." Keep up the good work Terminal, you got a good thing going here.

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TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you Noirblud! And I will definitely be doing something for Guild Wars 2 eventually :)


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Haha that hand movment thing is so true, it definitely bugged me after awhile.

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TerminalMontage responds:

Hah, they must've had like 8 different hand animations in the whole game lol.


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As bad as the video was, the 0 rating comes from your description... How can you bash this game as being linear and limiting when it has the least amount of these qualities in any MMO? When millions of people are playing in the same world at the same time, there has to be SOME amount of linear storyline, or everyone wouldn't be on the same page. The purpose is to keep the story stable and static so that when people play the game, they know what's going on for everyone, instead of trying to sort out what decisions some people made, and how others would have differed. What massive choices do you make in WoW, or Aion, that completely changes things? None, is the only answer, because in all other MMO's you have so little control they don't even let you pretend you do. At least with SWTOR you can pretend you make a difference.


As far as the flash goes. Decently animated and it is true that some dialogue choices end up with responses you didn't expect. But even if your comprehension of the choices you have is so bad this is a regular occurence, you can always hit Esc to cancel the conversation (even when multiple people are involved) and start over if it's that big a deal (such as alignment gain)


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Anyone else check their skype at the begining?

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THANK YOU, my friend always calls this the greatest game ever, and never stops playing it even though there are a shit ton of flaws i'll have to show him this

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