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Mar 6, 2012 | 6:25 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place March 7, 2012

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So the dialogue in this game is so incredibly cheesy, and sometimes when you choose one thing your character will say another. Your "choices" have no real effect either, and the game is incredibly linear and limiting, which shouldn't be the case with MMOs. It was fun for a while but I don't want to pay a monthly fee for a game that's virtually single player.

I played for 2 weeks then stopped. Not because of what I joked about in the video, but I'm just not that big in MMOs, but Guild Wars 2 does look pretty promising..



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I had the exact same issue with some of the older RPGs like Fallout, and some old text based game online... I usually grab the nearest walkthrough anyways cause I don't want to piss everyone off with the wrong choice. As with the hand motions, you captured perfectly the odd way npcs do things while your talking to them, like in oblivion, when you started a conversation with someone who is drinking a potion or drink, the animation would loop and loop and he'd end up drinking about 500 bottles of alcohol before the conversation is over.(But I understand you are talking about npc animations for chat, not bugs or anything). Anyways, I found this really funny, and would like to see more of this!
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This is EXACTLY how I felt some times. You hit the nail on the head.


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First off... This is so funny! However... I think the good/bad options are more confusing in Mass Effect 1.... But still, this IS great... What I also love is being able to watch something this funny, and not having to worry about my little brothers hearing foul language... So I applaud you....

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Aah, the TORtanic tradgedy... Stanley Woo, Biodrones, EA.... This kinda captures the shit dialouge options in the TORtanic.


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Absolutely loved the flash, flawless representation of what I call "The Mass Effect".
For an example of "The Mass Effect", compare Dragon Age Origins to Dragon Age 2.

Mass Effect is killing Bioware's RPGs.
I'm just glad they started putting "GOOD STUFF" and "BAD STUFF" icons on their chat options, so I didn't have to try to decipher whether or not the three-word dialogue option was going to say something that would get me killed.