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Mar 1, 2012 | 4:31 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place March 3, 2012

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Full house 5 Points Have a full team of 6 soldiers.
Leader 5 Points Survive first 7 waves.
Scrooge 10 Points Gather 10000$
The end 50 Points Complete Game.
Wolf brigade 50 Points Don't loss any soldier until wave 30 (without loading game).

Author Comments

Your squad was sent into the infected zone as a recon mission. However, things went haywire
and your transport vehicle was damaged. Can you survive long enough
to repair your car or will you perish under the constant assualt of the infected?
Try to fix your car while maintaining a perimeter in the city. Get out of there as quickly as possible
time is of the essence

*Aditional art by Zedox and Yorel :)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hmmm Well , This is a nice game , though you need to give more specify order and Control is quite hard, The Shop Menu err at first i was like ... , "that it ? no shop or anything" then i click around then. "ow right i see what you did there" . then everything is not much a problem for me . I gurantee it worth your time . and i am hoping that the Author Gonna make a Sequel with better control and direction.

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dovganovskiy responds:

I already start it :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game once its played through a bit

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

I really want to like this game because it has so much potential!

A zombie rts/rpg game which is just crippled by poor controls and even poorer directions.
First off I had no idea what any of the stats really did until the third time trying the game. Upgrading certain stats is a waste of time because only one matters, agility because it allows you to get long ranged rapid firing rifles and let your people run fast. The others can be a waste of time in the beginning.

Does the difficulty setting change anything other than the amount of money I start with? It may or it may not but from what I could tell it didn't do much of a difference other than money. When I play a game and find it too hard on normal I'll drop down to easy and usually be able to beat the game with less frustration but that doesn't happen in this.

The shop menu is a bit sensitive. I thought there were only two items for the accessories but soon discovered that I didn't click on the down button properly. I also have no idea how much of a bonus some items gave to accuracy or intellect or whatever. The shop menu overall seemed sloppy with the way it scrolled down and displayed things.

The tutorial across the screen! First time playing I saw those tutorial tips for 30waves then I pressed a button that it was describing its use and it went away then it told me I had objectives to complete! I had no idea that was even the point of the game so I was quite surprised!

Barricades! Barricades! For the life of me I couldn't find it like a drunk driver looking for his trunk popper and accidentally popping his hood and fuel cap thinking it was the trunk! I would've taken a fuel cap or hood popping but instead I got nothing except frustration.

Turrets? How the hell do I hack that so I can use it? Hmm maybe I'll check out the guide but nope even that fails to explain anything on the matters.

Great effort, I did enjoy the game somewhat but in the end it lacked direction, controls and kept me in the mist of what the hell was going on and why.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The game's alright, but the fact that you have to have a soldier looting boxes to get money is annoying, also the way that you don't control much of anything, you tell a soldier what to do, they wait a second or two then do it. But the one thing that is really annoying me the most is when they keep saying "Take strategical position" Strategical isn't a word! if you said take strategic or a strategic it wouldn't be nearly as annoying, but the fact that they say it over and over, and they aren't even saying a word is annoying as heck.

dovganovskiy responds:

Looting was the only Special feature in this game. If you want only shooting - try this


Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game can be very good

it has a lot of potential, an RTS with RPG elements + zombies + soldiers is a great idea, i have nothing else more to say about the good part of it

but the bad part starts with the music, it doesn't fit, is a good soundtrack, but repetitive and is just not fitting well, also, the caracters animations and sprites are pretty choppy, still, i see you tryed, still haven't found any bug, but the soldier cant shoot to a place hes not aiming unless a zombie attack him, that really bothered me, also, i saw a soldier cant shoot if another soldier/s is in front of him, this make this a bit realistic but can get annoying, when i chequed "radar" i though it was just an upgrade, not a menu screen, i was dissapointing there, about how you couldn't expand the screens you see at the same time.

so far, i haven't passed the first part (wave 10) but i am sure there are some things you could fix in this game, like maybe the plot, in the plot you must cheq if there is any civilian contact on the city and also find out where is the super soldier infected with the virus and obviusly, kill him, still, the first part for example is about fixing your car.... i mean..... i can't find kind of words about how this game has so much power and i am dissapointed with it.... but i see you are not an online games companyes that just dont give a shit the bugs or things they could fix, you are human and i am sure you read the reviews of your game, if you read this, please fix those smalls scratches the game have.

In case you notice some grammar mistake, please forgive me, i am not a native english speaker.

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dovganovskiy responds:

There is only 62 unique waves in a game ... So you was not so far from the eclipse