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True Friendship

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Feb 25, 2012 | 9:50 PM EST

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EDIT: Am I seeing things? FRONT PAGE?! And an award for daily 2nd place?! A big thank you to whoever was behind making this decision! I honestly did not expect this to do so well here on NG, simply because I know there's a good few people that don't like MLP here. Needless to say, I'm shocked and yet honored to have this honor. Thank you!


After about four months of planning, writing, animating and procrastinating (mostly the last one of course, lol), here is the big My Little Pony project I've been working on, which is an animated rendition of the comic on ask-twilightsparkle.tumbl dubbed "True Friendship." Clocking in at almost five minutes (counting the credits), this is my longest animated project yet and also one of my most ambitious.

Rather than do something focused on humor or fast-paced action like most of my recent works, I wanted to make something with a story and do my best to tell it as powerfully as I could throughout the animation. Most of the dream sequence you see here was not in the comic, and was concocted by me and with a little help from the creator of the original comic.

I could go on with how I think some things in it could have turned out much better, such as when full-grown Spike is flying and some of the expressions being a little too funny for this moody animation, but I think I'll keep my mouth shut and let you watch this animation for yourself. I will say though, I'm very happy with how this turned out, especially on the writing and timing front.

I do hope you enjoy the animation! Please let me know what you think of it; I'm all ears!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

It was a decent flash, As I look at some of the reviews you responded to, let me give you this one bit of advice:

Take constructive criticism. You need to work on the animation a little bit and the story is a bit drawn out. That in of itself does not make it a bad flash. The story was good, as was the message behind it. I actually rarely see this type of stuff on this site.

As for many, many reviews which essentially say 'OMG my little pony what are you blah blah blah', dont listen to them. They are gender confused homophobic individuals who cannot bear to see anything not bloody or not sexual related on this site. Honestly, if that is the only qualm they have against this flash, they need better friends. So good job, and hope to see more from you.

Piggybank12 responds:

Don't worry one little bit, I'm not lying at all when I say I'll take everyone's advice into account: I mean every word of it. I really do want to improve however I can, in everything from the animation to coloring, writing, sound and even what I should tackle for a topic, fan-animations and/or original content. I will strive to improve, and will keep your advice here in mind for whatever I work on in the future. That's a promise!

Anyway, as for what you said here, I do agree about the animation needing more work and the story perhaps being a bit drawn out in some places (such as the scene where they're looking at the dragons and the sunset before they start walking). And yes, I know what you mean about NG being short on animations and content that hold meaning in them like this. Hence, why I decided to put this up here and see how the community would react to it.

I know not to take a good chunk of those people seriously, but as crude as some of their comments may seem they're also opinions too, and I still take those into account in some form. They may put it differently, see it differently or are just joking, but an opinion's an opinion, and I still take them and judge them accordingly for what they're worth regardless of if they're supposed to be hurtful or something. Plus, some of them are pretty funny to read. I enjoy reading all the reviews I get, even the low-score ones, and although I doubt I'll be able to reply to them all I try to get back to as many as I can regardless.

Thank you for writing a review here; I appreciate it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well, the animation here was superb. Everything was animated so well and fluent and the art style was very appealing. Something I liked about this was how some of the characters weren't exact traces of the actual ones like certain other movies, but rather your own art style. Though Twilight Sparkle has gained some weight! Very good choice of color and well-done shading.

The movie corresponded well with the soundtrack and the soundtrack was very nice as well. The story, while not to the extent that I cried, was touching and storyboarded in a good manner.

It's sad to see something as great as this rated low merely because they hate Friendship is Magic, a great movie indeed and an honor to be 3rd place in the same day you got 2nd.


Piggybank12 responds:

Thank you for leaving a review as well, I do appreciate you taking the time to do this!

I've been getting quite a few comments and reviews on the art style: a good number of people like it, a lot more people like it but noticed how fat Twilight seems to be here, and a few people don't like it. I'll have to try to decide what to keep in my art and what to try to remove, and try to get some sort of balance as a result. I originally intended to go with a more accurate art style to the show, but ended up scrapping that due to time constraints. Plus, like you said, I thought just drawing it by hand and animating it my own personal way did more to make it stand out from other MLP animations, yet still be accurate to the show.

Don't worry, when I finished this and watched it I didn't cry either. Although I assume that's because I've been working on it for so long that I've grown numb to it, but that's just me, haha.

It is a shame about the down voting, but I expected that from Newgrounds. However, despite the MLP content in this I thought the story and the animation itself did enough to help this stand on it's own against the backlash, which apparently was the case. It's about judging it by it's merit, and not because OH CRAP PONIES 0/5.

And I noticed I ended up stealing away your 2nd place spot: sorry about that! Although I will admit, I am pretty happy about even earning an award here on NG in the first place. I did not expect that at all. :D


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Could'nt finish it, crying too much.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

am I the only one who got the Vietnam Flashback equivalent of Ash and his Butterfree when watching this?

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