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Feb 21, 2012 | 4:59 AM EST

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Bored. So I made this... it sucks that Vegeta never gets to do shit in any movie... or the series... this is basically his role.
I did this in a couple days, not working fulltime and did the terrible voice acting myself... I know, it's bad, I didn't necessarily plan for it to be great.

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Lame, these DBZ skits are just getting worse and worse. If you're going to pick an oversatured topic atleast try harder on the execution. Your author's comments had a better relevance to the punchline then this animation did. Artwork was about average. The nicer drawn characters were referenced from the show and the goofier style seemed to mimic those styles that have already been done in the past. Sorry bud, you may have missed the band wagon on this one(Well, for me personally)

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Iznvm responds:



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Wow. Ten minutes of loading for a one minute video. The background is blurry, although obviously intentional, detracted from its value. The art of the characters and their mouth movements were alright I'll admit, but the physics of the ground bouncing and the lack of non-stationary animation hurt the video greatly as well. Basically zero plot, only one example, and very little originality to top it off. You seem to have some potential, but it seems to have been greatly wasted on this flash. Better luck next time.

Iznvm responds:

10 minutes for a 7meg file?! What kind of 1998 piece of shit internet do you fucking have? Get fiber or something.


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this is the worst dbz parody onthis site!

Iznvm responds:

No you're a towel!


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This tries to be a parody I once saw, but it's not. Also, about the voice acting, are you guys like too shy to use your voice? Will your mom be mad if you yell? Because the voice acting is terrible.

Iznvm responds:

I'm pretty sure I admitted to the voice acting being bad. I did it with a shitty mic in a shitty location. During the actual yell, I blew the levels up, so I toned it down alot so that your speakers didn't crinkle out with feedback. Is it necessary for you to act like an asshole on a comments post? Do you feel like a big man using the same played out "youre a kid" joke that internet tough guys have been using for years?