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Feb 17, 2012 | 12:36 AM EST

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NAME: Francois le Poupe
BIRTHDAY: November 2nd, 1941 (age 26, Scorpio)
OCCUPATION: Wannabe Actor
HOMETOWN: No one really knows, except its in France

EDIT: Surprised this got front page, I really didn't "feel it" as much as I did working on Revengineering... Go watch that instead! LOL jk

Francois le Poupe originally wanted to be an actor, but fails miserably. With his unusual power to pull off extremely effective disguises though, he finds an opportunity elsewhere...

Took about 50 hours, much more work than Revengineering, spread across about 3 weeks over Revengineering's 1 week. I focused more on storytelling this time over just matching a beat. I didn't extend to the whole song this time and the flash just shows an image until the end of the song just in case someone wants to listen to the whole song. The replay button doesn't work so when the music ends, that's it. You can't replay it. If I can fix it I'll change the file.

Song is "Chambermaid Swing" by Parov Stelar.

EDIT: JESUS FUGGIN CHRIST WHAT'S WITH THOSE DAMN WHITE LINES. They should be out of here but fuck, they WERE NOT there before!

EDITEDIT: I know you guys appreciate that I did put Twilight Sparkle in there, but please note that it is only a reference, and I'm not a fan of MLP: FiM. I do like putting in a reference to things that I know people will get a kick out of, and I like the fact that you guys think its funny.



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team fortress awesome


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting take on the Spy. Where as I don't exactly agree with test-object's statement I feel like this story was very fluid and the speech bubbles gave a deeper look on his emotions throughout his falling as an actor and rise as the Spy, plus the wording made me actually voice them in how the Spy and Engie talk (French and Texan accent). Where I felt sometimes the poses were a bit out of place sometimes that just comes with practice on poses. All in all this was a very great alternate view on the Spy rather than what Valve gave us as the suave, but deadly killer who shags the Scout's mom on the side.

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Not bad. I like that abstract feel it gives off.
Also, extra points for pones.


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Excellent work keep up the great work


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This was a rather boring animation. I feel obliged to compare this with your other animation; 'Revengineering' seeing as it's nearly a sequel. What made Revengineering more powerful was the simplicity. Although you lingered a bit too long on some of the sequences, it was a simple synch of a fun upbeat song. That was all you needed.

Here, you try to convey a more 'complex' story and make it the main focus. This really doesn't work in conjunction with the style. All the text clutters the entire thing and makes one lose, interest fairly easily. You can tell stories using images only, which is why animation is such a powerful tool. It will also be far more effective. For example, instead of "what did you think of that?", just make the spy emote it. Instead of writing the word "Rejected", kick him out the building or show the critic thumbs down. Instead, one sits through a list of instructions on how the spy has to use his weapons. Show, don't tell.

An enjoyable part was the one where white silhouettes of a chicken and a dragon walk around. It's basic, shows us what he is doing and is quite interesting to look at, all at the same time.

Keep on animating and getting a better sense of rhythm, so those small hiccups like the pendulum get ironed out. That's where your movies need to be the focus. Go for it! :)

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daigonite responds:

Wow, thank you so much for the detailed review!

I totally agree. I think I felt discouraged from telling a simpler story because of comments from Revengineering and I tried to push too far out my boundaries with this one. The idea was good but I don't think my style illustrates it well. I wanted to stray from the simple story and I took away what was most important about this - the animation.

For my next one beat will be the focus. I think a big problem is that the story outdid the song in this one, that the song took a backseat when in reality, that's what works the most with it.

Thank you for the criticism and encouragement, I greatly appreciate it!