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Feb 13, 2012 | 12:16 PM EST

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Lexis. The set of all words. Have a nice watching.

2/13/2012 6:35 PM, UPDATE:
Since some viewers have found it hard to understand the animation, I'll try to explain what it is about. The story itself is trying to say that every person (every creature) is a creator, author, artist, and god of everything they make in their own lives, all the changes and creations. Every author needs an instrument to realize and create his idea, of course, but there's always some moment or boiling point where things get out of control because of the author's personal ideas. Sometimes, the idea destroys the creator.



Rated 5 / 5 stars February 13, 2012

the proportions of the character is proportioned anatomic correctly. the animation is very smooth for your eyes. i like it. the music is a bit repetitive but fits.

ArtemNaumov responds:

Thanks, JFF.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars February 13, 2012

Interesting. I found this rather thought provoking however, It is my honest thought that this animation would have benefited greatly from being colored.

Thanks for the interesting animation, Peace & Pot =P

ArtemNaumov responds:

I'd love to upgrade the whole plot to serious and color version, I think, but I don't know how and where to start with it at moment, and, I don't think I have enough skills to make such a serious realization, yet, but who knows, maybe someday, and, I'm not a good director, yet. So, yea, we'll see. :)

Thank you, christopia92.


Rated 4 / 5 stars February 13, 2012

fine music.
kinda simple but nice animation.
yeah, that's not bad.

ArtemNaumov responds:

Thank you and thanks for your time.


Rated 4 / 5 stars February 13, 2012

The video as a whole had a good concept and the art was interesting and clean. However, the soundtrack of the animation was nice but repetitive and I got bored with the music before the animation ended. I personally do not see how the end quote fit in with the animation as a whole. But I liked the video except for the small points listed above.

ArtemNaumov responds:

I see. Now, when you mention it, I think it really pretty repetitive, I've got to work on it more next time, will try make music more dynamic. Thanks, tychamp, it's really important to know.

The end is about that he got destroyed by his own idea. I really didn't won't to show any corpses in this simple film, so, yea, that's about it.

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback, tychamp.


Rated 3 / 5 stars February 13, 2012

Though the animations and graphics aren't the best I've seen, I really appreciate this piece you've made. It has a very odd atmosphere, a result of the simplistic style and the relaxing music. I like the idea of the flash, it's real simple, executed real simple, but it looks so good, and feels real good.

I would love to see something more from you, possibly not as simplistic, but still in the same category as you could place this. Possibly a bit longer, too?

ArtemNaumov responds:

Yeah, I hope someday I will do something more serious, but I don't think that will happen soon enough. Thanks for the feedback, Soapbubble, I really appreciate it.