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Feb 4, 2012 | 10:57 PM EST

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Well this is it. Finally released. Hope everyone is happy.

This is the last Create a Gun game I will make in a long time. I'm currently in a Flash Class at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and I am learning all sorts of new things. the big thing is that I am learning Action Script 3.0. CAGV3.8 is built entirely in AS 2.0, so from the ground up I am rebuilding the Create a Gun franchise. It will be a chore, and a time-waster. Can't wait :)

So, this is the game. I originally intended it to be called Create a Gun V4, but it is basically V3 with a facelift. Nothin special. So I crossed out all the V4 crap and wrote V3.8 instead. I hope you people enjoy this game, cause you're not getting anything new for a while (at least not anything CAG related).

Good bye.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: destroyer

Description : It is a sniper that can also be used as an assault rifle , the sniper sights can be easily removed, the mag has 100 shots and can be changed to single , burst and auto .

created in Brazil


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Weapon name: KS-99
Weapon class: Rifle,Sniper
Damage: 500
Description: a weapon is a rifle sniper its a pistol but its a rifle you can shoot not like AWP Sniper and scout sniper.
Max Clip: 25
Specialties:Its a rifle and shoot like a Sub machine gun its not shooting like AWP Sniper and scout.
What it looks like:
Delivered To: unkown


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Weapons Name: Patriot

Weapon Class: Assault Pistol (a modified XM16E1 with a shortened barrel and stock removed)

Damage: 500

Description: The assault pistol that The Boss, the Mother of Special Forces and mentor of Naked Snake, carried with her into her final battle. It is essentially a truncated M16 that has been fully revamped with custom parts. Because the Patriot fires rifle rounds from a pistol-sized frame, it is extremely difficult to control, bucking like a wild bronco in the user's hand. It never runs out of bullets - perhaps, as some say, because The Boss left a piece of herself inside it. Weight: 2.5kg

Max Clip: ∞ Never have to reload!

Specialties: Never will run out of ammo due to the internal feed mechanism is shaped like an infinity symbol. The relatively light weight meant that the Patriot had a strong recoil, and was notoriously difficult to aim. It used 5.56x45mm ammunition and was fitted with a hundred-round drum magazine. The blast of the muzzle was said to resemble the sound of a threatened rattlesnake, and that no one who heard the sound would live to tell the tale. The bullets didn't leave the gun straight; they flip and twist upon leaving the gun.

What it looks like:

Delivered to: Unknown


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I just made my own sniper rifle too, i'll show you:

Weapon Name: XLM-50 BMG

Weapon Class: Anti-Material Rifle

Damage: OVER 9000!!!!

Made By: Mackerva Weapon Industries

Specialties: Can take out a single tank or aircraft in a single shot

How it looks like:

Delivered to: The Black Market


Rated 5 / 5 stars

My gun is the A-23 Kreenard Assault Rifle equipped with: 500-round capacity drum magazine, laser sight that doubles as a weaponized laser, and can open doors by making holes in them, and is compatible with any Thompsontech Industries rounds. Note: either in Military use (is illegal cause its Fully Automatic) or acquired from black market sources.