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Feb 4, 2012 | 10:57 PM EST

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Well this is it. Finally released. Hope everyone is happy.

This is the last Create a Gun game I will make in a long time. I'm currently in a Flash Class at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and I am learning all sorts of new things. the big thing is that I am learning Action Script 3.0. CAGV3.8 is built entirely in AS 2.0, so from the ground up I am rebuilding the Create a Gun franchise. It will be a chore, and a time-waster. Can't wait :)

So, this is the game. I originally intended it to be called Create a Gun V4, but it is basically V3 with a facelift. Nothin special. So I crossed out all the V4 crap and wrote V3.8 instead. I hope you people enjoy this game, cause you're not getting anything new for a while (at least not anything CAG related).

Good bye.



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Rated 5 / 5 stars

2 things : (1) I LOVE this game . It has a LOT of variety but (2) they should put a reset button on this game . O yeah , the post about the glitch WORKS ! Thanks SUPERSONICJERKOFF =D

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i made a gun that looks like something in halo (not the aliens) and it has a bayonet. i also made the gun that looks like conkers gun from bad fur day/ live and reloaded

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I found a cool glitch in this game (must try) when u are playing the game right click the screen and in your options some were u will find (play) click on it and u will get a hidden page of guns then do it again and u will get another page and the grand finally the 3rd time u do it you get all WWll guns like the " BAR the M1GRAND and the..... WUNNDER WAFFLE DG2 from call of duty WAW and BO srry about the first time i wrote this comment it was made for v.3.8 not 3.0 srry p.s i love this game :)

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so this is how they created the 50 cal. sniper.