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Jan 19, 2012 | 1:20 PM EST

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Counter-Strike - The Animated Movie - Episode 1 - CS_Assault - Adobe Flash CS4 Professional - Stick Figures Animation A Stickman Flash Animation

My first animation. It sucks big time, but animating is a learning process and i hope to improve on my next ones. Sorry to use the same theme as others butt it's the simplest i could come up. Unfortunatelly all of my videos were made as MPEGs for YouTube upload and reconverted to SWF in order to upload them to NewGrounds, thus the poor quality.

Episode 1 of the Counter-Strike Animated Movie. Watch the Counter-Terorist Team : Praetorian, MAD DOG, Bull's Eye, Skiller Killer, Navy Seal and NOOB fight to the death with the Terorist Team : CS GOD, CT Hunter, Commando, Demolition Man, Big Banger and Looser on CS_Assault. Enjoy.

Music : Epic Score - Race WIth Me Jaws Soundtrack - Main Theme Mission Impossible Soundtrack - Main Theme Saw Soundtrack - Hello Zepp

Counter-Strike - The Animated Movie - Episode 1 - CS_Assault - Adobe Flash CS4 Professional - Stick Figures Animation A Stickman Flash Animation

***This is not a rip-off of WX's Counter Strike Videos. His videos are the reason i started making animations. The decision to use the same idea for my animations was taken because he stopped making more awesome videos and i wanted to see the stick figures fight on more Counter-Strike maps and in my own way. Hope people won't dislike my videos just because they are inspired by Flash Deck's ones. They are mearly a humble tribute to his amazing work.

*The quality of the video has decreased due to it's conversion from MPEG to SWF. I recommend watching it in it's original size instead of full screen. To watch in HD 720p check out our website.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

sorry if this makes anyone angry but yours is better than wx`s


Rated 1 / 5 stars


First, let us point out you misunderstanding of how bullets work. The casing does not travel with the bullet when it is fired. Secondly, there is already a series very similar to this, except way better.; if you want to compete at all, you are going to need more than a few screen shots from CS and plain onld stick figures. You need to draw freehand in frame-by-frame animation. Third, the blood for the head shots was terrible.
I know that this is your firs animation, so you have plenty to improve on. At least you got the audio to sync. Oh, and get a start button. I think NG has some you can download.

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ImmortalPraetorian responds:

Thanks for your honesty. All of the 9 animations i've made so far are uploaded onto YouTube. This one has 14.000 views and 32 likes/6 dislikes. I knew it was to much for such a crapy animation, but everything has a start:) The lack of quality is caused by the reconversion of the video from MPEG to SWF, although good quality wouldn't help the crapy animation be better. I'll try to remake the other videos in order to preserve their quality within the 10MB limit, add a Start Button and then upload them here. I'll await your reviews :))