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Musaic Box

rated 4.32 / 5 stars
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Jan 17, 2012 | 7:32 AM EST

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Uncover all of your grandfather`s sheet music, hidden in his home amongst a treasure trove of gorgeous antiques and musical relics! Melodious music box games will let you piece these special compositions together and unleash their symphonious secrets! Unlock Creative Mode and write your own outstanding arrangements! With a house full of secrets and a box full of music the aural excitement never ends!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm sitting at a 1500 dollar gaming rig, fascinated by and addicted to this game. Bravo, mate.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Brilliant game!!

I like music a lot and that's why I give this game such a high evaluation. Looking for all of the glyphs was a little troublesome, but fun once I found them. The pictures in the game are beautiful and I think I learned something about music craftsmanship as I played. The best part was listening to each song with some of the instruments missing. I got to hear and learn more about each song when I got stuck on a puzzle. I do agree that Yankee Doodle was a bit awkward, but everything else was just brilliantly well done.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good, feels rushed

Fun game but I got stuck at 3 rooms emptied of outlines, tons of incomplete songs, and no hints showing up in the first room, attic or basement. Did I miss a key somewhere really hard to find? If not, maybe the outlines are randomized (and bugged). 0-0-0, no entrance to a new room.

Also, I didn't get a single song from the attic after preclearing room 1 and 2.

I'm voting 7 because this bug or flaw, whichever it is, ruined the experience for me.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh Bravo good sir.

I loved this. Oh I wanted more. Only a few minor complaints. 1. the map made it look like it was going to be much bigger than it was really, that got my hopes up. 2. the hints that would happen after a few moments. Its better for that to only happen after a bit. 3. Yankee off. Other than that beautiful mixes of classical and remixed works. Oh I wanted to hear them all in full again after this. A great work and one that Ive already gotten two friends into. A perfect score though because it really was original, full and fun.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great idea, good execution

Here's my one nitpick: As someone who was trying to figure out the puzzles just based on the music (I knew most of the tunes), Yankee Doodle is a disaster. The melody in the game isn't even the melody in the tune, and many of the accompaniment parts don't seem to fit at all. Also, I agree with not spoiling the surprise as far as what we unlock at the end, and I don't understand how I completed the game with still a "1" showing in the first room, which by the way it wouldn't let me go back to after I unlocked the last thingy. Oh, and I don't understand why you show 5 rooms on the mini map and only use 3 for the game.

Otherwise, great concept, fun game. Something actually original and fun to play. Keep it up!

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