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Jan 13, 2012 | 8:29 PM EST

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Gameplay: About 20 mins.

This is a sequel to my first Gardener game. I wanted to speed things up and make the overall game short this time. The player can push away objects and enemies with torrents of water, summon "turret" plant types to bombard foes and whack enemies with to their melee attacks. Players gain gain exp to activate special passives as the game progresses.

ASWD to Move
SPACE to Melee
SHIFT to channel Water
Click to summon/remove Plants

*Keys can be rebound in the Gardener menu in the upper right hand corner.

Special Note: I have to apologize, as this is a repost. Last night had some bad preloader problems that would cause the game to become unplayable. I hope its resolved, but if it isn't, a PM is the fastest way to let me know about it or any other glitches players might discover, in addition to any steps that could help replicate the problem.

Happy gaming!

*Edit* I'm blown by the lack of reviews :^\ I don't' know what you guys think of it.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars February 28, 2014

Why doesnt this have more views o.o


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars December 12, 2013

A bit more rash that the previous game. I liked the old block and hit mechanic, but allso like the new one, meaby some combination of them if possible.

I personally like the character design, a wise monk, guardian of nature. More my style than some quick mouthed ace assassin or smuggler.
And not as arrogant as a valiant on high pedestal knight.

A bit short but annyway, for a longer game I would suggest that the player gradually got the powers to plant more seeds, first only one and then more, similar to the nr 1 worked. But I gues that you allready are thinking in those areas annyway.

I think that hidden bonuses are the way to go, it makes stuff more interesting, and its allso in the style of old bit games. I think newer gamers lack in that area.

I allso like the idea of the base from the last one, with a changing area depending on your growt.

God luck and I hope you will make a 3rd. or a continue on the second as it wasnt that mutch of a storyline.

Hyrus responds:

I would like to reboot the Gardener series. I'd lean more heavily towards the style of the first game,... i've devised a pixel art style for it, i've come up with an original way to add depth to combat and i've built an engine in flash that uses seamless level transitions so that the world can feel like one massive area.

A person can get lost in the details of a project of this kind of size, and being just one person, it can be hard to create a game that hits every area of game design just right. I see all kinds of flaws in my previous installments, and ultimately, when I finish my current project, i'll look into making a third Gardener game.

I agree with what you say in both of your reviews of both games. If I don't get too old too quickly, i'd love to make the third game the greatness that the first should have been, with a few ideas taken from the second one.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars November 24, 2012

The game was nice and original, however, I was puzzled by a lack of map and a clear objective(there is no sense of ugrency, it's like gardener going for a walk). The levels are linear, but it doesn't feel that I'm travelling somewhere, he just goes North/South/East seemingly random level border and teleports somewhere that afterwards I don't understand how did I get there (in the dead end at the center of the level)!? Enemies like ghosts and note-throwers (musicians?) seem to diasappear by themselves after some time. Being low on health I wanted to revert the weapon to the crystal blade I found on the first level to heal a little, but haven't figured out how to change a weapon. Looks like the game autosaves at the start of the level, but why am I losing my weapon after loading ?
The story begins nicely, but the end is somewhat unrewarding (to be continued... !?), has he reached his destination or it's some other house under similar circumstances?
Seems to have no replay value, apart from choosing a different healing flower (but it seems purely cosmetical and doesn't affect anything).
Liked the idea of ghosts and sucking plants with berries,ability to extinguish the flames by water channel. Liked the comments of the gardener describing features of a weapon, wish there were more of them so that the gardener would be more fleshed out as a character, to know his motives and history. A tutorial can be done like that.. (Now that I've got seeds I can... or this log is blocking my path, perhaps I can move it by channeling the water ...). The quiz was refreshing but pointless - the question looks to be always the same - and you had to answer it anyway by trying again. To me the quiz should've opened some kind of bonus, not mandatory to game progress (e.g. you're smart - get your reward, else proceed without it).
I don't know why this game isn't popular, but here are my thoughts anyway:
The story so far: Gardener got a mail with invtation and came. I think players like to associate themselves with hero, like "hey I'm ninja/pirate/policeman/soldier/warrio r/berserker", something they are excited to be (or think of exciting). But "The gardener" - I'm a bald monk which can wet you with water and plant flowers, I'm in harmony with nature and can heal people with medicinal herbs, oh.. I can defend myself with a club also. Maybe people doesn't find it exciting enough to play. The other kinds of people, who possibly enjoy farmerama, happy farm or something like that would be disappointed that the gardener doesn't involve much of ... gardening :)
I personally think that the idea is well for children, gardener shows a good role model - helps people, cares about nature. There simply isn't enough positive games about good people and deeds (perhaps because it's not popular/exciting enough :( ). Keep up the good work.

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Hyrus responds:

The Gardener is a peaceful monk-like character because that seemed like an original idea to me. Many game characters are created to be some kind of badass, so I wanted an older, gentle man to be a hero instead. This game was intended to be the Gardener going for a stroll because I knew the game would end up being short. As far as being for children... i've always indended it to be acceptable to a wide audience like the Zelda series that inspired it. Only, perhaps, with darker background tones that i've yet to really portray.

The weapons can't be gotten back once you die; it was a sloppy addition that I should have put more time into. I didn't mind the lack of ergency for this game, but I would expect it out of a larger scaled game. I agree that their could have and should have been more dialogue. The end is him arriving at his destination with the guy and the sick child... maybe you didn't notice. There should have most definately been more interactive/inspired challenges along the way... but the trouble is that it takes a lot of time to try and conceptualize ideas and impliment them when you're the only person working on and testing a game. That shouldn't be an excuse not to try harder next time, though.

The third game (ugh! lol) will return to the format of the first game. I have an idea for a nemesis figure that, like the Gardener, breaks convention. I'm also adding an item mechanic to the game that can further expand on what kind of interactions the player can have for more unique challenges in the game worlds. The Gardener will continue to summon plants and water will become his standard attack rather than the stick. And hopefully, i'll be able to portray a real story with real characters and philosophies within it. I love designing games... spending months slowly drawing and coding them, though, tends to sap my very essence. >_<

Thank you for the review, it is very much appreciated!


Rated 5 / 5 stars January 15, 2012


You put a lot of work into this. Much improvement from the last Gardener. I especially like how this was less tedious from the previous game; it flows better and you get to places quicker, less complicated. Why aren't people commenting on this other than the one (and I liked the graphics)? It was fun and creative. Keep up the good work.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars January 14, 2012


A nice little adventure game. The graphics could have been better and it was a bit short though.

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