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Jan 2, 2012 | 11:13 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 3, 2012

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Can't wait to kill? 5 Points Kill a zombie in the menu.
Good choice! 5 Points Click the Newgrounds-logo to visit Newgrounds.
I wish that I could fly! 5 Points Jump 10 times.
Caring for the little things in life... 10 Points Kill 10 little zombies.
First half 25 Points Survive 5 days.
Serial Killer 25 Points Kill 50 zombies in one game.
Heavy metal! 50 Points Buy the minigun.
Survivor 50 Points Survive all 10 days.
That good old pistol... 50 Points Survive until day 5 without buying a weapon from the shop.
Collector 100 Points Buy all weapons from the shop.

Author Comments

In this game you're going to shoot zombies, buy new weapons, ammo and health and hopefully survive 10 days of the zombie apocalypse until the rescue team arrives.
Earn medals and try to stay alive!

Need help? Check out a guide for this game: munity/thread/9236040/zom bies-in-your-backyard/pag e/1#post-9405951
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W - Jump/Doublejump
A/D - Walk
R - Reload
Mouse - Aiming
Leftclick - Shoot
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... or Q/E - Change weapon

Good luck and have fun!

Hi there!
This is my very first game submitted to Newgrounds.
Special thanks goes to Adam Atomic for creating Flixel and Kevin MacLeod for providing the music!

Thanks for reading!

The game is now much more left-handed-friendly and allows moving with the arrow keys!
When carrying the minigun you become slower and jump less higher!
Fixed the medal-popup-problem!
MENU-button is now MAINMENU-button and asks if you REALLY want to leave and to lose all your process!
You can now switch weapons by pressing 'Q' and 'E'!
"How to pause" now explained ingame!




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I enjoyed it, to a certain extent.
The zombies once introduced there was nothing more new.
The weapons were available from start, you just had to make your way there from earning money but you knew what it was you where getting.
There was no upgrades, no such thing as; Barricades? Survivors? Explosives?

There was no new areas to unlock or move to.
I suppose it sticks to its title, but it COULD move on to other houses?

It was enjoyable for so long...

I like zombie games so your rating will no doubt be high due to that.

Make a sequel, i'd love to see more things included of what i've mentioned.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, but has issues and is very easy.

Its like a good little time killer. When you have a spare ten minutes, play this game and beat it. I was able to beat the game and get all the trophies on the first try. The last day was the easiest, funny enough. The minigun is basically an end all weapon. The severe lack of space was very frustrating at first, but then I found out that I could just go outside and triple jump to stay out of harm's reach while raining bullets down on the mob of zombies. I never died, so I don't know what that is like :P. I'd say, to improve, make it much bigger and have more space. Add more weapons and improve the ones you already have. Also, make it at least a little hard ;).

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Enjoyable But Easy

Let me start by saying that I got every single medal with relative ease. I did enjoy the game, and I felt the elements were incorporated nicely. A couple small complaints though:

- You have too much health. Far too much. I bought health maybe three times, mostly because I just wasn't being careful since I didn't need to be. I saw previously that somebody suggested lowering it to half. I like that suggestion a lot.

- The play area is too small. You are given little room to avoid zombies when you are reloading your weapons unless you can get outside to do a kind of double jump maneuver over them, back into the house. When the little zombies swarm, there are very few places to run to when you need to reload. It turns into bouncing around, waiting for your weapon to finish reloading. I would suggest making the area bigger. Make it possible to climb around, or jump on platforms that zombies are able to access.

- Weapon balancing is a bit wonky. The pistol can get you past day six pretty easily. I mean, there's a bit of challenge by that point, but it isn't devastatingly hard. The challenge should be alleviated by other weapons, but the clip sizes and overall accuracy based upon obstacles in the field, user error, and mouse error are not well balanced. The Uzi shoots fast, so of course it has more ammo. Sadly, this ammo is pretty much just the strength of pistol ammo in a rapid fire sequence, and you go through it very, very quickly. The M16 and AK47 both were severely lacking in ammo for later rounds, and honestly with the reload times and strength, the shotgun is useless outside of getting the medal for weapon buying.

Ultimately, the Mini gun proves to be too powerful. The last day wasn't even difficult, nor did it resemble a challenge. I just stood in the same spot, beginning to end, swinging the pointer around, killing enemies in one to three shots with an over sized clip. You are guaranteed to have enough by the final day to purchase it, effectively removing the challenge from the end game. I would suggest making the Mini gun not so easily attainable. Maybe make it so the player has to sacrifice the purchase of another weapon earlier on if they want the super powerhouse later.

- Finally, there is no actual enemy variety. Essentially, the zombies just get a bit stronger, and a bit more durable. With that though, they also get slower and easier to kill with the stronger weapons, or even the pistol. The first enemies are just annoying when there are many of them, and the last are so slow that they don't touch me unless I'm getting swarmed from both sides very quickly. With the bigger playing area suggestion comes many more zombie mechanics you could incorporate. It is something to consider.

I can't say I didn't enjoy the game. I did have fun, and I enjoyed earning the medals, despite how easy it was. If balancing of the entire game in every aspect is worked out, or even in another game entirely, you could have something truly fun. As it stands now, with all of my critiquing, I can't justify giving more than a 7.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great quick game, with some nice features but...

Really loved it, especially the fact that you needed to buy all the guns so you didn't run out of ammo. The graphics were great aswell!
However, you NEED to get the minigun to completely the last level (which you can do easily) and if when you do get it the last level becomes a complete anticlimax. Also,adding just one or two 'tactical' elements would have made it better (fences/mines/more space to move around).

All in all though, a great 10 minute game!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I have to say, for a first game...

This is pretty darn solid. I'm going to use the bulk of the review on things that could be improved, not because it's bad, but because there's a lot of stuff you could do to make this shine far beyond a solid base.

The good:
-Solid, decent controls.
-Solid, decent guns.
-Pixely graphics get across what they need to, and they aren't bad.

Improvements I'd suggest:
-A better soundtrack. While it's appropriate, a simple bass/drums combo is a bit... plain. Granted, the game itself is plain, and not complex, but it could definitely be improved upon.

-Better ammo system. It's really, really annoying when I have an uzi, an AK47, and a M16, I'm trying to use the bullets sparingly, and I STILL run out of ammo before the day ends. You pretty much have to learn to click the mouse really fast and be precise in bullet use. (4 for small zombie, 8 for middle, I think 16+ for the big one) Perhaps ammo drops would fix this, it could also cost per bullet at the store to make up for it. That would make it more realistic as well. Also, a weak melee weapon with knockback (or strong melee weapon without knockback) would really help. By the time you can use it, you'll have taken damage.

-Bigger area/more zombies/more weapons. This is a large section, which I think would make the game a lot cooler. Granted, it could also revamp the game completely, but... First of all, in a shop that sells an infinite amount of bullets, has the world's best doctor, and an entire arsenal of guns, why wouldn't it have grenades, bear traps, and some kind of 'armor'? Not to mention different kinds of guns, wood for blockades, and barbed wire. I'm sure you can see how these would be used (bear traps only outside, kills one zombie on the ground before being disabled, blockades can be placed, costing a certain amount of wood/cash, and barbed wire can be placed on a blockade to harm zombies destroying it). The house could have more floors, and the lawn could be wider. This would make it more interesting. I would recommend having a front lawn screen, first floor screen, second floor, and third floor. Zombies could eventually come in through the roof, they could come in through the back door, and through the window. You could shoot the floating zombies from the second floor and the front lawn to kill them, once they come in they're a normal zombie. An enemy with a ranged attack would be good as well.

Though this is a bit messy, hopefully it has some good ideas that could be implemented in another update or other game.

As I said, this game is a wonderful base. I just don't think it's a full game quite yet, more a mini-game that's for killing 10-15 minutes. I feel like it should be in a larger game rather than being on its own as it is. But as I said, it could take off and go quite far if done right.

Good luck!

(-4 because I need to leave room for its potential, +1 because I'm pretty impressed with the quality of it already, since it's your first game)

-Swint of the Review Request Club-

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