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Skyrim Collab

rated 3.65 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Dec 31, 2011 | 12:25 PM EST

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sniffles vs. New shout

You two can fight over the lame 6 pts.

No need to write a detailed review, you all know how pathetic the arrow to the knee joke is. It's not even cliche anymore, it's just boring. It's especially boring when you don't even add anything to it to make it unique.

Why do such talented flash artists bother to make a video when they aren't going to put enough effort into making enjoyable. Why waste your own time?

Great idea to sniffles, I've always had this short in my head of sneezes having a cumulative effect, but this takes that idea, gives it appropriate time & place and gave it just the right amount of comedic timing. Great work with the intentional distraction, next time don't give the punchline away in the title. Name is something like "necromancing" or "dinner with the king" as to have everyone concentrate on the decoy. The punchline will thank you for it.

New shout had a unique art style to the rest of the group. At least the most noticeable with the monochromatic colour palette. The humor was layered giving multiple audiences a chance to laugh. A little bit of potty humor for the lowest class, the observative skyrim player trying to wrap their head around the stretched necessity of some plot-forwarders, to the indifferent audience who just enjoyed the pun of it not being a new shout at all. Great job! The zombies facial expression needs more disappointment, the dialogue wasn't enough.

Hope to see another from you two.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


I am, without a doubt, getting seriously tired of seeing Skyrim flash's. I give it this rating because at the least I giggled. The Sniffles is my favourite out of all of them.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good job.

@the Sniffles, nice reference to Witcher 2, using Dethmold's little speech :)

this reviews going to be nice and simple, if you want to make a skyrim flash, don't include the arrow to the knee jokes, because you are a raging faggot if you do, its good to see 4 people had an original idea, so 7/10 4/5 since 2 artists couldn't help themselves.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Some were good others where silly.

Dovahkiin's secret: 5/10 for good art. However It was short and unfunny. Pointless actually.

Who is nova kid: 2/10. Seriously. It did not need more. It was unfunny and random. Even if it was a parody and i should not judge if i have not seen every thing this video makes fun of, It was just unfunny.

The sniffles: 8/10 Well, this was funny.

Arrow to the knee: 9.5/10 This was the only actually quite funny. Nice joke.

Pot head:3/10 I do not actually get it. What is the point? We all know that you can do these stuff but ok, what after that. Was this supposed to be a tip? I do not think so. Pointless.

New shout: It was ok, made me laugh, but that was all. 7/10.

This results in: 34 .5

Because it was ok, ill make it 6/10 and 3/5.

I have to say that some were good. However the rest ruined the collab.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

2/6 of the shorts were actually funny

Im going left to right starting at the top left corner

Dovahkiin's Secret: I'll start by saying the obvious, a typical quick laugh using the "arrow in the knee joke" that went dead quicker than a shot to the head. The set up was expected, and the punchline also pretty much unfunny and predictable.

The Sniffles: I give this short points for an original joke that made me chuckle, I always did wonder what would happen if the Dragonborn would sneeze, let alone with Fire Breath equipped?

Arrow in the Knee: While I kinda see your point, wondering how the entire guard of a town all were adventurers until they all took an arrow in one of their knee caps, but The setup and pacing could be better

Who is Nova Kid?: This is the most unfunniest thing I've this this year, and the year just began! While I understand that you were inspired by Ukinojoe and his funny plot summaries of Star Wars, Iron Man, and Indiana Jones 4 , You pretty much did the whole thing wrong. It's just the summary of Fallout 3 with Dovahkiin instead of the Lone Wanderer. Simple fix, if you're going to do a funny retelling of the Skyrim main quest plot, then use the main quest plot of Skyrim

Pot Head: Alone with The Sniffles, this is also a good one, It's another old joke, but not overused and with a funny twist that is reminiscent of Tom and Jerry. That would be an excellent way to knock someone unconscious while stealing their entire inventory.

New Shout: I like it too, but it has the same problem with "Arrow in the Knee "but vice versa. I love the Setup alot! But the punchline is kind of ruined with the zombie's voice actor, and the final line sounding like you were tired while recording that final line, but otherwise the setup sold it for me

Final Thoughts: Well the title wont fit it so it'll go here. Sniffles and Pot Head were the best by far; Sniffles had an original idea, and Pot Head make the pot on a shopkeeper's head a bit funnier. Arrow in the Knee and New Shout defiantly has a good joke in it, but while New Shout had a great setup to it with just sort of a meh punchline, Arrow in the Knee just needs to work on it's setup.

Dovahkiin's Secret and Novakid are both bad. But While Dovahkiin's Secret just heavily used a dead meme as it's entire joke, Nova Kid looked the worst. Like as if the author was working on a funny retelling of the Fallout 3 Plot but forgot about it, then got pulled onto this project and had to make something. So he just put Dragonborn instead of Lone Wanderer as the main character. It just destroys the joke entirly because it makes no sense. just heavily relying on "Doho it's Dragonborn instead of Lone Wanderer in the plot of a completely different game!", and in the style of Ukinojoe no less.

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