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-The Guardian-

rated 4.41 / 5 stars
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Dec 31, 2011 | 2:37 AM EST
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Author Comments

I have finally finished it! The Guardian is done!

The music is called "Shadows" composed by Lindsey Stirling, be sure to click on the link at the end to check out her other stuff! She's really talented!

Special thanks to RicePirate for giving me advice throughout the process of me making it. I'm sorry if I spammed you with so many dumb questions!

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy! Happy New Year!

EDIT: Thank you so much for daily first and front page! I'm very grateful :]



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice little short

I enjoyed it.. I don't have the time to go look into the details as to why but I can tell you this- physchopath's review.. good Lord. I really wouldn't pay attention to his review.. he looks way too much into a short. If this were a full blown out story in the making then some of the issues might be worth looking into but he could have been a lot more tactful in telling you that. I thought your animation was good.. of course there are better "smoother" animations out there but heck, I thought it was neat and I liked the green glowy guys.. and was sad to see one go =(. Anyways, keep up the good work.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Pretentious, plagiarised & poorly animated

Let's start with the plot; the plot surrounds this "guardian" who's looking for a successor, because why? Why does he need a successor? Is he dying? What prompted him to do this & why is it at all necessary? How about some fucking exposition? Furthermore, why does he check someone's heartbeat to detect their valor? It would have been more intelligent if he had brought a squeegee with him & collected the sweat off the kids forehead just so he could assimilate the kids pheromones, but I guess that wouldn't have been as poetic now would it? Wait, did I say "poetic"? Sorry, I meant "pretentious".

So after he checks his pulse for his valor he decides to take the kid flying over the sea & through the mountains during winter to have a party with all the other aliens... Can anyone say "The Snowman" or "shameless plagiarism"?

The biggest hole of them all is the antagonist, I'm expected to believe that he just sat there the whole time during the guardian's absence just so that he could try & corrupt the guardian's successor, because why? Ignoring the sheer lack of exposition & motivation, this has to be the dumbest tactic for tying to attack your enemy ever.

Let's analyze this, surely the guardian couldn't have found his chosen successor on his first try, if that was conceivable then why would he have to check your pulse to evaluate you? So obviously this took him more than one try to accomplish. Additionally, let's consider the matter of distance, obviously he had to travel far & wide to find each possible successor because he chose a secluded area to make camp. The antagonist has every opportunity to drag his ass over to the pine tree & steal the oracle or whatever it is. So, why doesn't he? If the guardian is his enemy then why not strike when he's most vulnerable? He can't possibly be scared of the guardian, he outright assaulted and took him down with a spear within the first few seconds of their fight. Why does he give a shit about corrupting the guardian's successor? Sorry, but 'adding insult to injury' is only as poetic as it is intelligent, by which I mean it's pretentious; why would he expect the kid to listen to him? He ruined his party and potentially killed his buddies, the kid couldn't possibly find any benefit in listening to a guy who had already fucked him once, furthermore, the reasoning he gave to him is just retarded; "Take it, think of the power!" doesn't make any sense in this context, it's not like the kid has used it at all before and understands the depth of it's power, so the temptation aspect is completely absent. Additionally, if the antagonist really does have an understanding of the the oracle's depth & dynamic of power, why would he try to hand it over to the successor of his enemy and not try and take it for himself? I would understand if the author was against using dialogue to convey exposition, giving effort to try & keep the plot implied through visuals for the artistic challenge such as "The Masquerade" by Pahgawk, but NWL gives dialogue to the antagonist through text so that excuse is out the window immediately. Exposition would be nice.

Another thing I hate about this short is the protagonist. He's some useless fuck who does nothing & conveys no personality traits of interest; he's a Mary Sue character. I'd get about as emotionally invested with a used condom as I would with this kid, I wouldn't want him as a guardian of any kind considering how he stood idly by & watched as his sole defender got roflstomped & killed in front of him, which was the point where I stopped giving a shit about the protagonist's safety entirely; not only is he a schmuck & a vapid Mary Sue, he's also a coward. Fuck him.

The animation is crap, most of it is composed of 3 frame loops & unfinished ones at that, I think the core problem isn't the tool in use but rather the person using it; others such as TheSwain have shown competence in using the brush tool for animation, but NWL obviously struggled in using it & it shows; big gaps between frames & no shading to speak of. I recommend the line tool for future use.

NeroGeist responds:

Haha, I've been waiting for a review like this, didn't expect it to be so long though. Well here are my two cents on this. You sir, look into things too deeply! I mean seriously, I get that there are plot holes in it, I get that some things don't make sense, but I guess your too uptight for that kind of stuff. What I was expecting from this was some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. All I got out of this was "I recommend the line tool for future use." Yeah, could have told me that BEFORE your novel of bitching about "oooh this thing doesn't make sense! I'm going to bitch and moan about it and make the author feel like a dumbass!"

But, regardless, you are correct on a lot of things. Yes, my lines are crap. Yes, the story doesn't make sense if you look at it in a realistic perspective. But think this, a lot of cartoons don't make sense if you look at it in a realistic perspective.

Well, I admire your trolling skills and view on cartoons, but in the end, you lost.

Have a nice day!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Gave me shivers, I specially loved the part where the music syncs with the fairy violin player. I'll go on and check your other stuff. Thanks for this animation :D.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I didn't expect it to be this good.

Honestly, I felt as though it was going to be a somewhat cliched and story driven escapade. As wrong as I was, this is a good thing; I'll give a huge shout out to Lindsey, fantastic music. It reminded me of an irish folklore piece and the added midi synth was brilliantly upbeat. So much regard to her, Nwl your animation style is interesting; I like anything but Anime and eddsworld which at first I thought due to the icon, imitated it, thus making me reluctant to check it out, but your fluid animation style and characters transcended my initial opinion, I would love a sequel, much to the same effect.

I think your antagonist, the almost Professor layton-esque phantom has enough appeal to vary in his form; he could be a shapeshifter or ghost who commands monocled spectres, just please veer away from cliches.

Also, as I'm prompted to be critical- your -1 is the discrepancy within your plot; at first the phanton hands the lad the metaphorical pandora's box; to run away with, on a floating isolated island. Then he kills the prior guardian (kudos on it's digital image, like raw energy/electricity) and wants the cube back. Just encourages rhetoric really.

I'm looking forward to The Guardian, part II or whatever, my only directive? Make sure lindseys doing the music.

Brilliance. 9/10 5/5

NeroGeist responds:

I appreciate the review. Yes, there were some plot holes and confusing parts in this, hopefully I can explain them if/when I do make a series. BUT, just like you asked, I'm not doing it unless Lindsey is doing the music. I don't know if she want's to or not. But anytime you watch one of her videos or look at her facebook page, be sure to leave a comment like "You should totally work with NeroGeist on a series!" or something like that. All the help the better! But anyway, back to the review, I'm glad you like my animation style and such, it was an experiment the whole movie with different camera angles and movements and such, all to help me learn more in animation. Well anyway, thank you for the review! I love to hear feedback! :]


Rated 5 / 5 stars

kinda reminds me

of green lantern but a different beginning... i really liked it though. i liked the style and that you put words on the screen and not actual voice acting. makes more of an effect ya know?