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Dec 27, 2011 | 10:41 AM EST

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First I need to say YES, this game is inspired by fruit ninja. I think this is not a weird thing as this happens in all the videogame styles. When I play an adaptation I try to see if the game is fun enough, if the graphics and sounds are good, not only if the game mechanic is the same as other game. In this case I tried to mix the slice mechanic with a shot mechanic (this is not available on fruit ninja).

Thanks capquebec for your words, you're right and there're a lot of adaptations or mixed ideas. Sometimes, mixing game mechanics gets great games.


Try to slice and shot as much snowman heads as you can!

We hope you enjoy this slice & shot winter game. You can play three different game modes:

Destroy snowman heads but avoid the fire stone!

Get crazy slicing all the snowman heads in 60 seconds!

Avoid the snowman heads to slice the maddest guy!

MOUSE. Click or maintain clicked and Move your mouse.

Slice all the snowman heads!

Snowman head. Shot or slice it!
Fire Stone. Don't touch it!
Coin. Santa helps you, remove all the snowman heads.
Clock. Get more seconds in Time attack mode.
Bad guy. Slice this head in Target game mode.




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copy of fruit ninja phone and kinect and this is just horrible


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Kirk2062 must be new on the internet, most things are a copy of something else, especially on newgrounds (not complaining about that). Anybody who have been around for a few weeks knows that. Actually it also applies to life in general, ideas get borrowed, stolen, adapted. The concept of slashing flying stuff doesn't come from fruity ninjas, when I was younger in the 90's we played a game like that at my cousin's house. STOP CRYING ABOUT SOMETHING BEING COPIED/INSPIRED BY SOMETHING ELSE, UNLESS YOU REFER TO THE VERY FIRST VERSION OF THAT IDEA.


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Snowman Head ninja! Err wait that can't be right..

Did you just copy the game Fruit ninja, and only change the graphics? Try and be a little more original next would be fun if it weren't for the fact I could just play the exact same thing without the ads