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Santa Quest

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Dec 27, 2011 | 12:26 AM EST

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Author Comments

Well, Here is my entry for the TGF 2 Holiday contest. Not much to say, I threw most of this together in the last two days except for the basic player movement.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good start

I liked the many different songs used in this. The game idea also seems fun.

Please go back and extend this to make it perfect!

You need to just extend it, add a little bit more to it other than just candy canes and rockets shooting at you in a room for hours til you die.

You need to add levels, maybe hes searching the house or something. Add a good story line, you know? Like I don't know.. the elves are turning against him and he's gotta defeat all the elves to get christmas back? Something simple like that would work real well.

This is a really fun start! I did love it, but its so unfinished, it isn't even halfway there man, go back and finish this. Spend more than two days on it, haha.

-Review Request Club

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not a bad game, but also not spectacular.

What I immediately liked was the Christmas feeling this game gave. The falling snow at the start is nice, and the carpet in Christmas colours is nice.

It works fine too. Although you can't see the score if it's less than zero, the scoring system works fine and the shooting system is nice. The shots being homing isn't something you see often.

I think the main reason this game that this game doesn't get too high of a score is that the graphics and the shooting are all a bit common. Things like the carpet are a nice addition, but the main shooting floor is a bit too large and too boring. Some snow flowing from a window, some Christmas ornaments or sleeping pets (just some ideas) would make it less general.

Another thing that bothered me was that you can't shoot precise, but in 16 directions. Because the candy canes are going up and down a bit, the shooting system lacks in the precision needed to shoot them from a distance. 16 directions are more than you see in an average game like this though, so it isn't too bad that you didn't have that.

There are some other things like new levels that the other reviews already said, so I'm not going to bore you with that. More enemies and other ways to defeat them would be nice too.

My last bit of advice would be a pause button and a mute button. The music is nice, so I didn't need it, but a pause button would certainly be nice.

Put just a bit of extra time in a game like this, and it will get much better. The start is there.
Compliments on the choice of music, by the way!

Review request club

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

More holes than Swiss Emmental

I think that this game needs a massive overhaul to be anywhere near competitive in the eyes of a contest such as The Games Factory 2's contests. Some of the fundamentals of the game are missing and procrastination has been your downfall, in this instance.

Had the game been equipped with a way to kill off the cannon and shut the door, there would have been a much better game in itself, so that Santa can progress to new levels, fending off the Santa traps and delivering the presents to the ungrateful little brats, who don't deserve presents.

The scores were completely broken, regardless of the fact that you can't get a global score board up - if you can get the score up in the first place, that's a good starter and from there, work on programming a better scoreboard for the next game.

The art needs some work, as do the controls - the bauble cursor is far too big and the shots fired by Santa are much too slow - you have no chance of aiming, as the projectiles follow strange orbits, especially if you keep dodging them in a non-repeating pattern. Some of the rockets should be able to take out the candy canes and should probably explode after a while, anyway, since that's the way they traditionally work. I'm all for a bit of realism here and there :)

Take this game as practice and move forward with your next ideas, showing us what you've learned.

[Review Request Club]

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs work

The title screen with the bouncing snowflakes was awesome, I really liked that addition.

The explanation of how the game works is well written and easy to understand. I also like the controls you chose. "WASD" is a pretty common layout and aiming and shooting with the mouse is also a good choice.

The game itself was a bit disappointing. I was hoping I could run through various maps shooting different enemys, not just rockets and candy bars in a single room.

However, the game itself runs very fluently and the homing effect of the candy bars and rockets makes this game very hard, so it's not a game where you can reach high scores by simply playing it once or twice.

I really wish you could add more to the game, though. Various levels, different enemies, maybe even powerups. With this game you showed that you are able to create short games with appealing graphics. So you should try to take it to the next level (no pun intended ;) ) and create longer games.

{ Review Request Club }

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shrimpchris responds:

Thanks for the complements. That means alot. Most of my response to SCTE3's review applies to your as well, so I don't think I'm gonna write it again. But please do refer to that.

Anyways, I'm working on a longer, more complete version of this with power ups and everything, so you'll see how I do when I submit the full version and request reviews. ;)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Could be better

Well the game starts out well but I wasn't too sure on how to get a score since no matter how many candy canes or rockets I destroyed I got no score from it. The game was pretty fun anyways as you start out in a room and strangely as long as you stay there nothing seems to come in there until you are about to leave the room.

The graphics were quite simple and looked almost like 16-bit to me too. The background, floor, and all was pretty simple too. I also laughed at the title screen with the snow flakes bouncing off of the ornament which was pretty cool anyways and kind of reminded me of other games were snow or sand bounced off of the surface.

The game play seemed simple enough with destroying the things flying everywhere but I was unaware of how to get a score sadly. That and staying alive. Would be more interesting if you added a Gauntlet Legends aspect to it where you can destroy the generators the enemies come from and after so much time they come back on screen, would be neat anyways.

The audio chosen to play was rather simplistic and nice feeling too so that was good to hear since the tunes were themed for the season.

Overall, great game but kind of falls short with a score lacking and no true goal.

Review Request Club

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shrimpchris responds:

Thanks for the review.

The graphics were supposd to look 16-bit so I'm glad you noticed that. All of the graphics were made in the TGF 2 image editor thing, which is similar to MS Paint, but the airbrush effect is better and it doesn't havea curved line tool. I have GIMP, but I just prefer the TGF 2 image editor for game graphics.

The snow bouncing off of the ornament was just something random that I thought would be appreciated by anyone who happened to notice since it can be fun to mess around with. Glad you noticed it.

About the score thing, I didn't give me enough time to come up with an ammo system, so I decided to connect ammo to score in a way. Basically to deter people from just firing like a mad man since there is no ammo limitation, I decided I'd make it where you lose 10 points per shot. After I submitted it and played it, I realized that
-10 points didn't affect your score so much since the missiles added 100 and the spinning elves w/candy canes gave you 50 so I made it where each shot costed you 25 points.

I do plan on coming back to this and making this into a full game when I have time, so don't expect to have seen the last of this. ;)