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Dec 5, 2011 | 2:08 AM EST

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  • NG Game Jam 6
    NG Game Jam 6 Teams made games with the theme of hallucinations.

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WARNING : This is not that kind of game that holds your hand while you play... so be warned
(Press "R" to restart in case something goes wrong)

Made for the 6th Newgrounds Online Game Jam in 96 hours

Use your "sight" ability to prevent traps from killing you and try to find out what's going on...
Trust your ears not your eyes.

In case you are experiencing lag issues , change the quality settings with the right click menu.
Special thanks: EndUser , MaestroRage , F-777 , BullyGill , Destructin , GundayMatt

Update #1
- Smaller spike pits
- Better sight ability (4 instead of 3 and bigger range)
- Better graphics and animations
- Music
- Clone illusions
- Couple of bug fixes

Next Update >> signs , obstacles won't kill you after they are triggered + some visual effects



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was a nice quicky but its sucked how once you set off a trap you would die if you touch the trap at all even if your were not consumed in the moment of it. The silowets were ok for a short game but better graphics would be better.
I really liked the feel of of the game. best of the jam!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The game has a very nice ambient, eerie feel accomplished, one thing to complain is the speed, especially that of respawning, it's not fun while you wait seven centuries for the dude to get up, and it all feels like it was in slow motion, but that's probably part of the whole feel you were going for, but the slowness of it all is really the only irritating part.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Interesting game.

However there are a couple of glitches. After a boulder drops walking through it kills you. If you are on the elevator when the boss appears you get knocked through it forcing you to restart from the last save point.

For those playing here are few pointers. The pits with blood on them are smaller than the sight leads you to believe. Jump a bit later than you'd expect. Sometimes the pits will reveal them self giving you s split second to avoid them. If you are quick enough you can time your sight so you can rid yourself of arrow/boulder/spikes traps by using sight almost immediately after a click.

Note Spoiler!:
Lastly, due to the glitch a listed above when you reach the big boss: it will be marked a by a big bloody spike spot near a lift which will be activated when you walk left to the light and then walk back toward the lift; walk slowly past the bloody spikes so when the boss drops down it will knock you out before you reach the lift. If he knocks you down on the lift, you will drop to the level below forcing you to die or restarting from the light by the lift.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

No speed at all

my grandma could walk way faster than this.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Alright Game

It's actually pretty decent. The concept and gameplay was nice, it was just slow.
When I first started playing, I was slightly confused until I learned using SIGHT could actually DESTROY traps, not just see it happen. That was an interesting tip. Since then, all I did was turn my speakers up pretty loud and smack space at the first sound. Traps were easy to remember and completing the game was simple after a few deaths. There is just a few problems...
The movement is very slow in flow and speed. It just makes the gameplay a bit "eh" because it takes time getting there. The slowest thing was dying. Having to wait for death and revival takes a long time so dying kinda sucks ass.
Another thing is the art. Outside, the trees and grass were a bit of a nice touch although bland. In the cave, there wasn't anything to really look at besides the walls. Boring. A slow game needs something cool to look at if it's going to be slow paced.

Besides that, the game is simple if you remember a few steps:
-Keep your SIGHT at hand.
-Keep your speakers up and blast sight at the first sound of anything.
-Pay attention to the walls. Tally marks and blood are signs of a trap. Large amd multiple tally marks are a pretty special trap.

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