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Nov 21, 2011 | 12:44 PM EST

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Do you have what it takes to escape fate?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best escape game I've ever played! Great graphics though the detail of it sometimes made it hard to find things that's all part of the challenge! Loved the note taking feature on the side of the map, my personal opinion is that every escape game should have something to that effect so you don't have to be scribbling on a piece of paper notes for yourself about codes etc.
Another great thing was the labeling/naming of rooms made taking notes and remembering where to go back to use a key/object you have obtained much simpler.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I'm glad you like my music, thank you for using it! It works well with the atmosphere, but it gets repetitive. In general the song repeats the same notes over and over again, with not much difference throughout. This might make players feel they're hearing the same sounds again and again, which does get annoying after awhile. It's well suited to menus and other things that don't take users a while to get through. Ways to avoid this include: picking pieces of music that are similar (but not so much they sound exactly the same) and playing them one after the other; editing the music (with artist's permission) or asking the artist to edit it for you (Some will do this, I know I do); and another way is finding music that is more like sounds you would here in the atmosphere, like dripping pipes, wood creaking, or rodents lurking inside the walls. You can still have it loop, but have enough in it so the human ear won't easily recognize a repeated sound. Playlists where you can choose what's playing are also a good way around repetitive music.

As far as game play it's a lot like the last game you made, "Asylum Rehash". Many things about it make it seem like a remake or different version instead of a new game. I didn't like clicking on an item and then dragging it down to the inventory and clicking again.

My least favorite thing about this is the color, or lack thereof. Most of the game is gray and desaturated, with the most color being in the menu. It's understandable to dull things down to make them seem desolate, uninhabited, or old and withered. Using a little more color would hold most people's attention longer. The bright red of the menu is a little distracting. I keep looking at it instead of the game itself. Bright reds aren't necessarily bad for a menu, but it's distracting when the rest of the game is gray or very dull in color.

I did enjoy the puzzles and searching for objects. The programming was well done because I didn't run into a single glitch and all of the buttons work (which is something some people can't do right, especially around here). It's always helpful to have an easily accessible walkthrough, especially for games like these. I really liked having a way to write down notes and clues, more considerate than most Point and Click games.

It's a good game, but it could be improved or revised. Overall it's enjoyable.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Would be nice if I didn't have to move a new item to inventory everytime I pick one, it should go there automatically. Most of the items were hard to find but it's okay since the game wasn't too difficult generally.

Music and atmosphere of this game were gloomy and interesting, I actually expected it to be more scary.

The map was logical and useful, especially combined with the crystal ball, would've been annoying to explore so many rooms without them.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Some of the items were pretty difficult to find. This is because a few items are located in an item in the actual picture. There are also some things you can tell is part of the game because the way it was added.

My biggest complaint was it's more of memory and searching game. A lot of traveling back and forth. The crystal does help a lot but only if you remember where everything is. When your done with an area you shouldn't really have to go back too often, in fact there was a lot of rooms further in the game with not much too them that could of been used instead of traveling back.

There also lack any organization or real thinking to solve puzzles. The puzzles were pretty much just remember the numbers on all the wall, everything else is randomly placed. Very little puzzle aspect in general for an escape game, almost complete find this object and guess where you need to go next and hope its right.

Although the images could be compressed a little better so it's not nearly as pixelated and clues could of been better, I still say that this shows potential for future games. You definitely need to include an actual story/cut-scene and more puzzles instead of searches for object.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I like escape games generally, but I did not like this one at all.

Gameplay: There was no sense of causality for any of the "puzzles;" solutions were arbitrary and did not require thinking, only backtracking and pixel-hunting. The background pictures do not really line up with the way you can move most of the time; sometimes there are more visible doors than actual exits; there was at least one case of a door marked "exit" leading to a room with no other doors and a (non-interactive) window.

Aesthetics: The music was okay, not distracting but very repetitive. Graphics consisted mostly of photos with cheap filters added, and the occasional rectangle with a stock texture applied. It all seemed low-effort and hastily assembled. Some of the items had extra hard pixels at the edges, making them easier to find but also contributing to the general ugliness.

Features: The map was absolutely necessary and much appreciated, but the player has to earn the ability to travel instantly between previously visited rooms, and that was a pain. The built-in notepad was nice to have. It's also possible to draw on the map in a variety of colors; perhaps this would be helpful in another game, but I never found a use for it here.

The game did not contain any major glitches that I could find, but that's the best I can say about it. If the programmer teamed up with an artist and a puzzle designer, they might produce something good.