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Feed Us 2

rated 3.75 / 5 stars
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Nov 16, 2011 | 4:38 PM EST

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The deadly piranha is back and hungrier than ever! This time around you must complete objectives such as eating certain targets or more challenging combinations. Complete all objectives to get to the top of the food chain.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Eh Has potential but Poorly Executed

Its got a good idea but the fact that it feels so unfinished and shouldnt have even been published just makes you cringe. The idea can be solid but the mechanics behind it are not finished.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Oh.. really?

This is most unfinished game I ever saw.
Just take a brief look at this.
He even failed to change "shark" tip to alligator.

1) Bug with seeds
2) Bug with motor (simple bounce from bladec when boat still on water)
3) Bug with surface (bounced once on it and 11 seeds left bouncing there untill mission end)
4) Useless tail upgrades since clicking for speeding up makes no sence - you speeded up and stalled for some seconds, continuing swim somewhere forward.
5) Tail animation bug on upgrade menu
6) I wonder why every single piranha heads to left map border if there is no map change?
7) Also - why there is no map change?
8) Fishes, humans, boats, seeds - they can easly swim behind land (seeds in front)
9) Strange teleports.

I must consider, gentlemans, that the man, who decided to spoil our spare time with not finished game is a slob.
This surely is act of disrespect - submitting unfini

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ok but annoying.

I enjoyed it, however, I was extremely fustrated when my piranha died and I lost all my upgrades :@


Rated 3 / 5 stars


I love this game and everything, but im seriously dissapointed. You have an aweeeeessooommmeeee idea, that is a definete. However the execution of the game is poor, and feels as if you have rushed a lot of important stages of this game.
1. Why can't you just click you mouse to get your pirahna to eat stuff or even drag it down into the depths?? It would make it so much simpler. instead you have to waggle your mouse everywhere and hope that the guy doesnt swim away. Major design flaw. -1 point.
2. Another flaw. The fact that the people (who are also very badly animated!) can swim into islands makes this game even more of a frustration!! Another reason why you should be able to drag people down into the deep blue sea. -1 point.
3. Yet another flaw. As the review below me has said, the islands in this game are another good idea poorly excecuted! THEY ARE TOO BIG!! It feels like you are swimming in a cave at times!!! and the teleporters!! WTF! -2 points.

Even through all this however, the game still has its charms. The fresh idea of playing as a pirahna makes this game still bearable, through all of these flaws. If you managed the iron out all these flaws, then this game would be one of my all time favourite games, and i would easily give this a 10.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

I hate to give such a low score but...

Alright. I'm a major fan of the first game. )Seriously, Feed us? I put that in my favorits) but this game I can see promising for extreme fun.


The islands? That surface above the water are so massive and big that it makes it diffuclt to fit your big big boats on and tackle these boats. Did I mention they can litteraly drive their boats throug them as well as the fish? What in the hell is that about? So level 2 was a ass hole to beat because the second boat you had to find before it drove behind one of the islands. Not fair, not cool, and over all made it a bitch.

There isn't a lot of space to move. (Seriously, I'm not talking about being under the water) Those massive islands have got to go. The stuff under the water is perfect to my opinion <3 but those islands. No... the boats are awsome and epic and the people, divers and fish make it a lot more interesting.

Islands- 3 points taken
Fish that can swim behind stuff like the poeple and boats 2- points taken off
Now that alligator... okay it's bad ass that you can actually eat away at the alligator and it makes it a lot more fun to acttually attack some thing for once that can attack you.

but... wth? After I have devoured this alligator as it proceed to sink. It still can fight back and eat me? Maybe realistic but certinally not very cool.

Maybe having the alligator where one can completely eat it a live after it begins sinking. That be cool. (no points was taken off.)

So where did that last point disappear giving this game a 4 and not a 5/10?

Level designing.

Your levels...on how you must beat to progress is extremely hard, since the humans can swim behind your floating islands of hell. The boats are so big they barely fit between the islands and disappear before you can find them.
Limits you to kill them when they are on an appropiate body of water with out any where to hide. Plus since their borders around your area, (So you can't swim too far) it makes the game evem more blasmephy (how ever it is spelled) so your limited to what is swimming in the depths and just having luck finding the boats to attack them.

1-point for difficult levels due to land scape.

Other then that, I see a strong potential and I hope you redesign so these floating islands of hell just disappear and we can have a happy swimming against the boats and eating people.

Besides... you already have a propellor that goes around anynomsly with out us knowing if it could whip back at us. That makes it fun and challenging.
You have objects both interesting and amusing to keep interest.
You have sharks and alligators that can consume you but you can fight back as well.
Not to mention more things to eat, like fish, people, divers, and the predators.
Last the seaweed is still around to move around or get stuck in.
Still get your upgrades.

This game over all is fun.

Just remove those islands please... it's being a havoc, unfair game and it's the same level design over and over which makes me wonder if my fish is retarded to keep feeding at the same same place.

Love the music and sound by the way.

As for my seedlings teleporting around the map. I wouldn't worry of it too much. It's just nice though to have a decent school of fish following you and not warping.

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