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Nov 4, 2011 | 10:43 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place November 6, 2011

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The Annoying Orange at his wackiest.

Thanks for Daily 2nd and front page, I'm definitely sucking off everyone at the office when I visit!

I'll try to have it up and working by tomorrow if it still isn't fixed. Sorry about that.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Son, im a disapoint.

I really found it hard to wrap my head around this and give a positive review, but alas; I could't do better, so I won't try.

The animation is clean, the apples voice could have a hint of effort in it, I dislike the monotone. The orange character didn't really make a whole lot of sense for me, however; The ending made the animation worthwhile.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


After watching this, I'm now scared... for my life... and my sanity... or whats left of it...


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


ha ha ha it was funny but it just so creepy and stuff ha ha 10 stars -5 cuz its creepy and stuff


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Actually, the real annoying orange is better than this fake one.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Subpar comedy, Simplistic Animtation

The animation was ok. It was simplistic but clean. It wasn't dynamic or interesting but in a sense had no need to be so. The voice acting was good. I felt the voice for the apple was fitting.

The reason this is a 5 is because the dreadful humor. This parody attempted to poke fun at a series by exagerating the randomness and stupid humor of it. However, doing so hardly led to favorable results. It was just as annoying as the real thing, ironically dampening its role as a "parody". The only thing different was the shock humor at the end that was so absolutely stupid in it's own right that it was niether shocking nor humorous. This flash never took itself seriously, despite being a comedy, one would assume you would at least give effort to end it in a way less mortifying to the viewer than random shock humor. We are not 12 years old. That comedy isn't funny, and although you merely attempted to parody the comedy of another series, the fact that that series isn't funny would therefore mean this comedy is equally unfunny.

Trying to exaggerate a series built on randomness and stupidity would never work. It's like multiplying by 0. You still always get the same thing. In this case Annoying Orange x exaggerating parody= Annoying Orange w/ different context.

- Hollow P.

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psychicpebble responds:

Hey, I appreciate the review.

As I stated before, the flash movie was written a year ago as well as voiced a year ago. It's one of those cases where I didn't have anything to work on and grabbed this off the back shelf and did the ENTIRE thing (excluding voices and script) within a week.

As for the humor aspect, as I said, if I could change a lot I would. I know this isn't my best work and looking back, there's a lot I could have done differently to actually MAKE it a parody. I had this issue with another cartoon I did around the same time, "The Duck Song 4", where it was just pure vulgarity. The joke for me was it was a parody of a kids show, so kids would probably watch it. I found that some what amusing, although I now realize immature.

It's not that I didn't want, or perhaps even didn't know how to write a parody, it's that I did this very fast, which is why I don't post on Newgrounds anymore. Newgrounds is for work that people put a lot of effort into, it's for those big, emotionally tugging animations that really get inside someone's head, with flawless animation, great sound, and a tight story.

Most of my cartoons lately have been rushed and just for a laugh for than anything else, they're not supposed to be superb, which, again, is why I dislike posting on Newgrounds anymore. That's not to say I'm not capable of creating some fine work, because I am and I intend to in the future.

Now, onto the biggest chunk of your review, the comedy aspect. Certain people laugh at certain things, it is quite literally impossible for me to make something that everybody laughs at. Some people's favorite comedians are Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia, others are Louis C.K. or George Carlin.

I love getting constructive reviews from people because it shows me my weak spots and where I can improve, and I shall definitely improve on my next parody as per the actually PARODY aspect of it. Point out flaws, etc, instead of just making it vulgar. I love getting constructive reviews and usually click their profile to see other reviews left to get an idea of their taste.

For example, you gave "VG Cats Animated 4" a 9. That is definitely an acquired taste for humor and for animation. I'm not downing it, I'm just saying I don't happen to find it that particularly good. This doesn't mean it's BAD, because the entire thing is built around comedy but it failed to make me laugh, it just means it's for a specific audience.

NOW, let me also say I'm not discrediting your lengthy, in depth review, because I'm not at all. I greatly appreciate it more than anything. You had a great point on the entire point about me not properly parodying it, because I thought that same thing when I started working on it again, and had the same fear. However, you must understand people have different tastes in humor. I can't appeal to everyone, even though I'd like to. So for that aspect, I really can't improve in a good sense of capturing all senses of humor, I don't really think that will happen, as much as I want it to.

Thanks for taking your time to write that review! Hopefully you took the time to read this lengthy response.