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Fucking Wasted

rated 4.11 / 5 stars
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Music Video

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Nov 3, 2011 | 8:26 PM EDT

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  • Soup Squad
    Soup Squad A crew like any other that came to rise when crews were nearly dead.

Author Comments

Hello, Sweeties. The Soup Squad is still here and we decided to do a musical collab. Music by Adam Sandler.

Mr. Bake-O


Part 1: Stone Soup
Part 2: Ninja Soup
Part 3: Canned Soup
Part 4: Ramen
Part 5: Taco Soup
Part 6: Kitty Soup
Part 7: Canned Soup
Part 8: Stone Soup
????: Tomato Soup

Enjoy. All comments will be replied to.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty sweet music video. I really like how you guys can be a "spam" group. Without the the spam. Great job. The art was great. (In most parts).
Keep it up. And please dont ever resort to crappy spam.

SoupSquad responds:

I didn't realize we were a "spam" crew. This is news to me.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very well done piece

Well the graphics here were cartoonish but very nicely done and I see there was changes in art style from time to time as well too which is actually pretty cool I think. Nice to see everyone chipped in to make a full piece to go with a song too. Not really a song I care much about it but the animation makes the song feel more alive and actually interesting so cool work on doing that.

The animation was great. I enjoyed how it ranged from simple to very well done with good shading to make the characters pop out a bit more. I really doubt any of the Soups really get wasted anyways, but that is just my opinion anyways. Very well done in the graphics.

So Adam Sandler did this song If so then that's not too bad at all knowing he helped with this song too. The lyrics were pretty funny, the pizza guy (Carrot Soup?) was the funniest part as I never expected the pizza guy to show up wasted at their door step. Nice to know they all had a good time anyways.

Overall, very well done collaboration piece between friends in a crew. Kudos to all who helped work on this, it was pretty fun to watch.

SoupSquad responds:

Why thank you. We thought it was quite fun too. Hopefully the next one will be good as well.

Thanks for the review STCE3


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Isn't There Already a Music Video for This Song?

The Soup Squad, another one of those incomprehensible Spam Crews founded in February of this year, returns to debut a music video that takes literal inspiration from the song chosen: "Fucking Wasted" by Adam Sandler. It might almost be cute if it weren't for the fact that it's so crude and out of touch.

If you don't know who Adam Sandler is, or that he is an accomplished musician besides being a passable low-brow comedian, then you will probably not even bother voting or rating a Crew-based Flash and just click to some other cartoon. While I sympathize, you might be missing out. While crude and Spartan in design like the rest of them, this is a Flash about drug culture. Frankly put, it ain't for anybody who doesn't find humor in drugs, so it's not meant for everybody, and neither is the Soup Squad.

First few complaints always revolve around the inconsistency and general crudity of all scenes in this video, mostly because all the parts are submitted by multiple authors. Many authors who wish to submit cartoons but are not very serious about making artistic strides choose to participate in the Crews in order to stay motivated and see their productions through the Portal without worrying about whether they get blammed or not. This practice has inadvertently fueled Newgrounds with a small group of decent artisans, although few of this bunch are serious and their methods have been met with their compatriots' undying scorn. If you tried to get any of these miniature clips through the Portal, they would get diced to pieces by the critics. In other words, they don't stand on their own.

Adam Sandler's song is another point of contention: a copyrighted song. These days, the admins, mods, and even the better-known artisans have been pushing the implementation of the Audio Portal, original material, and dodging any copyright issues (without trying to "smart-ass" our way past them). If someone petitioned a musician or three to produce a cover of the song "Fucking Wasted", then this would not be as major an issue. In fact, it might be even funnier, given some interpretation of the music. Not to say the song does not fit at all (it does) or making a free tribute to Mr. Sandler that he'll never see or even hear about is dishonorable (it isn't), but much of the humor of the video is derived from the song--every clip follows the "story" without skipping a beat, embellishing, or providing a similar story with different scenes--and without the song, this video falls flat.

Finally, an honorable mention goes out to Tomato Soup, aka Little-Rena, who has collaborated with and stood aside Crews for many years. The Easter Egg sucks. There wasn't enough effort placed into the Egg itself, let alone in hiding it. Altering the tint on a large poster in the background of the title screen does not constitute an Easter Egg. A faux-static clip of wasted soup cans on the couch only reinforces most people's contempt of crews. It is that reason, and that reason alone, that made me hesitate to recommend "Fucking Wasted" to any collections, because there were no buttons that correspond to Spam.

Although this is still a step above most of the Crews in terms of their quality during their founding year, "Fucking Wasted" is an unimaginative visualization of Adam Sandler's classic that fails to promote it or provide extra humor. Having fallen into the old infringement issue that has marred this site's reputation for years does not help its case any better. Despite this, it's an honorable effort for all those involved, even if their efforts would never have gotten through a bunch of grizzled, unaffiliated-with-crews critics. I'm giving this weak little laugh a 4 of 10.

SoupSquad responds:

Hey, hey, hey bro. Spam crews. You got that all out of whack. Since when do spam crews submit anything more than spam? When was the last time we submitted a piece of spam? Uhhh ... once maybe twice at most? Canned doesn't approve of spam. Don't bark down our crew and claim us as a spam crew because that is the farthest from the truth. It's quite apparent that you don't know anything about us and you're a blind kid that makes any damned judgment to sound like a pro. How humiliating.

Copyrighted song. Oh, that's true. But there are plenty of music video that were animated to and not many complained. One by the respected and longest living crew: /577498

Not seeing you get angry about it. Oh, and Youtube pulled the video once but put it back on the simple basis that this is a new art created from an old. Plus, we never claimed we created this song and did link the song to Amazon so people could purchase it. If the ever-so dodgy and merciless Youtube allows us to stay, I think we're fine for Newgrounds. Plus, this is the Flash Portal not the Audio.

Finally, another note, you seem to be implying that all we ever do is submit collabs like these and never solos. Canned has often submitted his own work, though tacked with the voice of Taco. We're not worrying about getting through, we always get through the portal. Again, you know nothing about us. Blind assumptions.

On the problems of the work being put together rather crudely. Yes, that is true. The younger authors are still growing. We got Stone and Canned who are thus far who are the best. But collabs aren't really about making something well as much as they're about showing off multiple artists styles.

You seem to be an angry kid, or heaven be it, a lifeless adult who can't make his own flashes, so he rides the tail of those who do, and rants with angry reviews to fuel his own ego. It's embarrassing.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Drugs and language, especially in the titles, is not my cup of tea, but I have to say its well put-together and well-expressed. Its a proper video to the story and it all works fine. Obviously there is a difference in the artistic talent in this, as there always is, but as long as it expresses the story OK, it doesn't matter that much. I like the little details in the art etc.
Personally, I appreciate a bit of effort in background, which some of this has.
I think its a bit sad that we didn't get an image of "Uncle Louis's Head in the garbage can".
Stone's art stands out- It pushes the sub up from 6 - 7 IMO .

Well done in putting this together!

Tomato's e-e is OK, but it would be nice if he put in a little more effort!

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SoupSquad responds:

Always nice to see your reviews, ice. Yes, the different artists do mess it up a bit. We're still trying to grow the other soups into better artists, but that takes time and effort on their part.

We do love Stone. lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars

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Soup Squad: PENETRATING Newgrounds since February. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Fucking loved this one you guys. :D

SoupSquad responds:

BRB penetrating Newgrounds.