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Oct 31, 2011 | 5:19 PM EDT

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Advisory Animal 5 Points Discover the dog who can speak in the tounge of man.
Born Again 5 Points Experience rebirth the first time.
Human Nature 5 Points Kill a living creature with your weapon
Self Defense 5 Points Kill an enemy with their own projectile
The Call 5 Points Awaken her guardians
Facade Breaks 10 Points Defeat Uzaza
End of Us 50 Points Complete the game with the aid of the gun
Insult to Injury Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Curiouser and Curiouser Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Altruist Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

11/8/11 Still working on the medals guys, hang in there. Also tried some more optimizing to fix the slippery/sticky controls issue some of you have. (also, if you have a FB tab up, try closing that)

**CONTROLS** LEFT/RIGHT walk left/right UP = Jump DOWN = Raise shield (while standing)/Use Weapon(later in game,while standing)

Oyeatia, creator and god of man surrenders his deity, descending to the green earth in search of a lost love. Gyossait sleeps in the warm black heart of the dying planet, her dreams seep into the weakening minds of man. The end begins.

Update History:

11/5/11 Patched vanishing keys, walking off map, alternative ending, Medals implemented but pending.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

It was going great, until...

I beat the final boss, or so I thought, and I dropped down that long chasm. The game glitched, and I got stuck underneath the ground, able to wander everywhere you shouldn't be. I thought it was a weird game mechanic, but it appears to be a glitch. So, I refresh it, only to find that I had to start over.

1. Fix this glitch, please.
2. Make the game able to save at those checkpoints, or even, possibly, a suicide option to go back to a previous checkpoint.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


after i "killed" that flower-growing kid, i just jumped over that red heart thing, instead of walking into it. then i reached the end of the map, fell down and now i can't do anything else. i guess iam still falling..

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

this was just boring

it was random and stupid


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Great try, but...

Okay, so others have complained about the controls, but I'm going to talk about them anyway. There's a reason old school platformers didn't give the protagonist much momentum: the point of platforming is control, and by giving him or her momentum, you make controlling the character more difficult than necessary. To clarify, adding momentum doesn't make the game more challenging or deep, just more frustrating. It's not a good thing, and that's why all the classic platformers eschewed it. This is the core issue in the game, and it really wrecks everything else. MOVING AROUND itself is frustrating, and I could tell in the first few seconds that the game wasn't going to be enjoyable as a result.

Next is the scale. The game is way too large in scale, and the characters and enemies are too tiny. There's no need for everything to be so tall, or so wide, or whatever. Look at the great platformers of the NES, and you'll see that compared to this protagonist, Mario and Mega Man are gigantic. This goes back to the whole "control" thing. Having characters be that tiny and the environment that large serves no purpose other than to make the game less manageable. And because everything is so massive, it's hard to see what's ahead of you. I couldn't see a lot of enemies before I was in their line of fire, and since you only have a single hit point, mistakes like that are unnecessarily harsh. The sharp controls and better scale of games like Mario mean that a single hitpoint is perfectly acceptable, but here it gives the player no room for error. Unlimited lives don't excuse or legitimize it, they just make it playable.

The worst part of that is that it then requires the protag to be able to jump great distances. While in the air, you have less control, and that coupled with the momentum... Well, basically everything could have been smaller and the game would have been the same but better.

Also, there's a lack of direction. It was clever how you gave us some gameplay elements like the doors, then added keys after we were already familiar with them, but overall, I was confused. The trial and error method of gameplay is frustrating instead of fun, mainly because of the sloppy controls and exhausting area I needed to cover to reach the next section.

The game was very pretty for it's old school graphics, but couldn't you put in some more color other than red? Complicating the scale issue, the lack of color made things hard to see. It was great the the keys were bright red to make them stand out, but really? Nothing but grey, black, and red? You couldn't throw in some green for contrast? Or maybe blue? Even some brown would have been nice, but there wasn't even that.

I like the way you tried to tell a story through a mood, but honestly, the mood I got from the setting was desperately overwhelmed by the frustration I felt from the gameplay. I stopped caring about the story once I died and dropped the key in a terrible place that took multiple tries to get out.

As harsh as I've been in this review, I do really think this had a lot of potential. You clearly have a knack for design, at least in how you deliver information to the player. Your methods are subtle but effective, both in the storytelling and the gameplay elements, and that's the best way to do it. It's just that the things that let it down are problems that were solved twenty years ago. Why does the protag have momentum? Why is everything so big? What am I supposed to be doing? These little things pile up and become horrible together.

In short, your attempt at telling a story through the game's feel is great, but ultimately undermined by the poorly designed gameplay. Two out of five.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Gameplay killed it

I liked the atmosphere in this game, and the artwork. But it was just way too slow and at times insufferable. At one point I died and went back several minutes of long slow agonizing walking. That was the point I quit. The character's movement is horrid, and you do not get a good feel for controlling it.

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