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Oct 29, 2011 | 9:28 AM EDT

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This is my interpretation of the cupcakes story created by sgt.Sprinkles. Although the general story is the same I changed a few plot elements to make it fit to the theme I was going for and whether that worked or not will remain to be seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars October 29, 2011


7/10 because you killed my favorite pony. Other than that, it wasn't that bad, sound was Ok, except for a few parts.


Rated 1 / 5 stars October 29, 2011


that not how it happen read the story again

Clerick responds:

"Although the general story is the same I changed a few plot elements to make it fit to the theme I was going for"


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars October 29, 2011

Dark comedy

Did not feel exactly like the story but I see it was your interpretation of it at least explaining the characters outside and why she killed him a bit differently as well. The way you did it you made her feel like she was a schizophrenic. I think a possibly far more fitting song could have been Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now) since she pretty much puts them in situations they will never escape either.

I felt this animation was still well done even if it did not go exactly with the story and was more or less going with a silly kid movie song that is still pretty wicked in the way it sounds and all. Like how you added her made up friends from Party Of One into this piece too as it gives it more of a feel that she is doing this out of a high amount of sadness and suddenly finds being sadistically cruel to be more fun than anything else strangely.

The animation was very well put and I don't remember Rainbow Dash dying that way either but it gives a good alternate twist ending on what all happened that day to her as well. Then the credits show that she was made into a costume for Pinkie Pie which makes me think of The Thing which wore other people like a costume before killing others in the group. Like how you made Dash into a costume rather than a Taxidermy on this one anyways. Only thing that could have made it more grotesque was adding her wearing her cutie mark stitched dress at the end too.

The opening credits were nice too. Rainbow Dash is simply a bliss and unaware of the whores awaiting her in the shop of horrors that Pinkie has made. The cupcake kind of hints at why Mr. and Mrs. Cake are not there either I think since I feel she most likely killed them first then Gilda and then found delight in it and began going after other ponies as their "number" came up on her list.

The song used was kind of corny but even though this is very explicit in violence I can see you were trying to make it feel like a Halloween piece as the story seems to feel like it would be too I think. The inanimate objects speaking for parts of the song gave it even more of a feel that Pinkie was a schizophrenic hearing voices in her head telling her to commit these horrible deeds to even her best friends as well.

I didn't seem to notice too many animation errors or lip sync mis-alignments either so that all worked out well too I think. However I did feel the song could have been swapped out with something more fitting like Piggy (Nothing can stop me now) or even Art of Distress too.

Overall, this actually felt a bit less violent and more on the kiddy song due to the song that you used here. Aside from that, I think everything else went rather well. Nice job.

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Clerick responds:

Thanks for the review. By the time I got half way through the flash and found better songs to use it was a little too late. Never the less I already have many great ideas for the next one (albeit i dont think i'll focus on gore).


Rated 1 / 5 stars October 29, 2011


Really the only thing about this worthwhile is the loading screen because that has literally the best animation quality, it's almost as if the animation quality suitable for 30 seconds was compromised to fit a 5 minute video. The motion tweening sucks on such a level that it reminds you that whenever the camera zooms in, and by that I mean the movie clip symbols expanding, the height and width proportions warp beyond the dimensional understanding of a 2 year old, but still beneath that of a 5 year old. A lot of the time the background shake, jarringly so, out of alignment with the stage revealing little bits and pieces of white in each and every corner for every new scene.

What really makes this the unoriginal and effortless piece of shit that it is would be the fact that the whole way through it piggy backs on the shoulders of A Nightmare Before Christmas by using it's signature song in context to what amounts to as nothing more than torture porn and guro.

And hell, if you can't create anymore interesting scenarios than what the song was made for or, hell, even have events properly synchronize with the song, don't use the song for your shitty snuff film.

And really what happens is just dumb and uncreative filler, just a pile of rocks and a pale of what I think is ice cream and that burlap sack popping up whenever the torture scenes don't work in context of the song and instead of adding intensity to the situation, they actually remove intensity by being non contributory by being nothing and pretentious by using them as a segway for shitty slow motion, as if it's that deeply significant. But when does the fucking song fit into context? The song describes nothing of torture or mutilation, not even in metaphor, it's just low quality work, again, piggy backing on high quality work and the fact that you built the flash around the song really shows given how half of the song is devoted to scraping the barrel for material such as A NEARLY MOTIONLESS FUCKING BURLAP SACK and it makes the actual content intended for the movie drag on for longer than it needed.

The supposed shock value is lacking substance as well, I've seen the BMP Olympics Finale video, Goosh Goosh, ED's Offended page, 2 girls 1 cup and Goatse. I can't say that I'm impressed with this shit; I've seen a video clip of a guy getting sold off to an overweight gang leader so that he can get his colon ripped to shreds, his spine ripped out of his back by said lardass before finally hitting the floor and bleeding from random parts of his head that never sustained injury.

The content is empty and vapid, the animation is shitty, there's a huge overuse of filters to compensate for the shitty animation and it relies entirely on a song that has no business in this context that actually ended up making the main content worse because it required pointless padding so that the animation would fill the timeline in conjunction with the soundtrack.

This review is insanely well received!
Clerick responds:

Thanks it's exactly what I was aiming for :D!


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 29, 2011


I can't believe what i just saw. A perfect cupcake got spoiled and several candy canes too. One candy cane even had 3 nails sticking in it! This blatant abuse of our worlds food resources is unbearable. There are kids starving right now and even worse they won't get any candy in their treat bags coz of people like you!

Oh and i liked how you made clear that the psycological aspect of torment is as important as the physical aspect.