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Oct 27, 2011 | 12:15 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 28, 2011

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SAS3 was a long time in the making. We had so many people email and ask that we make SAS2 into a multiplayer game, and eventually we agreed it would rock if we did it. However it was easier to just completely remake the game as a sequel than to retrofit into SAS2. In the end it took way more time and effort than we ever thought.

Here it is finally for those who haven't already been playing it on

You can play single player or multiplayer, in either mode you get experience and rank up and unlock new stuff.

We have loads of updates planned, new guns, maps, game modes etc.

Enjoy SAS3!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars November 3, 2011

Buggy game

The game is nice and all that but it bugs the hell out on large waves. And when I begin to attack i cant change direction to avoid enemy attacks. Sorry but till all that is fixed this game will get a 5.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars November 3, 2011

The defining step-up for the SAS:ZA Series.

Now, I've played all of the SAS games (including the Metal Slug 2D side-scrollers that have nothing to do with this series), and I've had more than a 'fair few' complaints about them as the games went on. LUCKILY, every series of games has that definitive chapter where just about everything changes and becomes wonderful (read: Resident Evil 4). This is, the SAS:ZA chapter of distinction, and I have a LOT to say.
~Weapon Variety - As always, SAS:ZA3 came through with a nut-busting amount of guns which... honestly, I think are TOO MANY guns available! I can't see myself playing long enough to have half of this shit unlocked, but for those that do, fear not. You will never come short of new rewards and shit to play with!
~Map Design - I was very surprised by the maps they made. The SAS series before ZA3 was usually restricted to a single map with unlockable areas that gave access to new gun blueprints, whereas ZA3 breaks the mold and brings us FIVE very interesting, well-made maps! I got to the Karnivale and was like "... whoa, cool! Rooms WITHIN the rooms, with their own barricades! This is the shit!" I especially applaud the castle and village maps, and encourage NKG's continuity of map design in the future!
~Ammo Stock - Buy early while it's cheap! Got a shitty rifle and want to save cash for future rifles? BUY SHITLOADS OF AMMO FOR THE SHITTY RIFLE. It all carries over to every weapon of its group (excluding specials and the like)! Gotta love that.
~Lives - I was SO relieved to see that it was no longer a one-life, non-stop batch of waves that's impossible to survive without continues, and was based on a single 4/5-wave map with a difficulty curve based on your rank. The old system: "Wave 1, you have nothing but your Glock and free M1 Garand. You have no continues unless you give us cash. Good luck without lube." That pissed me off a LOT, so I'm incredibly vindicated by the new system.
~Bonuses (1) - Really useful pick-ups (temporary guns and such) not yet unlocked, as well as cash. Really helpful.

~Short - The story. It's very cool how they actually explain WHY you're here, WHERE you are, WHAT you're doing, and HOW you'll do it for each map, but it's just too short. If the maps didn't have a linear plot, it'd be better than having a short-shot story that doesn't do ENOUGH. A good try, but something to experiment with.
~Controls - While the control scheme is smooth and easy to learn (considering the buttload of buttons in use), the programming seems a little loose. Sometimes, one of the WASD keys seems to lock up and you continue travelling in one direction even when you release the key. Sometimes when you click, you don't fire despite that your computer's 'program focus' has not left the active flash. It's only slightly noticeable, and hasn't really harmed gameplay, but it gets tedious to correct.
~Too Easy - Four waves, and relatively weak zombies with very bare AI, whom you can easily take a few hits from without any trouble. You can pass THROUGH zombies, you pretty much have to pass through them (slowly) or stand still to get hit, and anything short of the butcher and its scattering worms is hardly a threat. The barricade repairs are instant, the AI sometimes attack barricades that aren't in the way, and it's just FAR too easy to dance and circle-strafe around these brain-dead flesh addicts.
~Mochi Games - Again, I really don't feel like spending what very little money I have on unlocking content in this game which I won't play long enough to need. Normally I'd be very abrasive about the association, but as evidenced here, the money DOES go to good use in making better games! So if you're having second thoughts about donating to MG, think of it like this: Better than buying Monthly Collectibles on Gaia. =/
~Bonuses (2) - "But... I already have the Skorpian... eh, free ammo."

In general, still needs some tweaking, but it's a great game! Really, it is, and all the streamlined features make it feel new, and fresh, and wonderful. 7/10

Wondering where these grenades came from,

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Rated 3 / 5 stars November 3, 2011

It was good but buggy :/

The game was awesome at first and I agree completely with everything Npll012 said below. But I also found that the game was extremely buggy! For instance players and zombies (I don't mean the shadow ones) going through or getting stuck in walls/barricades, and when I was playing the single player on level 4, 3 fatties spawned at once, but when I killed them, they didn't drop the little worms, normally I wouldn't complain, except after about 15 seconds all of the worms spawned at once from all the fats that I had previously killed! So from like 10 zombies left to about 50+ worms trying to eat my face... Good game, but need a lot of work.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars November 2, 2011

Good at first

It was good at first i was interested in the story line sorta but than i lost almost all interest in the game once i got to the last level and beat it and i ended up at a low level to add to it i was also disappointed in how it was so easy and how expensive the Sentry turrets were it takes forever to get 10000 just to buy a one time gun which isnt even worth it leveling has me playing it for a few minutes here and there but than i stop and play tomorrow to sum it up it needs

-Harder levels
-More rounds
-Cheaper turrets
-Longerstory line
-More types of zombies
-more guns
-Unlock all guns once you hit max level and beat story line (Even the premium one)
-Etc theres to long of a list to type them all

2/5 7/10

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars November 2, 2011

Just when I thought SAS was over...

Thank you for making another wonderful zombie game. Here is my review.

Music: Good music, mostly ambiance. Adds a "chilling" feeling. I like the ambient door closing and ring around the rosy.

Graphics: Great graphics and effects. Your artwork is fantastic and their isn't much to be said on this topic besides: Well done, man.

Multiplayer: Too short rounds, I'm not sure if you can customize it in private matches but you should make it so they have a map vote and also a round vote. Also, try to match people instead of having "SPARE BRAIN" in your party (2 of them for me). But, then again, it's awesome.

Single-player: I'm not sure if it's still like SAS 2 where you can upgrade your walls but I hope so.. If not, well.. It wouldn't be the same. Sentry guns are still there which is great. I like single-player but you should make more maps.

Bugs: Didn't find much of any bugs. Good job.

P.S: I didn't think you'd make another one, but here I am reviewing it, so, good job, I hope you may reply to this (Highly unlikely) and thanks for reading.

Final score: 9/10 4/5.

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Warnockworld responds:

Thanks for playing. SPARE BRAINS are real people who are playing as guest. There are no AI players in this game. We'll look at renaming that to something more useful like Squad Member 001 or something.